THE MOUNTAIN MAN “Bloodlust” EP – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

The Mountain Man - Bloodlust EP - 2016 - promo album cover pic - #MO9999ILN

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


Vancouver’s THE MOUNTAIN MAN are releasing their debut EP, Bloodlust, on Friday, March 25th, 2016. Bloodlust is a five song EP; one that has been searing my brain tissue with a welcomed and mega potent dosage of Extreme Metal. If you’re into the Extreme side of the Metal highway (like I am), you’re gonna be one jubilant, Metal loving, son of a bitch over THE MOUNTAIN MAN. Seriously. I never knew this band existed and now I cannot stop playing their debut EP! FU$K YEAH!

THE MOUNTAIN MAN features Tevyn Pacey on bass, Ryan McCreedy on drums, Parker on vocals, Tyson Tambellini on rhythm guitar and Jordan Orr on lead guitar. These guys came up with some memorable songs of Metal extremity and it’s all not run-of-the-mill stuff either. Insane riffs, blast beats, vocals and break downs abound with a relentless assault of sonic mayhem! Yeah, it’s all here and ready to kick your Metal ass into next month.

The Mountain Man - promo band pic - 2016 - #MO9933ILN

Photo Credit: Shimon Photo

Not one song sucks or even comes close to being average here; this entire Bloodlust EP is killer fuc*ing stuff! There really is nothing else to say, other than buy this EP and go chop a tree down while feeding it to your ears. Think: Lamb Of God meets Pantera and eats Breaking Benjamin and Staind for snacks, while shoving Grammy awards straight up the assholes of Hollywood’s elite. Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone


Bandcamp – The Mountain Man


BLOODLUST – Track List:


Open Graves

Backhand Of God

The Great Decay








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  1. Canada thanks you!

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