8584418If you are looking around for some real Heavy Metal, not the commercial stuff, well you have found it here. “Danzig lll: How The Gods Kill” portrays Heavy Metal as it should be, heavy, dark, sinister and heavy again. The songs are powerful, with Danzig’s vocals leading the way. Listening to this album makes you realize that Danzig does not fool around with music, no fillers, no pretensions. “Godless” opens this album’s door to a very dark Metal journey that will satisfy your Metal needs. Listening to Danzig sing “Godless” will definitely grab your attention, he accentuates song like no other Metal vocalist. My favorite track is “Dirty Black Summer”, it has a haunting riff and dark lyrics that only fuel the catchy vibe of this track. Overall, “Danzig lll: How The Gods Kill” is a classic Danzig album that needs to be recommended and hailed throughout the Metal community… for generations to come.


  1. Say what you want about Glenn, but he knows an opening track when he writes one. Godless is magnificant that way. I also think that the title track is one of the most patient, soulful pieces of music that Glenn ever did. He had always had trouble “overselling” his vocals, but everything about this arrangment is close to perfect.

  2. One of my favorites, still!

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