AZATH – Demo 2018 Cassette Tape Review

AZATH - Demo 2018 - #333MO8ILGDSO

This AZATH (Demo 2018) cassette tape I purchased from Caligari Records. There’s only 3 songs on this sucker and it has served me right. Vocalist Derek Orthner produces the guttural noise and growls that I would compare to a captured demon inside an ammunition box that is trying to communicate to the outside world. The production is low-end, musically leaning towards the old caverns of this beloved genre. Trust in my advice that the Death Metal vibes are extreme on each song.

The other band members on Demo 2018 are: guitarist BW, bassist, Andrew Lee and drummer Vvornth. Andrew Lee also provides additional guitar solos. Hopefully AZATH will thunder along for many years to come. I have listened to this cassette a TON of times and will continue to do so because I can.

AZATH are from Los Angeles California. Their brand of sonic Death should be embraced by many generations of Death Metal loyalists. I really dig these type of demo releases from the underground because not many people own the physical copy like I do. This Metal mentality of mine goes way back to the early 80’s and I’ll never shake it off. Metal Be Thy Name – Stone




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