My Recent Metal Music Purchases: Metal Church, Haunt…

I’ve recently been purchasing my CDs, cassettes and vinyl via online, due to store closures resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. I always patronize my local independent record stores and surely miss going to them; they served as a true escape from the daily grind. Hopefully our country and world will eventually return to some sort of normalcy. We have to!!

At the top of this post is the new METAL CHURCH release: From The Vault. I bought the CD/comic/sticker/guitar pick bundle, directly from Rat Pak Records. I couldn’t be happier with this METAL CHURCH bundle, it’s very unique!

Finland is home for OBDUKTIO and they have kicked the shit out of my ear canals! Ihmiskunnen Viholliset is the title for the cassette I bought directly from Caligari Records. I have no idea what the title translates to; all I know is it translates to OBDUKTIO plays killer Death Metal, Grind and extreme aggression to the maximum of levels! Metal be thy name!

I cannot get enough of California’s HAUNT. This band of young Metal warriors have taken the Traditional Metal torch and have ran away with it! I bought this (yellow version) cassette of If Icarus Could Fly directly from HAUNT, via their bandcamp site. I am currently on a Metal mission to obtain every release from HAUNT; they are that grand and addicting! A guitar driven Metal band!

Yes, it’s HAUNT once again! Their Mosaic Vision EP is available directly from the band and I jumped right on it! Each purchase I bought from HAUNT‘s bandcamp site also included the digital download. Can’t beat that! Thank you for checking out my site, stay safe and play it LOUD! – Stone



5 Responses to “My Recent Metal Music Purchases: Metal Church, Haunt…”

  1. That Metal Church set looks great and I am digging the cassettes man!! So retro!! I don’t think I have a cassette player anywhere in my house.

    • Yeah, I listen to cassettes all the time in my old car. I have the cassette deck for my stereo. I believe good ‘ol Walmart puts out for sale cassette players from time to time… I’ve seen them there as recent as last year for about $15 or $20. Unreal!

      • I will keep my eye out on one. The local record shops are carrying cassettes again. What goes around comes around I guess.

        • “What once was old is new again” 😝
          Plus, as with CDs & vinyl, cassettes are also something to hold, with (hopefully) liner notes. I’ve done the digital thing for many years now and there’s a disconnection between me and the band… being so old school I love holding the physical product and admiring the art; even if it’s a small cassette.

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