Glenn Tipton (Judas Priest) – “Baptizm Of Fire” And “Edge Of The World” Exclusive Bundle Are Available Now! All Royalties To Be Donated To Charity


Glenn Tipton’s albums ‘Baptizm of Fire’ and ‘Edge of the World’ are now available as an exclusive bundle featuring an autographed insert!

Get your copy:
(Glenn will be donating all of the record royalties from this release of ‘BAPTIZM OF FIRE’ and ‘EDGE OF THE WORLD’ to the Teenage Cancer Trust Charity)

First released in 1997, Glenn Tipton’s ‘Baptizm of Fire’ featured guest appearances by (the late) John Entwistle, (the late )Cozy Powell, Robert Trujillo, Billy Sheehan and more.

Originally released back in 2006, ‘Edge of the World’ is an album Glenn Tipton recorded with legendary musicians John Entwistle and Cozy Powell in 1994.



Judas Priest




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