HELLEBORUS – Announce Feb 17th Denver Support Date With Fleshgod Apocalypse + 2016 Fest Dates

Helleborus - Live Band Lineup - promo photo - 2015 - #08206606

Colorado Springs, CO Black Metal outfit HELLEBORUS founded by brothers Jerred & Wyatt Houseman announce they will be supporting Fleshgod Apocalypse on February 17th in Denver, CO at the Marquis Theatre; plus confirm they will be performing later this year at the 71Grind Fest and Shadow Woods Metal Fest (details below).

“This is a great start of the year for us and we will be announcing more shows soon. It’s a great honor to be sharing the stage with these tyrants from Italy. We expect our Denver area heathens to be sharing a glass of wine with us at the end of the night.” Comments vocalist Wyatt Houseman.

In addition, HELLEBORUS plan to release their debut album ‘The Carnal Sabbath’ in 2016 with the release date still to be determined. The album is a Bacchic frenzy of carnal abandon told through lascivious guitars and tempting bass rhythms along with elements of Black, Death and Doom Metal to provide a vast backdrop for an ambiance of potential and possibility. Fans of The Devil’s Blood, Satyricon, Necorphobic, Belphegor, Blut Aus Nord are sure to be seduced by Helleborus.

To listen to the first three tracks revealed from the forthcoming ‘The Carnal Sabbath’, please visit the following links:

‘Coils’ – FREE Download – NoCleanSinging

‘The Carnal Sabbath’ – Song Stream – NefariousRealm

‘Colored Spores of Yuggoth’ – Song Stream – Decibel Mag

Helleborus - The Carnal Sabbath - promo cover pic - 2016 - #MOILMDFP33099668

  1. Helleborus Black
  2. Coils
  3. Edge of Black Waters
  4. Colored Spores of Yuggoth
  5. Draconian Discipline
  6. The Poison of Sleep
  7. Temple of Seventh Death
  8. Gift of Renewal
  9. The Carnal Sabbath

Upcoming Show Dates:

Feb 17 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre w/ Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carach Angren, Abigail Williams – Event info

June 3 – Colorado Springs, CO – 71GrindFest – Event info

Sept 15-18 – White Hall, MD – Shadow Woods Metal Fest – Event info

Helleborous - Press Photo - 2015 - #HMO661604


Conceived within the womb of Execration, Helleborus is the latest emanation of Jerred & Wyatt Houseman. Like the enigmatic and deadly winter flower from which the project takes its name, Helleborus pushes the exploration of traditional black metal into the uncharted territory of sensual duality and mysticism. Building on their professional experience with Execration and personal experiences through Akhenaten, the Houseman brothers sought a deeper expression of their experiential-driven musical style that audiences can connect with through a union of opposites.

“We’ve always had a vision for the type of Black Metal project Helleborus would be. We wanted to explore and deliver a darker and yet more romantic side of Black Metal. There is an unknown side of Metal that is masculine and powerful, yet sensual and respectful; controlled chaos.” Comments vocalist Wyatt Houseman.

Album Band Line Up features: Wyatt (vocals, lyrics) & Jerred Houseman (producer, all instruments)

Live Band Line Up features: Brent Boutte’ – Drums, Jerred Houseman – Guitar & leads, Wyatt Houseman – Voice, Ian Horenman – guitar & rhythms, Michael Hylands – Bass


For more info, please visit the following links:



EPK – http://wp.me/pciNW-64s



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