CASTLE FREAK – Stream Title Track From New EP

CASTLE FREAK - promo band pic - 2016 - #MO77766099ILMF

Philadelphia’s CASTLE FREAK have teamed up with Toilet ov Hell to unleash their brand new track “Human Hive”, the title track from their forthcoming EP. The track is a gore-obsessed slab of death metal goodness for fans of bands such as Repulsion, Pungent Stench, Nirvana 2002 and Impetigo.

Stream Human Hive here:

Vocalist Andrew Gigan had the following to say about the track:

“This was the first song Zak and I got together and wrote for the new EP, and the first song we had written together in over a year. The lyrics describe a corpse being resurrected by vile insects who use the body to spread their buzzing colony. We called it Human Hive and liked the name so much we decided to make it the title track to the EP.”

Human Hive is set to be released digitally and on limited edition cassette on March 19 2016.


Andrew Gigan – Guitar/Vocals
Zak Carter – Guitar
Ben Anft – Bass
Sebastian Phillips – Drums



Source: Dewar PR





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