6784937Released in 2004, “Master Of The Moon” is as powerful and Metal of a Dio album that you will ever listen to. Ronnie James Dio indicates here, that he still has his most incredible and expansive Power Metal vocals. Quite honestly, Dio sounds better than ever! With a new lineup of standout musicians, Dio of 2004 plays Heavy Metal with thunderous intros, atmospheric keyboards and trademark lyrics of personal battles against oneself and ones own demons. Jeff Pilson plays bass with tremendous fluidity and Simon Wright lays down the Metal beats on drums, both are true polished veterans of Metal. Craig Goldy on guitar/keyboards has nestled into his very own signature sound with his leads and riffs, making this album sound current while still establishing the old school sound. Scott Warren on keyboards is superb, no Dio album would be complete without consistent skill as heard here. “Master Of The Moon” never strays away from the Dioesque way of presenting Metal, the mood, atmosphere, imagery, sound and musical entirety is embellished with heavy maturity. “Shivers” is my favorite track here, thundering along with pure Metal groove and lyrics that are melancholy and spooky. “One More For The Road” is the opener that dictates exactly where this album will take you, that is on a heavy and steady Heavy Metal human experience, delivered the Dio way.

The liner notes are absolutely a Metal kick, with complete lyrics, additional artwork, a band photo, one very cool photo of Dio himself, song credits and thank you’s.

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