DOLORE – ‘L’Orrendo Spettacolo Della Morte’ Set For Release On Halloween, via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are set to unleash the debut album from Italian terror Maestro DOLOREL’Orrendo Spettacolo della Morte is up now for pre-order and will be released October 31st on CD and Digital formats.

The fuse is running short and Dolore is now lurking in the shadows… again! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are proud to unleash the debut album from Italy’s soundtrack master of pain DOLORE, L’Orrendo Spettacolo della Morte! Originally released in 2019, L’Orrendo Spettacolo della Morte (Death’s Horrendous Show) is the first gruesomely morbid and horrific opus from Italian terror maestro DOLORE, available for the first time on CD format. 

This album showcases DOLORE’s most gore-soaked tunes in true, uncompromising Fabio Frizzi fashion. Imagine a non-existing movie where all of your nightmares come real paired with the uncanny, obsessive sound of sinister synths and unearthly electronic beats drag you further down towards an unfathomable abyss of terror… pain is what you’ll gain! The icy hands of Death tighten the tourniquet around your neck, and creep into your soul! For fans of Antón García Abril, Buio Mondo, Carpenter Brut, Claudio Simonetti, Ennio Morricone, Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, Joel Grind, John Carpenter, Morte Macabre, Riz Ortolani, S U R V I V E, Tangerine Dream, Zombi and other masters of horror & giallo.

Stream album track “Intento Omicida” at:

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Source: ClawHammer PR

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