On This Day In METAL History – May 7th… From BON JOVI To POLAR

Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You - 45rpm - cover sleeve photo pic - 1989 - #MOILMFS33396

On May 7th, 1989BON JOVI‘s smash power ballad, I’ll Be There For You, was making its case for eventually becoming the #1 single on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles Chart.

RUSH - Counterparts - promo band photo card - #MO199499ILMFNS

On May 7th, 1994 – The unbelievable RUSH set a record for most performances at Toronto, Canada’s Maple Leaf Gardens, with their 22nd concert at this historic arena. RUSH were on tour supporting their 15th studio album: Counterparts.

Exhibit B The Human Condition - promo album cover pic - #MO99006ILMFSNF

On May 7th, 2010 – The mighty EXODUS released their ninth studio album in EuropeExhibit B: The Human Condition. Gary Holt is a Metal Warrior, by the way.

POLAR - No Cure No Saviour - promo album cover pic - 2016 - #MO909055ILMFSO

On May 7th, 2016 – Guildford, Surrey’s POLAR have their newly released studio album, No Cure No Saviour, ranked at #53, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Who, yeah!!

Happy Birthday - promo banner - #2014BD


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Stone - 2011 Photo #1





10 Responses to “On This Day In METAL History – May 7th… From BON JOVI To POLAR”

  1. Exhibit B is one badass album. Nanking is one of my favourtie ever Exodus songs, even after years of being too skeptical to even try out Dukes era stuff initially.

  2. Haha that Bon Jovi pic… oughta read “I’ll be there for you… and your hairspray ‘cos I’m all out…”

    Rush FTW! So awesome. Sadly, MLG is a grocery store and indoor lacross rink now.

    • Whoa! I had absolutely no idea that MLG became that. Many arenas from yesteryear have been either changed or torn down.

      Yes, Bon Jovi were definitely poster boys for BIG HAIR, back then. I get a huge kick outta seeing pics of the Hair Bands from then.

      The classic METAL has denim, leather and tee’s both then and now. That’s the way I really like it! 🙂 \m/\m/

      • Yeah, MLG is all coverted into other things. Same as the old Montreal Forum. Last time I was there, it was a movie theater, among other things. It broke my heart to stand on the red dot on the floor where center ice used to be. It was in the center of a mall-like hallway.

        No respect for history. I know those old hockey barns were run-down and didn’t have as much seating as the new corporate buildings do, but I always say they’d have been better to spend all thoe millions fixing up the old place rather than build new. There’s no soul or history in the new buildings.

        Ha, sorry, a bit of a rant there. Toronto is terrible for tearing down old in favour of poorly-built new, instead of fixing and maintaining what’s already there.

        • Same goes on here in the States. It seems like history in general gets erased in favor of the almighty dollar AND wars, these past dozen or more years. I so agree with you, renovating sure sounds better than recreating new buildings that have no chance in standing the test of time. 😦

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