STYX “The Mission” – New Studio Album Releases On June 16th!

Styx The Mission - promo album cover pic - 2017 - #MO333

STYX – “The Mission” is the 1st studio album of new music in 14 years. This will be the 16th studio album from the great STYX. Available June 16 on CD, LP, Digital and Streaming. Pre-order “The Mission” now at!


Stone Says: I am absolutely psyched outta my skull to hear this new STYX studio album! STYX forever! Whoa! I can care in the least that Dennis DeYoung is not with STYX anymore. No offense to Dennis DeYoung at all; he’s been doing his own gig for years now very successfully. For God’s sake, those that complain about Dennis DeYoung no longer being with STYX: GET OVER IT. Take some EX-LAX. That’s life.

It’s been how many years now that STYX has survived (very well) without Dennis DeYoung? KISS has survived without Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. It’s the way the Rock ‘N’ Roll world turns. ‘Nuff said. Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone




4 Responses to “STYX “The Mission” – New Studio Album Releases On June 16th!”

  1. I think you’re right about Styx without Dennis DeYoung and KISS is a good example. Here’s another: Black Sabbath continued their dominance without Ozzy for a number of years.

    • Agreed! Ronnie James Dio was the BEST post Ozzy era Black Sabbath! Tony Martin was excellent for Sabbath; ‘The Headless Cross’ and ‘Cross Purposes’ are my 2 favorite albums with him! \m/\m/

  2. That lead off single Gone Gone Gone is quite good!

  3. peter wolf Says:

    Totally agree Dennis De Young has been gone for ages and a similar thing too, with Tony The Cat Martin’s albums with Sabbath although i guess not as good as Ozzy but there were some good stuff hidden in some of the albums if i have a fave The Eternal Idol isn’t too bad

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