DRIVE, SHE SAID – New Studio Album “Pedal To The Metal” Is Available Now, via Frontiers Music SRL

Drive She Said - promo album cover pic - 2016 - #MO99INTGL99

The new Drive, She Said album, PEDAL TO THE METAL is OUT NOW! Get it on CD or MP3 at here:

The band will play Frontiers Rock Festival, taking place next weekend at LIVE MUSIC CLUB, with none other than U.S. singer, Fiona Flanagan joining on guest vocals! This will be an incredibly special treat for all fans in attendance.

Originally formed in 1986 by former American Tears, Touch, and Michael Bolton keyboard player Mark Mangold, together with singer Al Fritsch, Drive, She Said released three successful albums before taking a hiatus. Resurrected at the end of the 90’s, two more albums came before now coming back yet again with another heavenly AOR/Melodic Rock album in the style of greats like Foreigner and Journey. A MUST for all of our AOR lovin’ fans out there!

Enjoy FOUR Super Memorable SONGS From The New Album:

“Said It All”

“In ‘R Blood”

“Pedal To The Metal”



Stone Says: Man, this new album from DRIVE, SHE SAID flat-out ROCKS! This is what Classic Rock/AOR is all about, both then and now! Great songs, lyrics, vocals and musicianship go a very, very long way! Whoa! Pedal To The Metal is an album that made my lousy week I’ve had thus far turn into a fantastic week! That’s no junk, I’m speaking truth here!

Pedal To The Metal should come with a caution sticker that reads: This album will undoubtedly make you feel freaking good. BUY this album and be happy this band exists! Metal Be Thy Name!



Frontiers Music srl - promo record label logo - 2015 - #33MNSMOSCT





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