3986146Yes, we have a historic time of change in our nation’s history at the moment, it is always a great time to be an American. However, let us not forget, that it was not long ago, when the PMRC, wanted to abolish and strip Heavy Metal from its foundation. Censorship of any kind is very scary inside a democracy. So many bands were on their list, from Twisted Sister to Stryper! I will forever be grateful to Dee Snider, for sticking up for what is right, not backing down to the PMRC and the politicians (yes, Al Gore and his wife Tipper Gore), that wanted to ban and restrict Metal and musical lyrics.

How quickly a nation can forget, I hope this is a well deserved reminder to all Metal and Extreme music fans, to know how precious our rights are, to listen to any music we choose. What Dee Snider stood for while defending Heavy Metal for all of us was beyond being a Metal hero, Dee Snider was being a true and free American, defending our rights.

The entire “Congressional hearings” are well documented and founded in regards to this event/circus. Without the likes of Dee Snider and the late Frank Zappa and many more Metal and music artists who represented all of us in the “Metal family” we would not have any Extreme music today. For if the PMRC would have gotten their way, there would be no Metal or Punk bands for any Metal magazine or blog to cover. Pretty scary stuff huh? I can live with the silly “parental advisory” stickers on CD’s, I simply would have had a sadder and different life without Metal and Punk Rock.




  1. Yeah, Dee Snyder is pretty awesome for standing up to the PMRC-and he still rocks live. I caught him last year fronting a local band at a big motorcycle rally for a kick ass rendition of “We’re not Gonna Take it”. Dude is a legend, and he hasn’t lost a bit of heavy metal fury in 20+ years.

  2. Filmed in 2004, Cyberbio 1 was the first movie HERO FACTORY praise and led to the TAITOKU, a group of fans of tokusatsu in Thailand who also had repercussions in France and Canada. Without having any knowledge of special effects and without any action which was a big challenge, but the final product was expected and the idea of a tokusatsu Brazilian was fine with suitable rooms we had at the time. To get an idea of the computer we had was a k6-500 and bought a second hand camera whose battery would run only 30 minutes, often had to record the same scene, because the battery was just in the middle of filming that slowed much more .

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