8790258Testament’s “The Formation Of Damnation” is one incredible wrecking ball of mind bending Thrash Metal! In my opinion, this album is one of the very best Metal albums released in 2008. This album is definitely worth the wait, Testament has proven they are stronger, play faster, and sound as great as ever before! “For The Glory Of…” is the intro that will take you by the hand and deliver you to the most intense set of Thrash Metal songs. “More Than Meets The Eye” is an unforgettable song, with its thundering and bombastic tempo, it is the strength of Chuck Billy’s vocals that explode here. “The Evil Has Landed” is a reflective track about the horrific event of 911. The lyrics to this song are both powerful and patriotic. Testament lays it down very heavy throughout this album, again I cannot compliment Chuck Billy enough for his amazing Thrash and at times Death Metal vocals. I can hear the courage in Chuck Billy’s voice throughout this entire album, he has a fan here for life. I will sum up the rest of the band with just one word, greatness. Testament justified the entire Metal world with “The Formation of Damnation”.

Testament is: Chuck Billy on vocals, Eric Peterson on rhythm & lead guitars, Alex Skolnick on lead guitar, Paul Bostaph on drums and Greg Christian on bass guitar. The liner notes are incredible, with 20 pages of complete lyrics, extended artwork, individual band member photos, a two page band photo layout, credits and thank you’s.


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