9086473The Answer is an exciting new Hard Rock band that I highly recommend. I bought this CD/DVD due to the value you are getting here and knowing that The Answer is not hype. All 4 songs are excellent, the DVD has great footage of the band which also includes tour footage and interviews. It is a thrill to see these young guys perform and hear their style of Hard Rock. The Answer is obviously influenced by legendary Hard Rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, and Foghat, (to name a few). The Answer is currently opening for AC/DC, that is an accomplishment in itself. I really enjoy hearing the harmonica again in Hard Rock, when done right this undervalued instrument can add a ton of flavor to a song. “Never Too Late” kicks off this EP on the right note, exemplifying the Hard Rock heaviness that The Answer has inside of them. These guys are dandy good musicians, it is quite the listen! I look forward to The Answer releasing a full album in 2009!

There are no lyrics in the liner notes, however the photography, retrospective type face and artwork is a fantastic tribute to how Hard Rock appeared visually decades ago. Kudos to the art direction on this EP.

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