3671896Looking for that one Hard Rock/Heavy Metal album that will rev you up? An album that will always be on your play list? A classic Heavy Metal album that will have you begging for more? Here it is, “Straight Between The Eyes” by the legendary and never forgotten Rainbow. Ritchie Blackmore on guitar is pure greatness, his bluesy Hard Rock/Metal style is unique and completely flawless. Joe Lynn Turner on vocals is so amazing, his approach has always been seamless, bringing out the highlights of the song with his voice alone. “Power” is my mainstay track here, this song will get you into such a positive mood, it will not wear off for hours! This song is it’s title, powerful. “Stone Cold” is a melodic song that could have been a ballad with any other band, yet Rainbow rocks this song to the point where no band could ever cover it right. “Death Alley Driver” is the heaviest tune on this album, it flows heavy with perfection along with Turner’s vocals. “Miss Mistreated” is just a great song period. The rhythm section on this song steals the show. I have never heard a Rainbow album I did not love, “Straight Between The Eyes” will wow you and have you wishing this lineup was still intact. Every Deep Purple, Hard Rock and Classic Heavy Metal fan will delight in this music.

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