Metal Odyssey Is NO MORE

Thanks to the NON SUPPORT, Metal Odyssey is no more. We had some amazing years; however, the traffic for Metal Odyssey has been ridiculous. Have fun supporting the other Metal blogs that are run by 18 year olds. I’m done. LATER.

4 Responses to “Metal Odyssey Is NO MORE”

  1. Hey Stone, its a real shame to see you go. I have always read your posts but I know what you mean. I see the traffic on my own blog decreasing. If I don’t see you here again, I wish you all the best.

  2. Same thing happened to me in 2022. I quit doing what I had been doing for 10 whole years.

    • I understand, fully. I’ve always loved your content and stories; your personal approach. I’m going to embark on all new content that will be diverse and on a much more personal level. Yes, you’re a blogging influence to me.

      The bands out there can care less about my blog and I’ve heard that loud and clear. it’s time for a new format adventure and to write about whatever comes to my mind. Thanks for keeping your blog alive!

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