8253551If you are a Dokken fan, this is quite the live performance you want to hear. This is the original Dokken lineup of Don Dokken on vocals, George Lynch on lead guitar, Jeff Pilson on bass and Mick Brown on drums. This live concert was recorded while Dokken was still trying to get a record deal in the United States, (1981). There are 3 previously unreleased songs here, “Goin Down”, “Hit And Run” and “Liar”. All three songs are Dokken Heavy Metal, they are by no means filler material! It makes for a terrific surprise to have this album released by Dokken. The 3 previously unreleased songs alone, makes this purchase worth it. Great Dokken tracks such as “Paris”, “Night Rider”, “Live To Rock” and of course, “Breaking The Chains” are performed with electrifying energy by the band. George Lynch is a standout here, he will not disappoint when you hear his riffs and leads throughout, along with an explosive solo that is guaranteed to impress! Don Dokken’s vocals sound very refined and polished, yet he comes through with the Metal attitude that he has so well defined. Listening to this live performance has me believing in how awesome Dokken was before they were of star status.

The liner notes are the real deal, with band photos and details written about how these concert tapes were found by Don Dokken himself. Dokken writes of the series of events surrounding the time frame of this concert, the information Don Dokken reveals makes for invaluable Dokken trivia. “From Conception Live 1981” is a true found treasure and a great moment of live Dokken music. This rediscovery by Don Dokken is appreciated by this fan!

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