3 valid reasons why the Sex Pistols belong in the Metal Family.

4111471Here is my opinion, as to why the legendary SEX PISTOLS belong in the METAL music family. There are 3 reasons that come to mind, (rather quickly at that), and all 3 reasons are factual. Here it goes, enjoy:

1. MEGADETH – has covered the SEX PISTOLS song “Anarchy In The U.K.” – found on the MEGADETH album “So Far, So Good, So What”. This Thrash METAL version is as intense as it can possibly get for covering this song. I swear I will never grow tired of the original version as well as this covered version. I might add that MEGADETH also did an amazing video for this tune as well back in the day, the video can be found on “Arsenal of Megadeth”. 

2. MOTORHEAD – has covered the SEX PISTOLS song “God Save The Queen” – found on the MOTORHEAD album “We Are Motorhead”. MOTORHEAD did quite an admirable job at covering this classic song, I feel MOTORHEAD kept a ton of the Punk flavor musically on “God Save The Queen”.

3. ANTHRAX – has covered the SEX PISTOLS song “God Save The Queen” as well, like MOTORHEAD I feel ANTHRAX stayed true to the songs original Punk attitude and feel, musically. You can find the ANTHRAX cover version of “God Save The Queen” on their EP “Armed and Dangerous”.

With these 3 valid reasons being said, I still feel there is nothing better than the original version of any SEX PISTOLS song. The SEX PISTOLS were a very heavy Punk Rock band for certain, that cannot be disputed or denied. Of course Punk Rock is it’s own musical genre, yet the ferocity and straight in your face Punk attitude that the SEX PISTOLS delivered musically has obviously been embraced by some of the METAL world’s biggest names. This is for one solid good reason, as with any METAL genre, Punk Rock goes against the grain, rebels and stomps down on the status quo. I simply love the fact that Punk Rock and METAL music have crossed paths, I feel it will always continue. 

I am also aware that there are countless SEX PISTOLS cover songs out there by numerous METAL and Hard Rock acts alike. I only mentioned these 3 cover songs as my valid reasons for the SEX PISTOLS being in the METAL family for they are my favorite cover tunes that have been done of this important Punk Rock band.

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