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BLOOD OF INDIGO – “Dawn Of The Shaded World” Releases On August 26th

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On August 26th, 2022 symphonic gothic metal band BLOOD OF INDIGO will unleash their debut album Dawn of the Shaded World.

The band comments:

“We poured every ounce of love and passion into this album. Each song is like a carefully crafted dish from a Dark Fantasy Metal buffet. Every song tells its own story and was inspired by our favourite video games. We gave our devoted attention to every little detail and we hope this album will inspire someone to create. Dawn of The Shaded World is everything we’ve dreamed of and more.”

Become immersed in the dark, fantastical world that surrounds BLOOD OF INDIGO. Legend has it that the dark, majestic project hail from Toronto, Canada, and seek to indulge in their passion for storytelling through epic music.

The dynamic trio’s creative influences spawn from metal bands including DIMMU BORGIR, NIGHTWISH and DREAM THEATER, along video games such as Dark Souls, Hollow Knight and Bloodborne. The origins of this mystic ensemble are all but lost, scrolls from the distant era of 2017 reveal that following advice from Lindsay Schoolcraft to pursue his dream of being a metal vocalist, Alex Centorame formed the band in that year with Mariusz Syposz. The third companion Nathan Gross joined forces with the line-up shortly after. Thriving in the realms of horror and fantasy, they sought a title that would live up to the bravery, majesty and wonder – and BLOOD OF INDIGO was born.

Watch the video for “Angelus The ‘Faceless’ Vampire:

BLOOD OF INDIGO is currently preparing to unveil lyric videos for “Angelus, the ‘Faceless’ Vampire” and “Sphynx, Collector of Eyes”, before unleashing their eagerly awaited debut album Dawn of The Shaded World. The album also features a guest appearance from Juno nominated singer/songwriter Lindsay Schoolcraft.

Band Members:
Alex Centorame (Sen-Tor-Ah- Mee) – Vocals/Lyrics
Nathan Gross (Grr-Oh-Ss) – Keyboards/Orchestrations
Mariusz Syposz (Suh-Pose) – Guitars/Drum Programming

Source: C Squared Music

MORDIAN – Releases Enchanting NIGHTWISH Cover – Plus First Official Music Video

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Showcasing her evocative vocals in full color, MORDIAN has released her first official music video for her cover of NIGHTWISH’s beloved track “Gethsemane”. MORDIAN guides us fluidly through the classic track with thrilling emotion and her own creative stylings, paired with the faithful instrumental recreation performed and produced by Matt Motto (DISSONA).

“I chose to cover Gethsemane because it’s one of my most admired songs off Oceanborn, my first and favorite NIGHTWISH album.” MORDIAN recalls, “NIGHTWISH has had a big influence on me as a musician, and I wanted to breathe new life into this epic and beautiful track. I hope you enjoy it!”

Watch “Gethsemane” here:

MORDIAN is a Vocalist/Composer from Chicago, IL. Her Victorian-infused 2019 release Romance in Disguise received numerous rave reviews (including Metal Hammer) For Fans of Gothic, Victorian, and Metal music alike, MORDIAN’s overarching Gothic themes and ethereal sounds are certain to evoke a whole world of feelings within.

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MOONLIGHT HAZE – Release “Kintsugi” Video

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Today MOONLIGHT HAZE release the video for “Kintsugi” – the fourth single taken from the new album “Animus”, out now via Scarlet Records.

Watch the video:

“Kintsugi is about the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by filling cracks with precious metals. We too can transform all ‘cracks’ – which represent both our weaknesses and the difficult times we sometimes are forced to face – into something that makes us stronger and more unique, without necessarily having to show fake perfection to the rest of the world. We are all human beings and, as such, we are not infallible”.
– Chiara Tricarico
, frontwoman & lyricist

Recorded by MOONLIGHT HAZE and mixed & mastered by Simone Mularoni at the renowned Domination Studio, “Animus” boasts the stunning performance of vocalist Chiara Tricarico and is graced by the amazing artwork and pictures of Beatrice Demori.

Tracklist is as follows:

01. The Nothing
02. It’s Insane
03. Kintsugi
04. Animus
05. The Thief and the Moon
06. Midnight Haze
07. Tonight
08. Never Say Never
09. We’ll Be Free
10. A Ritual of Fire
11. Horror & Thunder


Chiara Tricarico – Vocals
Marco Falanga – Guitars
Alberto Melinato – Guitars
Alessandro Jacobi – Bass
Giulio Capone – Drums

Scarlet Records:


Finnish Melodic Metal Band DREAMFERNO Releases New Touching Single

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Band pic by: Antti Karppinen

Dreamferno‘s new song is a reverence to songwriters’ close relative who passed away after a long struggle with terminal illness. Hagne is all about purity and virtue. One can only hope that everyone has at least one person in their life, who passes on the idea of good morals and kindness for the next generation.

The song starts off with a beautiful Disney -style intro wich transforms into a vibrant symphonic rock interpretation accompanied with vocals by Enni Rautiainen and Samuli Rimmi. Krzysztof Dobosiewicz is responsible for the exquisite arranging of the orchestrations. Composing and lyrics are from the pen of Samuli.

Apple Music:

Dreamferno is:

Vocals: Enni Rautiainen & Samuli Rimmi
Guitar & Keyboards: Samuli Rimmi
Orchestrations: Krzysztof Dobosiewicz
Guitar: Tuomas Uuksulainen
Bass: Juha Pärnänen
Drums: Teemu Karppinen


LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT – Releases “New World” feat. Fabienne Erni of ELUVEITIE

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Prepare to be transported to a “New World” with the magical offering from LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT. Featuring a duet with Fabienne Erni of ELUVEITIE and a guitar solo by Jen Majura of EVANESENCE, the new release delivers an epic sound infused with Celtic elements.

Landing just in time for St Patrick’s Day, “New World” is the first heavy driven song to be unleashed since the release of LINDSAY’s full-length album Martyr. Made possible through the Patreon community, a symphonic/ folk version will also be available as a Patreon exclusive. Emerging out of ethereal realms, ghostly Celtic folk instruments perform an alluring backdrop for LINDSAY’s haunting vocals. Melodies soar gracefully seeing a subtle dark undertone weaving throughout. Explosive metal instrumentation thunders into existence elevating the track with an intense manifestation of power.

Fabienne Erni’s dynamic vocals beautifully complement the atmosphere of “New World”; it’s a stunning duet. Enthralling distorted guitars and bass tones provide a grounding contrast to the soaring melodies, and Jen Majura’s solo enhances the sound even further.

Become immersed in a dramatic tale of folklore, an exploration into stunning soundscapes and thrilling composition. “New World” is a truly bewitching release to kick off 2022. LINDSAY is already hard at work on her next release, preparing another heavy composition in collaboration with SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA.

“New World” Guest Appearances:
Fabienne Erni – Guest Vocals
Jen Majura – Guitar Solo
Rocky Gray – Guitar, Bass, Drums
IVEEN – Folk Instruments and Backing Vocals
Christopher Caouette – Orchestration
Dagda – Viola

Join LINDSAY’s Patreon:

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SHIELD OF WINGS – Storm Forward With Third Single And Video, “Crushing Hail”

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SHIELD OF WINGS press forward to their imminent album release with third single and video, “Crushing Hail”. Presented here, in the form of a powerful lyric video and full band playthrough, this single comes from their debut full-length album. “Unfinished” is set to be released on February 11.

Guitarist James Gregor said of the track:
“High energy and full of life, ‘Crushing Hail’ is the first track of our upcoming album. It sets the stage for the dynamic and emotional journey housed within the rest of Unfinished. So, bang your heads with us as we go forward, unheeding, through the wind and hail!”

SHIELD OF WINGS will begin the year of 2022 with their Epic Symphonic Metal resurrection, and their debut full-length album, Unfinished.

Each song from Unfinished explores themes of growth through self-examination, regret, sacrificial death and rebirth. From the “Crushing Hail” of the suffering which is inherent in life, the listener is carried through this journey, until the final track expounds upon the realization that we are all, in ways, “The Scarred Clay Reshaping.” With bold, vast orchestral compositions soaring over chugging guitars, SHIELD OF WINGS makes it abundantly clear that they are Unfinished, in more ways than one.

Pre-Order Unfinished Now

Lara Mordian – Vocals
Aliyah Daye – Support & Harsh Vocals, Keys
James Gregor – Guitar & Orchestrations
Patrick Eulitz – Drums
Alex Luke – Bass Guitar

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ELEINE – Swedish Dark Symphonic Metal Unit Signs With Atomic Fire Records – Band To Record Spin-Off EP

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Swedish, epically overpowering dark symphonic metal unit ELEINE has joined the Atomic Fire Records roster!

Founded and led by charismatic vocalist Madeleine Liljestam and guitarist/growler Rikard Ekberg, ELEINE has released three successful, multifaceted albums since 2015, all of which illuminate the remarkably sorted and exquisitely balanced dark mixture the collective is capable of producing. Indeed, the authors push their high-class, intense, cinematic flair to the extreme, manifesting a singular, atmospheric world where dark, thrash, black, and death metal influences collide in a fantastically captivating fashion. The unquestionable originality of ELEINE’s output reveals itself quite effortlessly in every single moment of listening.

“Signing with Atomic Fire Records is a huge step in the right direction for ELEINE,” Liljestam comments. “We’re entering a new era of metal, not only with this new, mighty label but also in a world where we have faced challenges as a music industry alongside our dedicated and loyal fans. Finding a label that agrees that both the physical and digital media world actually work together, and don’t have to exclude each other, made us feel that this is a label that will stay true to metal and at the same time evolve alongside the industry and us as a band.”

Says Atomic Fire CEO, Markus Wosgien, “We are in touch for a few years now and I followed their amazing career almost from the start. Especially after I saw ELEINE live on the Sabaton Open Air in 2018, I knew that this band is truly unique and something really special. I love their strong belief in themselves, their do-it-yourself attitude, and finally, their music. ELEINE is an experience; something intense that you feel and inspires you. On top, they are lovely people with their hearts in the right place.”

2022 will find the band touring alongside Firewind, performing at several festivals, and a tour through Finland before joining their new labelmates Sonata Arctica as special guests on their European acoustic tour.

We feel very confident in this new collaboration and we are very proud,” notes Ekberg, adding, “While we work on our next full-length album, we will keep busy releasing an acoustic spin-off EP all in honor of the upcoming Acoustic Tour as special guests to Sonata Arctica in Fall/Winter of 2022.”

Stay tuned for upcoming ELEINE news and visit the band’s tour page at THIS LOCATION to stay up to date on upcoming live adventures.

Madeleine Liljestam – vocals
Rikard Ekberg – guitar, vocals
Jesper Sunnhagen – drums



INDUCTION – Signs To Atomic Fire Records – New Band Lineup Revealed

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(Photo by Franz Schepers)

Progressive power metal with symphonic influences creating an epic and heroic atmosphere topped with catchy, soaring vocals, melodic solos, thunderous drums, and massive orchestration (crafted by Peter Crowley): that’s how the soundscapes of international outfit INDUCTION could best be described.

Originally founded in 2014, the band left their first mark with first single, “The Outwitted Consecration” (2016) before officially entering the metal world with their self-titled debut album in 2019. Its enormously positive reception paved the way to touring across Europe alongside Brazilian power metallers Armored Dawn in November of the same year. It was a notable career start for the quintet that was unfortunately halted by the still-ongoing pandemic ultimately leading to a break (at least on the live front) that was to work on their sophomore album and renew their power.

Atomic Fire Records is pleased to welcome INDUCTION and their new lineup — vocalist Craig Cairns (ex-Midnight Prophecy), guitarists Tim Kanoa Hansen and Marcos Rodriguez (ex-Rage), bassist Dominik Gusch, and drummer Kian Kiesling — to its roster.

Comments Hansen of the new union, “I am very pleased to announce today that INDUCTION and Atomic Fire Records are now partnered for musical ventures in the years to come. We are confident that we have found the right partners for our music and vision. Their incredibly capable and experienced team, sharing the passion and love for our music in the same way the band does itself, lets everyone involved look forward to an amazing future where INDUCTION will be elevated to a new level and touch the hearts of many more people with our music.”

Says Atomic Fire Records CEO Flori Milz, “When I got the debut album of the guys two years ago, I was totally excited. At that time, I tried to win the band for my own label Reaper Entertainment, but Reaper was still in its infancy and unfortunately nothing came into being. So, I’m even more happy that the band have now signed a worldwide contract with Atomic Fire Records. I’m still a very big fan and I’m really looking forward to our common future and of course the new album.”

The first fruit of this partnership will be revealed in the form of a new single, “Sacrifice,” on February 4th.

Orders for the band’s eponymous debut, signed by Hansen, are available via the Atomic Fire Records webshop HERE.

Craig Cairns – vocals
Tim Kanoa Hansen – guitars
Marcos Rodriguez – guitars
Dominik Gusch – bass
Kian Kiesling – drums


SHIELD OF WINGS – Release Captivating Video For First Single “Wetland”

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Midwest American Symphonic Metal band SHIELD OF WINGS emerge from their hiatus, and make their thrilling entry into the new year with their debut single, “Wetland”. The song is coupled with a captivating music video. “Wetland” is the first offering from their forthcoming debut full-length album, Unfinished, set to release February 11th. Sure to appeal to fans of symphonic metal giants NIGHTWISH and EPICA, as well as film score composers like HANS ZIMMER, JAMES HORNER, and HOWARD SHORE, their new album, Unfinished, will bring into view 10 bombastic compositions of poetic exploration.

Vocalist Lara Mordian comments on the “Wetland” filming process:

’Shooting Wetland, and wading through that cold, wet, filth, was a challenging albeit invigorating time for me. Prior to filming in late autumn, I was warned of the certain discomfort to come, but I was reassured by James that “pain is temporary, film is forever”, and I embraced it.”.

Each song from Unfinished explores themes of growth through self-examination, regret, sacrificial death and rebirth. From the “Crushing Hail” of the suffering which is inherent in life, the listener is carried through this journey, until the final track expounds upon the realization that we are all, in ways, “The Scarred Clay Reshaping.” With bold, vast orchestral compositions soaring over chugging guitars, SHIELD OF WINGS makes it abundantly clear that they are Unfinished, in more ways than one.

Pre-Order Unfinished Now

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TORN BETWEEN TWO WORLDS – To Release New Single In January

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TORN BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (Featuring SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA and CHRIS REHN) will release their new single “Transparent” on January 14, 2021. The song will be available on all streaming platforms.

Sarah comments: “This song was a bit of a challenge for me as this song is totally from scratch. It wasn’t written a few years ago like “The Beauty Of Deception” was, “All Eyes On Me” was also written a few years ago, but 80% of the lyrics lost, re written and re arranged and the vocals recorded at my home and “Hello” being a cover song (Adele). This is the first song lyric wise that I have written in almost 10 years I think and when Chris sent me the music, I found it so difficult getting everything together. I recorded half a track and Chris and I, just weren’t feeling it, so we took a big step back for a few months and let everything digest, because you can’t rush a song if you want people to believe you believe in your music. Chris Rehn is a mind blowing composer and takes much pride in his arrangements and for me, as silly as it sounds, I want him to be proud of the song and me. I can’t stress enough how its him that should be praised to high heaven, not me.

The song is based on fame and ego, people who take everything and everyone for granted and takes pleasure in destroying everything and people, only to make themselves feel better. They love to take credit for absolutely everything, whilst others work their arses off, put their heart and soul into everything. Self destructive, compulsive liar who believes you are where you are today because of them. Surrounded by many for the wrong reasons, yet doesn’t actually doesn’t have much.”


Watch the video for the band’s previous single “All Eyes On Me” here:

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AYIN ALEPH – Releases New Music Video “Crystal Bell” – New Album Due Early In 2017

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AYIN ALEPH – has released her new video for Crystal Bell from her upcoming album due early next year. Listen to and watch AYIN ALEPH in all of her musical elegance below:

Support AYIN ALEPH and purchase her passionate new single Crystal Bell from her bandcamp page, by clicking the link below!

About Ayin Aleph:

Hollywood based, but European raised, Ayin is at the confluence of classical music and heavy rock, combining Baroque influences (massive choirs) and romanticism (rhythmic and lead acoustic piano). With an extravagant personality, massive guitars, sophisticated bass lines, powerful back beats, philharmonic accompaniment and magnificent compositions, a new dawn of rock has broken.

Ayin is a consummate performer; classically trained and renowned concert pianist; operatic vocalist; provocateur, poet, model and fashion designer Ayin Aleph is a ready-made brand. Combining Baroque style and composition with the driving force of modern band format, Ayin has created her own genre of music that is passionate and inspired.

Thought provoking lyrics, infectious melodies, blazing rhythmic passages and high fashion coalesce in Ayin Aleph, rendering any preconceived notions of what makes a Pop, Rock or Metal star, pass. Ayin speaks directly to the senses with timeless, contemporary and cutting edge sensibilities.

Ayin has 2 albums and 6 music videos to her credit, and has performed extensively in Russia, the United States and throughout Europe.



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CORONATUS – To Release New Studio Album “RABEN IM HERZ” This December!

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Coronatus - Mats Kurth - drummer - promo pic - 2015 - #33939MMMSSF

Stuttgart Germany’s Gothic/Symphonic Metal band Coronatus are to enter Klangschmiede Studio E, later this month to record their new album “Raben Im Herz” – scheduled to be released on December 4, 2015 via MASSACRE RECORDS – w/ Markus Stock!

Drummer Mats Kurth comments:

“The new songs will feature even more instrumental parts, which also changed our songwriting process: Our previous songs mostly consisted of up to 90% vocals, which turned out to be a bit limiting for us.
Now, with additional instrumental parts, the songs will be more varied and it’s also more fun for us to play them.

There will also be a few changes in store for Anny and Carmen, who will both use a broader vocal range on the new record.
 This album will rock!”



Massacre Records - M Logo - 2014




DARK BEAUTY – Classically Influenced, Gothic, Progressive Band Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Dark Beauty - Fall From Grace - promo album cover pic - #77733LDBMO03

DARK BEAUTY – There are a host of music genres that New Jersey’s Dark Beauty can be attributed to, from Symphonic Metal to Gothic, with Classical being the omnipotent glue that gives Dark Beauty their overall musicality. Dark Beauty released their new studio concept album, Fall From Grace, on August 19th, 2014. Lead vocalist (coloratura soprano), songwriter and band founder, Liz Tapia, has an alluring voice; even her shades of vocal darkness is mesmerizing.

As a songwriter, Liz Tapia can already rival that of Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Paul O’Neill. Seriously. Greatness is not always mainstream or screaming from the pages of Rolling Stone and Dark Beauty’s musical greatness profoundly exists. Liz Tapia has assembled a consummate band of musicians with Dark Beauty, in my straight Metal opinion. I am absolutely thrilled that Dark Beauty has crossed my Metal path. Music is a powerful voice and universal language within our Universe; Dark Beauty easily reminds me of this.

Dark Beauty - Liz Tapia - promo photo - 2015 - #9933LTDBMO0301

Above photo: Liz Tapia

If you are a fan of Gothic, Symphonic Rock/Metal, Progressive, Epic and/or Dark music, you should absolutely adore the artistic works of Dark Beauty. Become transfixed below and listen to Dark Lullaby, from Dark Beauty’s new studio concept album: Fall From Grace:

Listen to track previews below:

Dark Beauty - promo band banner pic - 2015 - #33MODBLT103


 Liz Tapia – Lead Vocalist/Songwriter/Founder

Bryan Zeigler – Lead Guitarist

Warren Helms – Keyboardist

Gary Perkinson – Bass

Dan Granda – Drums/Percussion


Purchase Dark Beauty – Fall From Grace on iTunes:


Engineered by Arsenio Rodriguez of Artie Productions


* For more info on DARK BEAUTY:

Facebook: Dark Beauty






NOCTURNA “Lucidity” – A Debut EP Of Symphonic / Prog Metal That Gleams

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Nocturna - Lucidity - Promo EP Cover - #2015NCM

4.5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

Metal fists - 4.5 - album reviews metal odyssey

Releasing on February 17th is the self-released and debut EP, Lucidity, from the UK’s Symphonic Metal Band: Nocturna. I have enjoyed this six song EP very much, to the point where I feel relieved to get this Nocturna review up on this blog for others to read about. Firstly, sonic quality is ever-present throughout this EP. Secondly, lead vocalist and guitarist James Davis reminds me of Rush legend Geddy Lee, with his harmonious, clean and pronounced vocals.

To say this band will go far is not a stretch by any means. Nocturna are a Metal treat to listen to, with their musicianship, songwriting and catchy melodies, all wrapped up into a delicious aural celebration of Symphonic Metal. With just the right touch of progressiveness in their music, Nocturna have a talent for the surprise with their songs. The epic closer on this EP, Cast Assured, showcases the diverse vocal and musical styles that Nocturna is all about.

Nocturna - promo band photo - 2014 - #122114

Tom Frost on guitar is bona fide impressive, with his abundant ability to shred. I love the atmosphere that Josh Vigus gives to the songs with his synthesizer, creating an air of emotions that swirl about so very pleasingly, even while a blazing guitar solo is being executed. Ryan Palmer on bass and Phil Barber on drums are an exciting listen alone, these cats master their craft. Fans of European Power Metal should have no problem digging what Nocturna is all about either. Yes, I highly recommend Nocturna and their debut EP Lucidity; I cannot be more honest than that. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Lucidity – Track List: Introduction, Lucidity, Revelations, Interlude, Gaining Solace, Cast Assured



* For more info on NOCTURNA:

Facebook: Nocturna






CORONATUS – “Cantus Lucidus” Available For Pre-Order On iTunes; Releasing On December 5th, Via Massacre Records

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Coronatus - Cantus Lucidus - promo album cover flyer - itunes - #201411

Pre-order Coronatus’ new album “Cantus Lucidus” on iTunes and download the instant grat track “Schnee & Rosen” right away! Click here:



Carmen Lorch – Vocals,

Anny Maleyes – Vocals,

Olivér – Guitars,

Pinu’u Remus – Keys & Orchestra,

Mats Kurth – Drums


Coronatus are an amazingly gifted band from Germany, featuring duo female vocalists and play Symphonic and Gothic Metal.

For more info on Coronatus:

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BLOODBOUND “Stormborn” – Releases In USA On December 2nd; Album Tracks Streaming Now!

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Bloodbound - Storm Born - promo album cover pic - 2014

The new album from Sweden’s BLOODBOUNDStormborn, is available all over Europe and the UK now! Stormborn releases in the USA on December 2nd, 2014, via AFM Records.

BLOODBOUNDStormborn (2014) – official clip – AFM Records

BLOODBOUNDIron Throne (2014) – official – AFM Records

Bloodbound - Stormborn - promo album flyer - 2015 - #1776


Patrik Johansson – lead vocals

Tomas Olsson – lead and rhythm guitars

Fredrik Bergh – keyboards and backing vocals

Henrik Olsson – rhythm guitars

Pelle Åkerlind – drums and percussion

Anders Broman – bass


Order Stormborn here:

* For more info on BLOODBOUND:

Facebook: Bloodbound

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VOICES OF DESTINY “Crisis Cult” – Releases On October 31st; iTunes Pre-Order Available Now

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Voices Of Destiny - Crisis Cult - October 31 - 2014 - promo album flyer

You can now pre-order the new Voices Of Destiny album Crisis Cult on iTunes! Click here:

Voices Of Destiny – Crisis Cult – Track Listing:

Voices Of Destiny - Crisis Cult - Track Listing - October 31 - 2014


* For more info on VOICES OF DESTINY:

Facebook: Voices of Destiny


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STAR INSIGHT – Debut Album “Messera” Out August 1st And Music Video “Emanuela” Online

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Star Insight - Messera - promo cover pic - 2014

Star Insight is a Finnish Melodic/Symphonic Metal band which was founded in Seinäjoki back in 2005, but is now located in Lapua. After four self-released records the band inked a deal with Finnish record label Inverse Records. Their debut album “Messera” will be released worldwide in August 1st 2014.

In their music they mixed a lot of different elements. In addition to symphonic parts, you can also hear industrial sounds, punk riffs, ambient and also some power metallic drum pedaling. Vocals are traditional roaring which are filled in with clean vocals. The lyrics are primarily fictional and the theme is everything between heaven and earth.

The songs for the album are carefully selected from broadest possible musical scale. This close half-hour package contains a lot of different songs and moods.

A brand new music video “Emanuela” can be enjoyed below: 

Messera – Track List:

01. Limbo

02. Emanuela

03. My Time Is Out

04. Night With Fever

05. Frozen Rose

06. Signs Of Victory

07. Oath

08. Raven And Hell

09. Poem Of Misery

Star Insight - band - promo1 2014


Mikael Nurmi – Guitars

Pekka Rajala – Vocals

Jesse Etelämäki – Guitars/Vocals

Aapo Timonen – Bass

Jussi-Pekka Salimäki – Keyboards

Teemu Sohlström – Drums


(Source: Inverse Records)

Facebook: Star Insight


Inverse Records - Logo - 2014 - #1013


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NIGHTQUEEN “Revolution” – New Studio Album Releasing On April 25th; Album Trailer Streaming Here!

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Nightqueen - new album revolution - promo banner - 2014 - #472

NIGHTQUEEN – Belgium’s Symphonic Metal warriors, NIGHTQUEEN, will be releasing their second studio album, Revolution, on April 25th, 2014. This album is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut: 2012’s For Queen And Metal (Massacre Records). A new album trailer for Revolution is below! Get a Metal taste for what’s to come with NIGHTQUEEN’sRevolution! Metal be thy name.

Revolution was produced by Jan Nemec. Executive producers are Carolina Guilini & Wim Coryn.



Keely Larreina – Lead vocals

Rex Zeco – Guitar

Neil Gray – Guitar

Steven Steele – Bass

Ed Scarlatti – Keyboards


* For more info on NIGHTQUEEN:

Facebook: Nightqueen


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EPICA “The Quantum Enigma” – New Studio Album Releasing This May, Via Nuclear Blast

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Epica - The Quantum Enigma - promo cover pic - 2014

From Nuclear Blast:

Who’s ready for Epica’s new album The Quantum Enigma? It’s coming this spring!

Marking the beginning of a new era of modernity, heaviness, and no compromises, Dutch symphonic sextet EPICA are set to release their sixth studio album, THE QUANTUM ENIGMA, this spring in North America.

“More than any of our previous albums, this album is a group effort,” states the band. “The only goal we had in mind: creating the album that could lift EPICA up to the next level. Every detail finds its way into a perfectly balanced mix and makes EPICA sound raw and overwhelming.”

Teaming up with producer Joost van den Broek (REVAMP, AFTER FOREVER), The Quantum Enigma was recorded at the Sandlane Recording Facilities in The Netherlands and mixed by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, HATESPHERE).

Creating stunning artwork to accompany the ideas behind THE QUANTUM ENIGMA’s lyrics is longtime collaborator Stephan Heilemann, whose cover art is part of a bigger picture.

The Quantum Enigma will release on May 2nd (Europe), May 5th (UK) and May 13th (USA) through Nuclear Blast.

Epica - promo band pic - #3943 - 2014


01 – Originem

02 – The Second Stone

03 – The Essence Of Silence

04 – Victims Of Contingency

05 – Sense Without Sanity [The Impervious Code]

06 – Unchain Utopia

07 – The Fifth Guardian [Interlude]

08 – Chemical Insomnia

09 – Reverence [Living In The Heart]

10 – Omen [The Ghoulish Malady]

11 – Canvas Of Life

12 – Natural Corruption

13 – The Quantum Enigma [Kingdom Of Heaven, Part II]

Epica - promo banner - The Quantum Enigma - band - promo - 2014

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