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TWISTED SISTER – Announces Final Tri-State Area Farewell Show – The Rock Carnival In Lakewood, New Jersey

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Twisted Sister - Final Farewell - promo concert flyer - 2016 - tri-state concert - #MO899899ILMF

TWISTED SISTER announces their Final Tri-State Area Farewell Show! October 1st, 2016 at The Rock Carnival in Lakewood, NJ – Joining TWISTED SISTER that weekend will be FOUR BY FATE, KILLCODE, ACE FREHLEY, OVERKILL, DOKKEN and so many more bands to be announced that your head will spin!

Plan on spending a 3 day weekend with us! Details on which days each band will be playing will be announced soon!


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TWISTED SISTER – Metal Odyssey’s Staff Picks Their Top 5 TWISTED SISTER Songs!

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Twisted Sister - Classic Band Logo - #MOTS99ILMFSM93

The U.S. West Coast may boast they have Metallica. Whatever. The East Coast can eternally boast they have… TWISTED F’N SISTER. Now we’re talking about a Metal band that never forgot their roots. Today, Scott Coverdale and I spoke about TWISTED SISTER and decided it was time to post our Top 5 songs from ’em… respectively.

Twisted Sister "Love is for Suckers" large pic

No matter how you slice it, the legendary Dee Snider has defended musical freedom like a rattlesnake. Dee is the undisputed Champion Of Metal. Like or despise the lists, let us know! Don’t forget to comment your top 5 TWISTED SISTER songs too, for we really appreciate that cool shit around here. Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone

Twisted Sister - You Can't Stop Rock 'N Roll - promo album pic

Scott Coverdale’s Top 5 Twisted Sister Songs:

  1. The Kids Are BackYou Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll (1983)
  2. Under The Blade – ” (1982)
  3. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll – ” (1983)
  4. Stay Hungry – ” (1984)
  5. I Am, (I’m Me)You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll (1983)


Stone’s Top 5 Twisted Sister Songs:

  1. Lookin’ Out For #1Come Out And Play (1985)
  2. Under The Blade – ” (1982)
  3. We’re Gonna Make ItYou Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll (1983)
  4. The Power And The GloryYou Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll (1983)
  5. Hot LoveLove Is For Suckers (1987)






Mike Portnoy Is New Twisted Sister Drummer

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Mike Portnoy - Tweets On Twisted Sister Drumming - April 7 - 2015 - MOMPTS

The above 2 Twitter tweets posted by Mike Portnoy, (The Winery Dogs, Dream Theater), pretty much says it all. These 2 tweets were posted tonight, on April 7th. I am very happy to see that Twisted Sister has a legend such as Mike Portnoy chosen to be their drummer. Metal be thy name. – Stone






TWISTED SISTER & FRIENDS – December 16th Concert To Be Held For Hurricane Sandy Relief

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Twisted Sister - Concert For Sandy Relief - Dec 16 - 2012

As stated on Twisted Sister Facebook:

Sunday, December 16: Help us help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


As stated on Adrenaline Mob Facebook:

Twisted Sister & Adrenaline Mob – Dec. 16th at The Emporium!! TS presents “A Very Special Christmas Show/Hurricane Sandy Relief Benefit”. 9 Railroad Avenue, Patchogue,NY. For Tickets & info visit:!

Twisted Sister - Adrenaline Mob - Dec 16th Concert - 2012 - hurricane sandy


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





An Open Letter To Dee Snider – August 23rd, 2012

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Hello Dee, it’s Stone. I’ve read today that you requested Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan, to stop using the (your) Twisted Sister song “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. I also understand you (obviously) don’t support Paul Ryan or the Republican party.

However, please understand Dee, that our beloved Heavy Metal community is unlike the mainstream Rock and Pop communities. I speak for all Metalheads when I say we are: unified. We have and always will be unified regardless of race, sex, (I would hope religion) or political party affiliation. Anyone who disagrees is not a true “Defender Of The Faith”.

Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with an honest and open discussion of politics, after all, you fought for our civil rights when it comes to freedom of speech, when you stood up to the PMRC. Political commentary, sex and drugs in lyrics are here to stay due to your heroics on Capitol Hill. However, no political group or Hollywood clique has ever supported you as loyally as your fans have; please don’t turn your back on a large group of us now.

Political nonsense shall never steer me away from a band or musician. It’s always been about the music for me. I’ve never let politics cloud my judgement with an album review or interview. Please remember there are conservative fans that have looked upon Twisted Sister’s songs for inspiration, going on four decades strong. I can guarantee that there are many conservative politicians who grew up as Twisted Sister fans. “I Am, (I’m Me)”.

Dee, you have been a leader and legendary contributor to the history of Heavy Metal. Please don’t forget your fans that may support Paul Ryan and the Republican Party; for these same fans have loyally supported you since day one.

Please Dee, don’t get caught up with “those other guys” that have made political statements as a part of their overall claim to fame. Here at Metal Odyssey, bands are supported regardless of what political party they are loyal to. “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll”. Please Dee, don’t get onboard with the political Hollywood celebrity mainstream. You’re too good for that. Metal be thy name.




Wanna See My TWISTED SISTER ‘I Wanna Rock’ 45 RPM?

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TWISTED SISTER – Back in 1984, TWISTED SISTER, the legendary Heavy Metal band from Long Island, New York, released their third studio album: Stay Hungry. One of the three “biggest hits” from this album was I Wanna Rock. The other two “hits” were We’re Not Gonna Take It and The Price. I Wanna Rock became the battle cry for countless Metalheads back in 1984, with its popularity reaching eye-popping heights courtesy of its respective MTV video.

To this day I still love hearing I Wanna Rock cranked up VERY LOUD. This song will forever be an inspiration to me, decades after its release. I recently found the 45 rpm of I Wanna Rock at an antique store located in Zionsville, Pennsylvania. I paid $1.50 (U.S.) for it. Both the vinyl and cover sleeve are in excellent shape.

The B – side to this 45 rpm is The Kids Are Back from 1983’s You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll, (the second studio album from TWISTED SISTER). The Kids Are Back is another song that Rocks my face off too. These TWISTED SISTER songs and albums are simply put: F’n timeless. Check out the pics below of my I Wanna Rock 45 rpm. Remember… you can’t even buy a decent cup of coffee these days for $1.50, yet you can buy some Heavy Metal history at this price. Metal be thy name.

Front Cover Sleeve

Back Cover Sleeve

I Wanna Rock – A Side



TWISTED SISTER – My Favorite Album From This Legendary Heavy Metal Band Is…

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TWISTED SISTER – I’m sure many of you by now are wondering which Twisted Sister album is Stone’s favorite? Then again, countless numbers of you aren’t wondering about this at all. Well, my favorite Twisted Sister album of my entire Metal lovin’ life is… well, um, it’s a tie. You see, there is no other way around it. That’s it. My decision on this Metal matter was made many years ago. Make that many decades ago. Under The Blade from 1982 and You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll from 1983 are IT when it comes to Twisted Sister for me.

I embraced Twisted Sister before MTV finally realized they really did Rock. I felt like I was missing out on the band that pummeled my eardrums into Metal bliss with their raw and muscular East Coast Metal that I listened to on their first two albums, once Stay Hungry and Come Out And Play pushed Twisted Sister to the forefront as MTV and chart favorites. Maybe it was the non-commercial mystique of the first two Twisted Sister albums that won me over from the onset. Sure, You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll was released on Atlantic Records, still, that wasn’t an instant recipe for a commercial Metal album. Don’t get me wrong, I was as pumped up as any Metalhead on the planet when Twisted Sister became a household name and Dee Snider stood up to the venomous dictatorship known as the PMRC.

It’s the raw power and back alley vibe that these first two Twisted Sister albums scream with, an almost underground feel swirls about the songs on both. This was Twisted Sister the Metal band that I’d crank up psychotically loud in my parent’s basement while the lyrics of We’re Gonna Make It, I Am (I’m Me), You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll and Day of the Rocker gave me super teenage powers. I would take those same super teenage powers and use them to get through a typical high school day of having my self-esteem receive its daily beating. My self-esteem during those teen years fought back and remained intact, courtesy of Twisted F’n Sister.

When I listened to the songs Under The Blade and Shoot ‘Em Down, I felt as if I was listening to the ultimate bad-ass band in the land. These two songs alone had me feeling like Twisted Sister could kick the shit out of my high school antagonists that picked on me, a fantasy back then that was beneficial Metal therapy for my mind. Twisted Sister was my friend all those years ago, (like so many bands I listened to), protecting me from self implosion while I struggled through those early teen growing pains.

Personal memories can become attached to any album. Regardless of how silly it may seem now, in reflecting on how Twisted Sister made an impact on me, it was those first two albums from this influential Metal band that moved me most. Only now I don’t need Twisted Sister to kick the shit out of anyone. Yes, Twisted F’n Sister and their first two studio albums were an integral part of making me the SMF that I am today. Metal be thy name.

* For more info on TWISTED SISTER, click on the links below:

TWISTED SISTER – Official Website




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