Trad-Metal Swedes GRAVEBREAKER Releasing Debut Album “Sacrifice” On Gates Of Hell Records


Old School Heavy Metal Swedes GRAVEBREAKER will release debut album Sacrifice on December 16th, via Gates of Hell Records (a Cruz Del Sur Music imprint). Stream the entire album at:

This musical beast prowls the dark back alleys of Old School Heavy Metal, sharing its DNA with progenitors like ACCEPT, RISING FORCE, 80s BLACK SABBATH, MERCYFUL FATE, DIO, and MOTÖRHEAD.

No gravestone has been left unturned in GRAVEBREAKER’s quest for the original sounds of Heavy Metal – the hot-tempered drums, the irascible guitars and the fiery growls, all presented at breathtaking speed (oh, and the ferocious keyboards, of course…).
Are YOU ready for the SACRIFICE?

Only Traditional Heavy Metal, Accept No Substitute!

Sacrifice will be available as a  limited edition vinyl LP  (500 copies, 100 of which will be ultra-limited Coke-Bottle Green vinyl with patch, exclusively from the Cruz Del Sur Music webstore), limited edition CD (500), and in digital format.


Nightmare – vocals
Fury  – guitar /bass
Devastation – drums
Track Listing:
1. Overdrive
2.  Sacrifice
3. Gravebreaker
4. At The Gates Of Hell
5. Violent City
6. Kill And Kill Again
7. Road War 2000
8. Pray For Death
9. Spellbound

10. Messenger Of Death


For more info:


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