3669532In 1999, Def Leppard released “Euphoria”. This album is old school Def Leppard from the lyrics to the music itself. You can feel and hear the excitement in Def Leppard’s playing, especially on “Back In Your Face”, a Hard Rockin’ track that is loaded with swagger and attitude. “Promises” is the most popular “hit” on “Euphoria”, with its catchy background vocals and non stop melodic flow. The guitar playing on “Promises” has extremely addicting leads and hooks that coincide perfect with Joe Elliott’s vocals. “Demolition Man” is a heavy hitter, a giant of a song to open up “Euphoria”, essentially stating that Def Leppard has their Heavy Metal roots. “Paper Sun” is my favorite track. It is taken from the old school mold of Heavy Metal chorus, with a deliberately slow tempo that still exudes a powerful song. Def Leppard sounds so great on this album, the hard & heavy ambiance is all over “Euphoria”. Every song on “Euphoria” is worth a thousand listens, this album has proven to the world Def Leppard had returned with a vengeance. Def Leppard has not looked back since “Euphoria”, the Hard Rock & Metal is still in them!

Def Leppard is: Joe Elliott on lead vocals, Rick Allen on drums, Phil Collen on guitar & vocals, Vivian Campbell on guitar & vocals and Rick Savage on bass guitar & vocals. The liner notes are unique, with a 12 page fold out that has each respective band member’s photo, plus 2 large band photos, song credits, more credits and thank you’s. There are no lyrics in the liner notes.

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