ASENBLUT – Sign With AFM Records And Reveal Cover Artwork!

Asenblut - Berserker - promo album cover pic - 2016 - #MO99ILMNF333

It is one of the latest signings by AFM Records which calls for attention: The new ASENBLUT record “Berserker” will be out on August 19th, 2016.

The five-piece from Göttingen/Germany took their time to prepare for the release of their greatest album yet. “Berserker” includes 12 highly energetic songs (+ an English bonus track!) which leave no questions what these Melodic Death vikings are about.

With influences ranging from early Iron Maiden to modern Black / Death Metal heroes like Behemoth or Amon Amarth, the CD is packed with the best colors of the dark spectrum.

The record was mixed and recorded at the famous Greenman Studio by Seeb Levermann of ORDEN OGAN. Cover artwork by Peter Sallai (Sabaton, WASP, Kreator, Satyricon, Kataklysm, Annihilator, Mayhem, Powerwolf).

ASENBLUT are poised to start their victorious march on August 19th, when “Berserker” will be out world-wide as CD Digipak and limited Boxset.

Asenblut - Berserker - promo album banner - 2016 - #MOILMFNSO333

Tracklist – “Berserker”

01. Berserkerzorn
02. Titanenerbe
03. Offenbarung 23
04. Helden Des Ewigen Sturms
05. Auf den Feldern Von Flandern
06. Drachenborn
07. Des Alchemisten Elixier
08. Bittere Wacht
09. Berserkers Ruhmeserinnerungen
10. Schatten Über Arkham
11. Horizonte
12. Auf Grauen Schwingen
13. BONUS TRACK: Berserker Rage (english version)


For more info on ASENBLUT:

Facebook: Asenblut


AFM Records - logo - white background - 2015 - #MOGNALS





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