BLACKHOUR – Pakistani Band’s Debut Album “Sins Remain” Out Now; Music Video “Battle Cry” Streaming

BLACKHOUR - promo band pic - 2016 - #MO99099

From Pakistan, the unlikeliest of places, we see a Heavy Metal band that’s creating quite a stir in the region. Blackhour have released their sophomore debut album via Transcending Obscurity Distribution, on January 5th, 2016, presenting five epic songs with immense soul and sublime musicianship. Musically comparable to the classic traits of Iron Maiden as well as the modern soft improvisations of a band like Sentenced, the band forges a sound that is bound to hold appeal to any metal fan, old or new.

BLACKHOUR - Sins Remain - promo cover pic - 2016 - #MOILMF99339

Long, flowing compositions are spiced up with gritty vocals and punctuated by widely lauded harmonized dual solos which make the songs difficult to forget in any case. Impeccably produced and presented in a standard-setting quality, here’s Heavy Metal music that will give you goosebumps all over. The time has come. Blackhour will strike.

Listen to and watch BLACKHOUR Battle Cry:

Band Interviewed By ROCK HARD Magazine:

BLACKHOUR - ROCK HARD magazine - #MO3993 - 2016

“The combination of well-constructed songs and tight performances make it an easy listen” – Metal Rules (US/Canada) 4/5

“the rest of the world needs to meet them.” – Glacially Musical (US)

“their blend of traditional, NWOBHM and progressive metal definitely has potential.” – (US)

“there is no country that does not produce metal music and Pakistan is no exception” – Metal Zone (Greece)

“should check out the band absolutely” – Metal Underground (Austria)

“Quality stuff, and very enjoyable.” – Wonderbox Metal (UK)


Album Line-up:

Hashim Mehmood – Guitars

Tayyab Rehman – Vocals

Mubbashir Sheikh Mashoo – Guitars

Salman Afzal – Bass

Daim Mehmood – Drums

For more info on BLACKHOUR:


Source: Transcending Obscurity

Transcending Obscurity India Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Official Site

Transcending Obscurity Facebook

Blackhour Facebook






2 Responses to “BLACKHOUR – Pakistani Band’s Debut Album “Sins Remain” Out Now; Music Video “Battle Cry” Streaming”

  1. These guys are further proof that heavy metal could unite the world. They are wasted in Pakistan.

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