QUIET RIOT – Metal Odyssey’s Staff Picks Their Top 5 QUIET RIOT Songs!

Quiet Riot - circa 1983 - publicity band card - #1984KD

QUIET RIOT will forever have a place in my Metal heart; their #1 studio album Metal Health  is one incredible reason why. Oh, the good-times memories of partying to QUIET RIOT. Whoa. Both Scott Coverdale and I must mention QUIET RIOT to each other at least twice a week; perhaps at times, twice a day.

Without question, QUIET RIOT exploded onto the Heavy Metal scene with their groundbreaking 1983 Metal Health album along with their historic performance at the 1983 US Festival on Heavy Metal Day (March 29). The rest is QUIET RIOT history that shall never be ignored here at Metal Odyssey.

Quiet Riot - live at the US festival 1983 - promo cover pic!

Scott and I have picked our top 5 songs from QUIET RIOT, respectively. Check ’em out below and agree or disagree, please feel free to comment! Please list your top 5 QUIET RIOT songs as well, for the more the Metal merrier! Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone

Quiet Riot - Metal Health - promo cover pic #21

Stone’s Top 5 QUIET RIOT Songs:

  1. Metal HealthMetal Health (1983)
  2. Winners Take AllCondition Critical (1984)
  3. The Wild And The YoungQR III (1986)
  4. Don’t Wanna Let You GoMetal Health (1983)
  5. Mama Weer All Crazee NowCondition Critical (1984)

Quiet Riot - Condition Critical - promo album cover pic - #MO1984ILMNSM

Scott’s Top 5 QUIET RIOT Songs:

  1. Metal HealthMetal Health (1983)
  2. Mama Weer All Crazee NowCondition Critical (1984)
  3. Cum On Feel The NoizeMetal Health (1983)
  4. The Wild And The YoungQR III (1986)
  5. Party All NightCondition Critical (1984)







8 Responses to “QUIET RIOT – Metal Odyssey’s Staff Picks Their Top 5 QUIET RIOT Songs!”

  1. I remember getting “Metal Health” for Christmas when I was a kid. Such a great album. Don’t really have a top 5, but you guys covered most of the ones I would have mentioned. Slick Black Cadillac deserves a mention as well.

  2. I only have two Quiet Riot albums, so from the limited selection, mine would be:

    Metal Health
    Run For Cover
    Scream And Shout
    (We Were) Born To Rock

    I want to get my hands on some more though. I like the look of Terrified and Down To The Bone.

    • Get ’em cuz we only live once! That list is a keeper, man! I don’t own every Quiet Riot album either, I would love to get the albums with Randy Rhoads as the guitarist.

      Whenever I’m missing an album, I go to YouTube and listen away… I’m sure you do the same thing too. 🙂 \m/\m/

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