4650844Obviously, I am an Overkill fan, my goal is to let anyone who listens to know what an amazing Thrash Metal force this band is. “Wrecking Everything Live” is an excellent concert with outstanding sound and clarity. “Necroshine” sounds better here live than the studion version and the latter version is insanely riveting! Before “Evil Never Dies”, Bobby “Blitz” talks to the crowd, I really dig this because it catches the true interaction of what really takes place during a live performance. “I Hate”, “Battle”, and “In Union We Stand” will blast through your speakers with Overkill’s heightened and furious blend of speed and Thrash power! Man, I cannot say enough about this disc, It gets me pumped and solidifies why I feel Overkill is the most consistent and best Thrash Metal act for the last 20 plus years!

Bobby “Blitz Ellsworth on vocals is as defiant and solid as ever, D.D. Verni plays the bass here like a Metal god gone wild, Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer prove on this disc they are a formidable Thrash Metal guitar duo, Tim Mallare has it nailed down with his relentless, bombastic drumming. Over Kill takes a back seat to no band in the land. Power, Thrash, quality and consistency with every ounce of integrity, sums up this disc and the entire career of Over Kill! New fans will be hooked, veteran Over Kill and Metal fans have no excuse but to buy “Wrecking Everything Live”. The liner notes are 16 pages of full color live concert photos of each band member, plus lots of credits. No lyrics are in the liner notes. Once again, THANK YOU Over Kill for releasing this music!

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