Stone Picks His Top Ten Motorhead Songs

Motorhead has a vast and iconic discography. It’s not easy picking my top ten favorite Motorhead songs; regardless, here is my list. Enjoy and share your favorite Motorhead songs with me. It will serve you right!

Killed By Death, One Track Mind, Orgasmatron, White Line Fever, Metropolis, Jailbait, Just Cos’ You Got The Power (Doesn’t Mean You Got The Right), Ace Of Spades, Louie Louie, Love Me Like A Reptile



One Response to “Stone Picks His Top Ten Motorhead Songs”

  1. Ooh, nice one.

    For me…

    (We Are) The Road Crew, 1916, Rock N Roll, Iron Fist, In The Name Of Tragedy, All The Aces, Killed By Death, Rock Out, No Class, Dont Let Em Grind Ya Down

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