TIGER ARMY – “Music From Regions Beyond” is a worthy listen!

Tiger Army has been around, since about 19988354283, and what a refreshing Punk Rock band this is! The constant Punk vibe you hear throughout “Music From Regions Beyond” is addicting, man, this album will grow on you. The first two tracks are obviously the heaviest sounding, both musically and vocally. “Hotprowl” and “Afterworld” rock heavy with sincere Punk Rock groove. “Hechizo de Amor” is a Spanish track, the vocals are sung in Spanish and the music has Latin flavor all over it. From the guitar to the percussion and bass, this song is a strong statement of musical diversity for Tiger Army. Like all the tunes on this album, it makes you move. “Spring Forward” has great lyrics, based on a moment of time and reflection. This song, like all the others, is just down right great stuff. There are no pretentious moments on “Music From Regions Beyond”. The overall quality of the songs and their lack of over indulgence into excessiveness is what makes this one great album and band. No question, for me this is as diverse as any Punk album in recent years. In my opinion, Nick 13 is a great vocalist, song writer/lyricist and plays one heck of a Punk & Rockabilly guitar. Jeff Roffredo plays stand-up bass and James Meza plays drums, I really dig this trio called Tiger Army! If you are into the Ramones, the Misfits, Osaka Popstar, AFI or a fan of Punk Rock in general, you really have to give Tiger Army a listen and get hooked by their infectious Punk vibe! Tiger Army will prove to you that Punk Rock is still happening right NOW!

The liner notes are very cool, with 8 pages of complete lyrics, a full page black & white photo of Nick 13 and a full color 2 page photo of the entire band.” “Music From Regions Beyond” was originally released in 2007.

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