417604Lynch Mob “Wicked Sensation” is a great disc to kick up your heels and party to, or go on a long ride and jam your ears with this delicious, melodic, Metal candy. You can definitely make a strong case that this type of Metal is relevant in 2008. Musically, this great stuff could have been released today and no one would really know the difference. “Wicked Sensation” is the single that was played on radio stations that matter, back in 1990. George Lynch really shreds on this one, he is the real deal. Mick Brown is the drummer (Dokken), and Oni Logan on lead vocals belts it out with a touch of swagger. These guys are fun to listen to and George Lynch is pure Metal guitar joy to the ears. Any Metalhead should buy this and enjoy this early 1990’s Lynch Mob.


  1. As much as I hate to admit it, their power ballad on this record was my favorite track. Really loved that chanting/howling thing that Oni Logan did in the outro. So cool…

  2. Fabulous album.

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