BLACK SABBATH “THE END” – Look At The Merch My BEST Metal Buddy Bought For Me From The Concert! Whoa! Amazing!


Above: My Black Sabbath “The End” concert tee!


I first met Scott Coverdale back in 1988, while we were both attending the same Community College together. Our relationship has bonded into a legit brotherhood ever since. Scott has been a tremendous Metal researcher for Metal Odyssey these last several years, as well. In other words, Scott is my very BEST Metal Buddy. ‘Nuff said.

Scott Coverdale was hugely fortunate to attend the Black Sabbath concert at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, back on August 27th of this year. This of course was one stop for Black Sabbaths’ “The End” Tour.


Above: My autographed CD digipak (left inner side of duofold) – Tony Iommi & Geezer Butler.

I never thought in a million Metal years that Scott would purchase for me, as gifts, a tour tee and autographed “The End” CD for me, while he was at this show! Then again, this type of generosity from Scott is nothing new to me either. From everything that Scott told me about this Black Sabbath concert, he had a grand Metal experience!

Take a look below and above at the autographed tee and CD gifts I received from my Best Metal Buddy Scott! I still cannot believe I have this incredible cool and historic Black Sabbath concert merch! Thank you again, Scott! A brother like you I can never take for granted. Metal Be Thy Name!


Above: Right inner side of my digipak – Ozzy Osbournes’ autograph! Whoa!


Above: Backside of my Black Sabbath “The End” concert tee.


Above: Front cover of Black Sabbath “The End” CD.


Above: Back cover of Black Sabbath “The End” CD.


* The CD was already pre-autographed by Black Sabbath and purchased at their merch booth by Scott.

* All photos of above merch taken by Stone.





8 Responses to “BLACK SABBATH “THE END” – Look At The Merch My BEST Metal Buddy Bought For Me From The Concert! Whoa! Amazing!”

  1. You got some really cool stuff there. Are you going to get the opportunity to see Sabbath? This makes me more determined to see them when the come to the UK.

  2. OMG. Awesome metal brotherhood! COMMUNITY!!

    That is some SERIOUSLY amazing swag there, Stone. Absolutely solid!

    \m/ Scott Coverdale \m/

  3. I’m nominating you for a Liebster Award. Keep up the good work.

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