8119341This is a surprising little maxi single from Iron Maiden, being that “Hallowed Be Thy Name” & “The Trooper” are newly recorded live. Both songs were recorded live for “The Zane Lowe Show” on BBC Radio 1. As the the backside liner notes state, these two recordings were first transmitted on September 13, 2005. The songs sound like vintage Iron Maiden, only with a more earthy, live Metal club mood. The songs structure have not changed, they are still as Maiden Metal as ever. “Different World” is the single taken from the album “A Matter Of Life And Death”, Maiden’s most recent studio album released in 2006. “Different World” is a perfect introduction to the newest Iron Maiden album, the proof is in the listening to this Maiden gem. It rocks heavy and steady, proving Iron Maiden has not slowed down for anyone after all these years. This is a must addition to all Iron Maiden and Metal fans collections. These maxi singles are few and far between and are a real bonus when they do get released! Like this maxi single “Different World”, you are getting two tracks that are really not available on any other Iron Maiden album, due to their re-recorded versions. Plus, the Eddie artwork on the front cover is worth the purchase alone.

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