DOKKEN – Metal Odyssey’s Staff Picks Their Top 5 DOKKEN Songs!

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Metal Odyssey‘s Stone and Scott Coverdale have decided to pick their Top 5 Dokken songs, in order of preference. Listening to some classic DOKKEN is a hella cool thing to do, you know? By the way, George Lynch is a guitar God. Enjoy the list and let us know your favorite DOKKEN songs! Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone

Dokken - Back For The Attack - promo album cover pic - 1987 - #MO990ILMF99

Stone’s Top 5 DOKKEN Songs:

  1. It’s Not LoveUnder Lock And Key (1985)
  2. Mr. Scary (instrumental) – Back For The Attack (1987)
  3. Dream WarriorsBack For The Attack (1987)
  4. Into The FireTooth And Nail (1984)
  5. Burning Like A FlameBack For The Attack (1987)

Dokken - Tooth And Nail - promo album cover pic - #MO99099ILMF777

Scott Coverdale’s Top 5 DOKKEN Songs:

  1. Don’t Close Your EyesTooth And Nail (1984)
  2. Kiss Of DeathTooth And Nail (1984)
  3. In My DreamsUnder Lock And Key (1985)
  4. Breaking The ChainsBreaking The Chains (1983)
  5. Into The FireTooth And Nail (1984)






11 Responses to “DOKKEN – Metal Odyssey’s Staff Picks Their Top 5 DOKKEN Songs!”

  1. Stone, I think Scott Coverdale’s choices are better than yours. 😉

    My favorite Dokken songs are:
    Breaking The Chains
    Kiss Of Death
    Unchain The Night
    Into The Fire

  2. Pretty cool list Boys..mine would be
    1-The Hunter
    3-Breaking The Chains
    4-Long Way From Home
    5-Kiss Of Death

    • NICE 5! I remember ‘Breaking The Chains’ was the first Dokken song I ever heard! It was on one of my FM radio stations out of Hartford, Connecticut… played on a late night radio show called “Metal Shop”. Whoa. \m/\m/

  3. For me its in the area of:

    Til The Living End
    Lightning Strikes Again
    Paris Is Burning
    Mr Scary
    Bullets To Spare


  4. These would be in my top 5 possibly – Dream Warriors, The Hunter, Walk Away, Paris is Burning, In my Dreams. Though I haven’t explored all of their catalog. These are the ones off the top of my head.

  5. travisdodge77 Says:

    Old Dokken

    1. Nightrider
    2. Don’t Close your eyes
    3. Kiss of Death
    4. Prisoner
    5. Lightning Strikes again

    New Dokken
    1. Heart full of soul
    2. This Fire
    3. Blind
    4.Sunless Days

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