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On This Day In BLACK SABBATH History – September 18th…

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Black Sabbath - Paranoid - promo album cover pic - #1970GMMMSALBTO06

On September 18th, 1970Paranoid, the second studio album from BLACK SABBATH is released in the UK. Whoa!

Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality - promo album cover pic - #MO33MMN99SS

On September 18th, 1971BLACK SABBATH performed at the Civic Auditorium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. BLACK SABBATH were touring in support of their third studio album: Master Of Reality.


On September 18th, 1978BLACK SABBATH performed at the Assembly Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. On this world tour, BLACK SABBATH were promoting their eighth studio album: Never Say Die! The cool part here is VAN HALEN opened for BLACK SABBATH on this date!


On September 18th, 1995BLACK SABBATH performed at Rolling Stone in Milan, Italy. This tour was in support of their studio album: Forbidden. For technicality sake, this is the eighteenth BLACK SABBATH studio album.

This Forbidden version of BLACK SABBATH featured: vocalist Tony Martin, the legendary Tony Iommi on guitar, Neil Murray on bass, Bobby Rondinelli on drums and Geoff Nicholls on Keyboards.

Black Sabbath - Greatest Hits - 1970 - 1978 - promo album cover pic - #BSMO0530

On September 18th, 2016BLACK SABBATHS’ Greatest Hits 1970-1978 is ranked at #22, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart (USA). Right on, man!

Black Sabbath - debut - self titled album cover promo - pic

On September 18th, 2016 – The debut and self-titled album from BLACK SABBATH is STILL appearing on the album charts, after 46 years! This iconic studio album is ranked at #63, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart (USA). Unbelievable and Metal Be Thy Name! – Stone






On This Day In METAL History – May 23rd… From BOB MOOG To WO FAT

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Led Zeppelin - Kinetic Playground - concert flyer - 1969 - #MO92099ILMFG

On May 23rd, 1969 – The timeless LED ZEPPELIN performed at Kinetic Playground in Chicago, Illinois. The supporting bands were: ILLINOIS SPEED PRESS and PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC. Whoa.

Katatonia - The Fall Of Hearts - promo album cover pic - 2016 - #MO99321ILMFG

On May 23rd, 2016 – The newly released studio album, The Fall Of Hearts (Bonus Track Edition), from the legendary KATATONIA, is ranked at #1 on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Holy doomsday!

Megadeth "Rust In Peace" large album pic!!

On May 23rd, 2016 – The fourth studio album, Rust In Peace, from the mighty MEGADETH, is ranked at #6 on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. The late Nick Menza is the drummer on this Thrashterpiece. Rest in peace, Nick Menza.

WO FAT - Midnight Cometh - promo album cover pic - 2016 - #MO0009ILMFOS

On May 23rd, 2016WO FAT has their newly released studio album of Stoner thunder, Midnight Cometh, ranked at #68 on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Dig it.


Embed from Getty Images

On May 23rd, 1934Robert “Bob” Arthur Moog was born. Mr. Moog was a pioneer of electronic music, inventing the iconic Moog Synthesizer. Mr. Moog passed away on August 21st, 2005. Now, that’s one cool dude. ‘Nuff said, huh?


Stone - 50th - Metal Odyssey - 2016 - #99ILMFDM9966




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Kataklysm - large logo

Montreal based Death Metal powerhouse, KATAKLYSM, have been quietly working on new material for the past several months for their long-awaited follow-up to the highly successful Heaven’s Venom album.

“Well it’s been a seriously busy ride since our last album Heaven’s Venom was released over 3 years ago,” commented vocalist Maurizio Iacono. “From a successful world headlining run, to Ozzfest, into a recap of our 20 years as band with the Iron Will DVD. We’ve been writing in a very humble fashion behind the scenes for the last six months. It’s time to take KATAKLYSM to higher levels and dig deep into our capacities as musicians and songwriters. We know exactly what we have to do, that’s why we have taken our time and why we’ll be taking most of the Summer to complete the new album. The record will deal lyrically with mortality and the purpose of ones being on this earth. The moment we are born we start to die. It’s a sort of deal we make with life, and with that I title the new KATAKLYSM album Waiting for the End to Come.”

Waiting for the End to Come is tentatively scheduled for a late 2013 / early 2014 release. The album will be recorded by guitarist Jean Francois Dagenais and mixed by Zeuss (SUFFOCATION, HATEBREED, ARSIS)

As previously reported, KATAKLYSM guitarist and longtime producer Jean-François Dagenais (MALEVOLENT CREATION, MISERY INDEX, DESPISED ICON, EX DEO) will once again helm the new record. The band is scheduled to enter JFD studio in Montreal and Dallas in June/July.

Kataklysm - Red Logo!_______________________________________________

(Source: Nuclear Blast)

For more info on KATAKLYSM, click on the links below!

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




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Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell - promo cover pic!

Ten METAL Albums I Cannot Live Without


You know which Metal albums you can’t possibly live without! Those are the Metal albums you turn to so often, they feel like they’re a part of you! Metal albums that I can’t live without are just like Metal Buddies; they’re always there to lean on and hang out with! Here is a list of ten Metal albums I can’t live without.

This list is a part one, cause in reality, there are probably a few hundred more Metal albums that I couldn’t live without! By no means is this my top ten Metal albums of all time; in essence, what this list represents is a grand starting point for me! Therefore, a part two, three, four and more to this topic will most likely happen! Hallelujah and ring that Metal bell!

This list of Metal albums are in no particular order, other than I can’t live without them. I hope you enjoy this list and feel free to add your Metal albums you can’t live without via a comment. Metal be thy name!

As shown at the top of this post, Heaven And Hell (1980) from the Ronnie James Dio era Black Sabbath is a keeper for life. Whoa.

PANTERA "Cowboys From Hell"

PANTERA – Cowboys From Hell (1990)

Metallica - Master Of Puppets promo album pic #2!

METALLICA – Master Of Puppets (1986)

Motorhead - Ace Of Spades - promo cover pic!!

MOTORHEAD – Ace Of Spades (1980)

DIO "Holy Diver" large promo album pic!

DIO – Holy Diver (1983)

Angel Witch - As Above So Below - Promo Cover Pic - Large!

ANGEL WITCH – As Above, So Below (2012)

Overkill - Horrorscope - promo cover pic!

OVERKILL – Horrorscope (1991)

Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime - promo cover pic!

QUEENSRYCHE – Operation Mindcrime (1988)

Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - promo cover pic!

BLACK SABBATH – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1974 U.S. Release)

BLACK SABBATH could very well be THE band that started METAL in the first place. It sure wasn’t Air Supply or The Carpenters that invented Metal. (That last sentence was funny, wasn’t it?)

Satyricon - The Age Of Nero - large promo album pic!

SATYRICON – The Age Of Nero (2008)



KISS - Destroyer - Promo Album Pic #2!

KISS – Destroyer (1976)

Yes, “back in the day” KISS was as close to Metal as Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep, UFO and Ted Nugent were. That’s my Metal opinion anyways!

Compiling this first installment of Ten Metal Albums I Can’t Live Without was (gulp) fun! You can count on me to continue onward with this Metal topic! It’s too enticing a Metal topic to ignore!


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



PAGAN ALTAR – Shadow Kingdom Records Reissues PAGAN ALTAR’s “Judgement of the Dead”

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Shadow Kingdom Records is now offering the newly reissued Judgement of the Dead from cult N.W.O.B.H.M doom band PAGAN ALTAR. Originally released in 1982, Shadow Kingdom Records will stock North American shelves with this classic on January 8, 2013. Until then, fans can order the release exclusively through Shadow Kingdom Records.

For a digital copy and free stream of the album, visit the label’s bandcamp page here:

Physical copies are available at

Shadow Kingdom’s Tim McGrogan had this to say about the album:

“Back in 1982 PAGAN ALTAR released this N.W.O.B.H.M. masterpiece and almost immediately this album went into obscurity. They have been by far the most overlooked band in the history of heavy metal music. It’s amazing that they’ve finally pulled it all together for being virtually non-existent for nearly 15 years. They deserve all of the success and recognition they’re getting today and much, much more! In the late 90’s they came out of the woodwork and put this out on their own label and it was mistakenly called “Volume 1”. The extra track was an acoustic track which was just called “Acoustics” at the time. This is the first time this album will be released in all its glory. The correct title “Judgement of the Dead” and updated acoustic song title as well. Also, this is the original artwork that was released back in 1982 which has never been seen before until now! We’ve re-mastered the CD to sonically preserve its antique feel. It comes with a very nice booklet that includes a story and old band photos. If there ever was such a thing as a perfect album, this would be it! There is nothing more satisfying than the sound of this record. If you’ve never heard of this band or album, think of Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull and you’re almost there. They take music to a whole new level.”


1. Pagan Altar

2. In The Wake Of Armadeus

3. Judgement Of The Dead

4. The Black Mass

5. Night Rider

6. The Dance Of The Banshee

7. Reincarnation

In other news, PAGAN LORD has recently been confirmed for Maryland Death Fest XI, which will take place May 23rd – 26th, 2013 in Baltimore, MD. For for information and updates visit


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on PAGAN ALTAR visit:

facebook: Pagan Altar

facebook: Shadow Kingdom Records



Wanna See My Barq’s ‘Metal Bites’ Cassette? It’s Really Cool…

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That’s it at the top! That’s my cool Barq’s Metal Bites cassette tape! Plus it’s still sealed with its original plastic wrap! I bought this cool cassette for 50 cents (U.S.) at a thrift store about a year ago. I haven’t opened it cause I listen to cassettes rather infrequently. Barq’s is a brand of root beer, owned by the Coca-Cola Company.

I’ve recently seen this Barq’s Metal Bites cassette on ebay with a “buy it now” price of $10 (U.S.) and that doesn’t include shipping of $2.75. Eventually I’ll open this cassette and play it. In the meantime, it’s part of my Metal collection.

Barq’s Metal Bites mystery: I’m not certain if this cassette was ever sold in record stores. I would guess that this cassette was used as a promotion/giveaway; preferably in a grocery store. Who knows?

I already have the songs that are on this cassette on CD (with the exception of the live version of Balls To The Wall by ACCEPT. Overall, the compilation of songs on this cassette are not too shabby. Check out the track listing and other photos below:

Barq’s Metal Bites – back of cassette


Barq’s Metal Bites – Track Listing:


Bark At The MoonOzzy Osbourne

Wait For You Bonham

It Ain’t Like ThatAlice In Chains

Bang BangDanger Danger


You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’Judas Priest

Black Out In The Red RoomLove/Hate

Teas’n, Pleas’nDangerous Toys

Balls To The Wall (Live) – Accept

Barq’s Metal Bites – Spine


To the best of my Metal research, this Barq’s Metal Bites cassette was released back in 1991. The record label is Sony Music (Special Products).

For more info on Barq’s Root Beer, click on the link below!



ENTHRALL “Throes Of Fire” – Sophomore Album Showcases The Metal Strengths Of Vocalist/Multi-Instrumentalist Neil Rego

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ENTHRALL – Originating from Bangalore, India and eventually being signed by Greece independent label METALFIGHTERS, founding member and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Neil Rego has his solo project ENTHRALL causing quite the buzz within the worldwide Metal underground. The roots of ENTHRALL go back to 1995, when ENTHRALL was initially a unified band. Family commitments and the inability to relocate are the legitimate reasons as to why the remaining original members of ENTHRALL had to step aside.

With guest musicians appearing on his latest (second overall) ENTHRALL album, Neil Rego has given every indication that he is a well-rounded songwriter and lyricist, coupled with his undeniable and admirable proficiency as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. No Metal rock should be left unturned and ENTHRALL is one solid Metal rock worth discovering.

The influences of Classic Metal, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock/Metal and old school Speed Metal are all interwoven into a unique texture of sound on Throes Of Fire, courtesy of Neil’s musical vision. Neil’s clean vocals are married with his brand of Metal in such a smooth way that I cannot help myself liking what I hear, throughout Throes Of Fire. If I had to choose my favorite song, the title track keeps replaying in my mind.

Melodic from beginning to end and most essentially memorable is Throes Of Fire. With no flashy gimmicks of an over-produced product, Neil Rego has compiled these ten songs on this album to sound effectively efficient, in an early 80’s Classic Metal sort of way. Throes Of Fire has grown on me and has left an imprint of uniqueness upon my ears that is so ultimately important.

As a sophomore release from ENTHRALL, Neil Rego has shown that he can act upon his Metal vision and create an album that dominates on the melodic side of the spectrum, while knowing when to let loose the hard and heavy without crossing that fine line of filler territory. I recommend checking out ENTHRALL to any fan of Heavy Metal or even Hard Rock. There is a vast bounty of Metalheads out there, that should find Throes Of Fire to be an album worthy of their time. It’s been worth my Metal time. Metal be thy name.



Neil Rego – vocals, guitars & bass

Featured Musicians:

Pranav Murthy – guitars

Max Wamby – guitars

Suraj Dutt – guitars

Varun Sood – drums & percussion


Throes Of Fire – Track Listing:


The Bullying Bull



Lame Sunk Esteem

Agony Bound


Throes Of Fire

Spill Cyanide

Natural Instinct


For more info on ENTHRALL, click on the link below:



BREAKING NEWS – Trash Hauler Discovers World’s Largest Heavy Metal Album Collection

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Album Collection Estimated At Over 300,000 Pieces

Green Pastures Connecticut – The world’s largest Heavy Metal (vinyl) album collection was discovered by an independent trash hauler on March 31st, at 7:30 am, EST, on Brownestone Hill Road, in rural Green Pastures, Connecticut. Constantine H. McLeland founded his small trash hauling business (Bye, Bye, Bad Garbage, Ltd.) back in 1999 and has struggled with fluctuating economies, large corporate competition and nightmarish Northern Connecticut Winter storms, only his entrepreneurial spirit has always kept him moving forward.

Recently facing the prospect of closing his trash hauling business due to rising taxes and gasoline prices, Constantine’s future is looking much more brighter now, due to his discovery of what’s being called “the greatest”, “the largest” and “most valuable” of any Heavy Metal record collection known. This collection has quickly drawn the attention of famed record experts and collectors worldwide, based on its size, quality and titles that’s involved.

The “unofficial” count has this enormous collection estimated at over 300,000 albums, with an early “conservative” estimated value at over three million dollars (in U.S. funds). Has Constantine found his pot of gold? He replies: “I would  hopefully think so, it’s like winning the lottery and I feel like my life has been changed forever.” Asked if he listens to Heavy Metal, Constantine was quick to say: “I’m from the old school pack. Blue Cheer, Diamond Head, Pentagram, Judas Priest and Slayer are my bands, so, hell yes I listen to Heavy Metal.”

When asked to recount the moments leading up to his once-in-a-lifetime find, Constantine paused and requested we keep the name of his customer confidential. Constantine stated: “I received a call from a loyal customer of nearly ten years. He explained he wanted his six-car garage and adjoining guest house cleaned out in just three days. Of course I took the request and sent all four of my employees over to the customers property, each with a company truck. Then, I received a call from my employee (general manager) Henry. That’s when I got really involved.”

“Henry was ecstatic on the cell, he kept saying you won’t believe what we’re hauling away. When I arrived, I saw before me, boxes and industrial shelves filled with record albums. As far as we know and see, they are all Heavy Metal too. The entire guest house and garage are temperature controlled, with nothing but these albums as the contents! This customer is a perfectionist, this collection was stored professionally and neat as a pin. This collection goes back to the first Black Sabbath album and up to the early nineties. That first Black Sabbath album is even autographed by the band too, with a certificate of authenticity. I guess there are thousands of rare demo vinyl, picture discs, Japanese import vinyl and prototype vinyl, you know, one of a kind stuff.”

Apparently, Constantine did remind his customer that he was being paid to haul away a very valuable collection of albums. This customer was also reminded that once this collection was removed from his property, it would then be property of Bye, Bye, Bad Garbage Ltd., still, the customer agreed to these terms. Constantine explained: “This customer is a great guy, a genuine gentleman. He told me his Heavy Metal days were over and he now wanted to concentrate on amassing a large collection of ABBA and Disco albums instead. What a jackass. Damn poser.”

Asked what he will do next with his newfound and world’s largest collection of Heavy Metal albums: “I imagine I will keep most of it for now, I have the necessary storage on my property for it. I’ll sell some albums to keep payroll. I am a huge fan of Metal Odyssey and Stone is one loyal Metalhead… a really cool son-of-a-bitch, you know? So I’ll be giving him a good portion of this collection for free to enjoy. It’s my way of saying thanks to Stone and giving back to him, for having such a kick-ass Heavy Metal blog.”



SLEEP – Southern Lord To Unleash ‘Dopesmoker’ Deluxe Reissue – SLEEP 2012 European Tour Dates Listed

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SLEEP – News of almighty proportions has landed as Southern Lord announce a deluxe reissue of one of the towering achievements in Metal history, Dopesmoker by SLEEP.

For the 2012 reissue, there are some very notable changes. The original studio tapes have been remastered presenting the album as the band had originally intended. The audio is clearer, louder, and at last brings a true representation of SLEEP’s hour-plus Weedian chronicle. Exclusive to this Southern Lord edition is brand new artwork by long time SLEEP artist Arik Roper, to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Additionally, this reborn version of Dopesmoker boasts an unreleased live recording of one of the band’s best all-time performances: “Holy Mountain” from San Francisco’s I-Beam in 1994.

Southern Lord is overwhelmingly ecstatic to reissue one of the most important recordings in Heavy Metal history. This edition ensures that this mesmerizing, incredibly complex document remains unrivaled in the annals of Stoner Metal.

Dopesmoker Track Listing:

1. Dopesmoker 1:03:31

2. Holy Mountain (Live @ the I-Beam SF, CA. 1994) 11:54

Check out SLEEP’s upcoming European tour dates below…


SLEEP 2012 European Tour Dates:

4/14/2012 Roadburn Festival – Tilburg, Netherlands

5/03/2012 Asymmetry Festival – Wroclaw, Poland w/ A Storm of Light

5/04/2012 Amager Bio – Copenhagen, Denmark w/ A Storm of Light

5/05/2012 Betong – Oslo, Norway w/ A Storm of Light

5/06/2012 Strand – Stockholm, Sweden w/ A Storm of Light

5/08/2012 Tavastia – Helsinki, Finland

5/09/2012 Berghain – Berlin, Germany w/ A Storm of Light

5/10/2012 Conne Island – Leipzig, Germany w/ A Storm of Light

5/11/2012 Lucerna Music Bar – Prague, Czech Republic w/ A Storm of Light

5/12/2012 Club 202 – Budapest, Hungary w/ A Storm of Light

5/13/2012 Tvornica Kulture – Zagreb, Croatia w/ A Storm of Light

5/14/2012 Arena – Vienna, Austria w/ A Storm of Light

5/16/2012 Circolo Degli Artisti – Rome, Italy w/ A Storm of Light

5/17/2012 Fillmore Club – Cortemaggiore, Italy w/ A Storm of Light

5/18/2012 Dachstock – Bern, Switzerland w/ A Storm of Light

5/19/2012 Fzw – Dortmund, Germany w/ A Storm of Light

5/20/2012 Gagarin 205 – Athens, Greece

5/22/2012 The Arches – Glasgow, Scotland w/ A Storm of Light

5/23/2012 Button Factory – Dublin, Ireland w/ A Storm of Light

5/24/2012 Stylus – Leeds, United Kingdom w/ A Storm of Light

5/25/2012 I’ll Be Your Mirror – London, United Kingdom w/ Slayer, Melvins

5/26/2012 Villette, Sonique – Paris, France

5/27/2012 Trix – Antwerp, Belgium w/ A Storm of Light

5/28/2012 Feierwerk – Munich, Germany w/ A Storm of Light

5/31/2012 Primavera Sound Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain w/ Wolves In The Throne Room


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on SLEEP, click on the links below:




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Just this morning, I received an email from Metal Buddy KINGER over at Demolish Fanzine – 1980’s Heavy Metal Revival informing me of some terrific Metal news. FREE Metal album downloads from EARACHE RECORDS! Metal be thy name. During a horse shit economy, like this one the world is reeling in at the moment, FREE album downloads for Metal fans, from a record company, is Metal righteous. There are three FREE Metal albums to download over at EARACHE and they’re all complete albums in their entirety (just in case you were skeptical).

All you need to do, to get these FREE album downloads, is click the link below! Whoa!

A Metal kudos to EARACHE for the FREE album downloads of SAVAGE MESSIAH, WORMROT & GAMA BOMB. Here is what the album covers look like:

SAVAGE MESSIAH – Plague Of Conscience

This new SAVAGE MESSIAH Thrash Metal album releases on February 28th, 2012 on EARACHE.


This Grindcore assault from WORMROT was released on May 3rd, 2011, via EARACHE.

GAMA BOMB – Tales From The Grave In Space

Way back in March of 2010, I downloaded this GAMA BOMB album from EARACHE for FREE… courtesy of the heads up I received from Metal Buddy KINGER.  This GAMA BOMB album was released back on February 9th, 2010, via EARACHE. Yes, GAMA BOMB does kick some Thrashin’ ass.

For more info on EARACHE RECORDS, click the link below:






DIO ‘HOLY DIVER’ – 24 KT GOLD CD (Limited & Numbered) Releases February 14th, 2012

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DIO Holy Diver 24 KT GOLD CD – Releasing on Valentines Day, February 14th, 2012, is a limited & numbered 24 KT Gold CD of the iconic Heavy Metal album: DIO Holy Diver. This terrific DIO collectible CD will be released via Audio Fidelity. is taking pre-orders at $19.87 (U.S.).

Holy Diver was originally released back in 1983 on Warner Bros. Records. I uphold Holy Diver as being one of the greatest Heavy Metal albums I’ve ever listened to. The first time I listened to this album I was a junior in High School. The awe-struck feeling that came over me as this album played for my ears, that very first time, I shall never forget.

DIO Holy Diver – Band Lineup:

Ronnie James Dio – vocals, keyboards

Vivian Campbell – guitar

Jimmy Bain – bass & keyboards

Vinny Appice – drums

* For more info on Audio Fidelity, click on the link below:

Audio Fidelity

Rest In Peace, Ronnie James Dio.


THE BLAME – Turkish Metal Band: Offers Free Download Of Their AMAZING Debut Album ‘BORN’

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THE BLAME calls Istanbul, Turkey home and they’re a Metal band that wants to be heard. This young and talented band of Metallers, have made it possible for you to download their debut 11 song album Born – entirely free! As an option, you may also donate any amount of money to buy this album. The choice is up to you and The Blame doesn’t mind which way you choose!

Click here to be directed for your free download of Born

Stone Says:

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you download this debut album from The Blame as fast as you can! With Thrash, Power Metal and Traditional Metal influencing this band, their final product is a rich and refined sound of high-adrenaline Metal. The high-octane speed and power of the album’s opener  Made of Stone is just an amazing prelude of what’s to come from The Blame on Born. Whoa.

Sacred Souls is an instrumental that speaks volumes about this band’s musical maturity. This is a Metal instrumental that is both melodic and hypnotic with its guitar laden presentation. Deserted Nation is another Metal highlight amongst 11 Metal highlights. If it’s a guitar driven album of the utmost impressiveness, then Bahadır Sarp (lead guitar) and Kaan Afacan (rhythm guitar) provide an outstanding Metal listening experience. The guitar solos I hear in Beyond The Wind are sensational!

The rhythm section of Onur Altınay (bass/fretless bass) and Berca B. Kantarcıoğlu (drums) are fantastically tight and hold the beats solid every micro-second. Whoa. The overall sound and production is so clean and vibrant that Rick Rubin would be jealous. As for the clean and melodic vocals of Aykut Ozen, this (former) frontman of The Blame falls somewhere between Michael Kiske (Helloween, Avantasia) and Michael Vescera (Obsession, Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen). Uh, huh… Aykut is that damn good.

Metal as my witness, The Blame cannot possibly be overlooked by any record label (major or independent). This band brings it all on their debut album Born. No fillers. No lousy moments to be heard. Memorable Metal songs of skillsubstance and structure are what awaits your ears and senses with Born. Originality with relevance aplenty, mixed with some old school Metal vibes are the Metal ingredients that makes this album dazzle. A record label talent scout who is looking for the next diamond in the Metal rough is being handed just that from Stone… they’re called THE BLAME.

BORN – Debut Album


Enver C. Yılmaz – vocalist (new)

Aykut Ozen – former vocalist (on entire Born album)

Bahadır Sarp – lead guitar

Kaan Afacan – rhythm guitar

Onur Altınay – bass / fretless bass

Berca B. Kantarcıoğlu – drums

* For more info on THE BLAME, click on the links below:…



KISS – “Destroyer” Deluxe Edition To Be Released In 2012

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KISS – Destroyer (1976-Casablanca Records)

KISS – On or about November 11th, 2011, Matthew Wilkening over at Ultimate Classic wrote a fabulous article on the KISS “Destroyer” Deluxe Edition that will be releasing sometime in 2012. This Deluxe Edition of “Destroyer” will also feature the original album cover art created by artist Ken Kelly, (which was rejected by Casablanca Records).

Read this very cool and informative article in its entirety here: Ultimate Classic – KISS “Destroyer” Deluxe Edition Article

* For more info on KISS, click on the link below:




TWISTED SISTER – My Favorite Album From This Legendary Heavy Metal Band Is…

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TWISTED SISTER – I’m sure many of you by now are wondering which Twisted Sister album is Stone’s favorite? Then again, countless numbers of you aren’t wondering about this at all. Well, my favorite Twisted Sister album of my entire Metal lovin’ life is… well, um, it’s a tie. You see, there is no other way around it. That’s it. My decision on this Metal matter was made many years ago. Make that many decades ago. Under The Blade from 1982 and You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll from 1983 are IT when it comes to Twisted Sister for me.

I embraced Twisted Sister before MTV finally realized they really did Rock. I felt like I was missing out on the band that pummeled my eardrums into Metal bliss with their raw and muscular East Coast Metal that I listened to on their first two albums, once Stay Hungry and Come Out And Play pushed Twisted Sister to the forefront as MTV and chart favorites. Maybe it was the non-commercial mystique of the first two Twisted Sister albums that won me over from the onset. Sure, You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll was released on Atlantic Records, still, that wasn’t an instant recipe for a commercial Metal album. Don’t get me wrong, I was as pumped up as any Metalhead on the planet when Twisted Sister became a household name and Dee Snider stood up to the venomous dictatorship known as the PMRC.

It’s the raw power and back alley vibe that these first two Twisted Sister albums scream with, an almost underground feel swirls about the songs on both. This was Twisted Sister the Metal band that I’d crank up psychotically loud in my parent’s basement while the lyrics of We’re Gonna Make It, I Am (I’m Me), You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll and Day of the Rocker gave me super teenage powers. I would take those same super teenage powers and use them to get through a typical high school day of having my self-esteem receive its daily beating. My self-esteem during those teen years fought back and remained intact, courtesy of Twisted F’n Sister.

When I listened to the songs Under The Blade and Shoot ‘Em Down, I felt as if I was listening to the ultimate bad-ass band in the land. These two songs alone had me feeling like Twisted Sister could kick the shit out of my high school antagonists that picked on me, a fantasy back then that was beneficial Metal therapy for my mind. Twisted Sister was my friend all those years ago, (like so many bands I listened to), protecting me from self implosion while I struggled through those early teen growing pains.

Personal memories can become attached to any album. Regardless of how silly it may seem now, in reflecting on how Twisted Sister made an impact on me, it was those first two albums from this influential Metal band that moved me most. Only now I don’t need Twisted Sister to kick the shit out of anyone. Yes, Twisted F’n Sister and their first two studio albums were an integral part of making me the SMF that I am today. Metal be thy name.

* For more info on TWISTED SISTER, click on the links below:

TWISTED SISTER – Official Website




LIZZY BORDEN – Summer Of Blood Tour Makes A Stop At The Can! Appointment With Death: Album Review Revisited…

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LIZZY BORDEN – Just as the concert flyer above reads, LIZZY BORDEN will be administering their Metal edict upon the masses on their Summer Of Blood Tour. One particular lucky venue on this tour is The Can, located in Garden Grove, California. The date is July 23rd, 2011… so mark it down if you are a fan of LIZZY BORDEN and/or loyalist to tried and true Metal and live anywhere near Garden Grove!


Lizzy Borden – vocals

Joey Scott – drums

Marten Andersson – bass

Dario Lorina – guitars

AC Alexander – guitars

* A long time ago, in a Metal world far, far away, I wrote a concise review and/or some Metal ramblings (take your pick) on the most recent LIZZY BORDEN album, which was released back in 2007 on Metal Blade Records: Appointment With Death. Actually I wrote about this album a few years ago. You can read it by clicking the link below:


* For more info on LIZZY BORDEN, click on the links below:

LIZZY BORDEN – Official Website

LIZZY BORDEN – Official facebook




VOLBEAT UPDATE! Plus Info On Ticket Giveaways and More VOLBEAT!

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Danish rockers Volbeat kicked off their first U.S. headlining tour Thursday night, March 23rd at Irving Plaza in NYC… with a BANG! The sold out crowd sang every word, while Volbeat rocked out with their signature blend of Hard Rock meets Metal meets Rockabilly. I think Metallica’s James Hatfield put it best, calling it “Some kind of Elvis Metal.”

Volbeat has clearly invaded the U.S. Metal scene. Don’t have tickets for your city? Be on the lookout: for each U.S. tour date, Volbeat will be posting a status update on their Facebook page where fans can enter to win tickets to that night’s show. While fans are on Volbeat’s Facebook page, they can also access the “Poll” tab to pick which song from Beyond Hell/ Above Heaven they want played that night.

Volbeat’s latest album, Beyond Hell/ Above Heaven debuted at #1 across Europe, reached #1 on CMJ’s Loud Rock chartdebuted in the top 10 on the iTunes Rock chart and was #5 on Revolver Magazine’s best albums of 2010 list.

Volbeat will also be performing at Revolver’s Golden God Awards, where they are nominated for Album of the Year.

Check out the video for “Fallen” here:

Check out Volbeat on:



Beyond Hell / Above Heaven is available on iTunesAmazon



HUNTED “Welcome The Dead” – Colossal Progressive Metal To Prize

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HUNTED – In my Metal quest for delivering to visitors of Metal Odyssey, unsigned bands that are decidedly worthy of their Metal existence, I have uncovered yet another exemplary band. This Progressive Metal band is based in Cardiff, Wales and is known as HUNTED. Remember the name of this band, cause once a record label signs them (and Hunted will get signed) you can say, with Metal pride, you knew about them “back in the day”. Welcome The Dead is the debut album of ten songs that ruptures with proficiency, the Progressive Metal of Hunted. Hunted is a band that’s on the Metal advance and I’m on board for their Metal offensive.

The Metal influences are easily detectable from the Progressive Metal sound that Hunted plays. I hear Geoff Tate’s influence resonate from the vocals of Chris G and trust me, this guy can sing like his life depends on it. Picture if you will, Iron Maiden fusing their Progressive Metal with Dream Theater and you have what Hunted reminds this Old Schooler of and openly agrees with. Hunted is light years from being a copy-cat band, so rest assured you will be listening to a band that has taken such legendary Metal influences and carved out their own flaming ball of Metal originality.

Minus any keyboard atmospherics, Hunted remarkably pulls off an ambiance of Progressive Metal space that excels. This band can play heavy, my ears don’t doubt this for a second. I Want Nothing has it’s tempo changes, only it plays out quite Heavy in both it’s Metal and vocal personality. There is a lot to be said, as to how Hunted structures their songs, leading the listener on a Metal landscape that evolves with it’s intensity and simmers down with melodic majesty.

The totality of musicianship and the vocals of Chris G carry Hunted in unison, combining for a band that plays extremely tight. While not radiating an over-polished listen in sound, there is an air of rawness to this album that many superstar bands are missing today. I am impressed by the talents of Tim Hamill and Hunted in producing and mixing this album, these are songs that can’t be thrown together with their delicate parts. Hunted comes across as a band that planned this Welcome The Dead album a long time ago, in a Metal galaxy far, far away. This is not an album you can listen to three times over and write about. Instead, Welcome The Dead is an album that needs to be digested for a month, enjoyed and continually savored.

The articulation of Chris G’s vocals coinciding with the Metal articulation of Steven Barberini on guitar could not have happened overnight… or over the course of one year, these songs are that luminous with profound energy, thought and dynamism. The melodic leads and solos that Steven plays are so flavorful, that I am launched into a world of swirling Metal highs because of my hearing them. Sounds sappy? Not to me. Music, especially Metal, can move me like there’s no tomorrow. Metal be thy name.

Aria (In Memoriam) plays out at 8:49 and is one of the finest Progressive Metal epic songs I’ve ever listened to. Emotion spills over from both this songs music and vocals. If your going to make Progressive Metal songs that last this long, the key is to keep the emotion on high and never let up and Hunted does just that. The title track/intro begins with the sounds of war, bullets ripping through the air, marching boots and an air raid siren. This is Progressive Metal. An intro such as this sets the stage, mood and impending anatomy to the songs that follow.

Hunted plays as if they have been together for twenty years. Layered songs with clever lyrics, the enthusiasm and competence this band exhibits through their playing of these songs cannot be denied. I’m already looking forward to another album from Hunted… right now. Then again, Metal, Progressive Metal that is this grand, cannot be manufactured or served up fast-food style. Welcome The Dead is an album of Progressive Metal and Metal for discerning fans of Metal Music. I’ll just end this rave review by adding: Hunted is without question, in the sparse crème de la crème crowd of unsigned Metal bands. Metal be thy name.

Track Listing For Welcome The Dead:

Welcome The Dead (1:19)

The Silence Of Minds (6:03)

Chosen (4:28)

Aria (In Memoriam) (8:48)

The Incident (0.33)

Impaled (5.11)

Scars (5.23)

I Want Nothing (5.41)

Shadows (7.00)

The Heart Collector (Bonus Track) (5.49)


Chris G – vocals

Steven Barberini – guitars

Jon Letson – bass

Matt “Animal” Thomas – drums

Metal Odyssey gives HUNTED Welcome The Dead Five Metal Fists out of Five!

* Welcome The Dead was mixed and produced by Tim Hamill and Hunted.

* Welcome The Dead was mastered by John K. (Biomechanical)

* Welcome The Dead was recorded & edited by Tim Hamill at Sonic One Studio, Wales, UK.

* Album cover art by: Marcela Bolivar

* For more info on HUNTED, click here: HUNTED – myspace music



ANUBIS UNBOUND – “Heartless” From “Treachery” Album Is METAL You MUST Hear!

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ANUBIS UNBOUND – Here is an unsigned Metal Band that SHOULD be signed to any Metal Record label that knows anything about… Metal. ANUBIS UNBOUND plays their Metal to the Extreme and will shake your Metal senses loose. Do yourself a Metal favor and click on that cool music video box below! WARNING: You will experience some real Metal that will serve you right!

* The song you will hear below, Heartless, is from the self-released (2010) sophomore album from ANUBIS UNBOUND which is titled: TREACHERY.

* ANUBIS UNBOUND are from the “Charm City”… Baltimore Maryland.

* ANUBIS UNBOUND have recently toured with: Soilwork, Mutiny Within and Threat Signal.

* ANUBIS UNBOUND is “looking for a full-time drummer who is dedicated, open-minded and ready for tour”.

* For more info on ANUBIS UNBOUND, click here: ANUBIS UNBOUND – myspace music

* You can purchase the following ANUBIS UNBOUND titles on iTunes: Treachery (2010 studio full-length), Through Cursed Eyes (2008 studio full-length) and Doors of Redemption (2009 EP)


Brian “Ziggy” Smith – Guitar

Ryan Plunkett – Bass

Jarred Sleeth – Guitar



DARKBLACK “Midnight Wraith” EP – Traditional Metal With Underground Appeal

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DARKBLACKMidnight Wraith, a five song EP from Portland Oregon’s DarkBlack, will be releasing on December 1, 2010, on Stormspell Records. Wether you call yourself a Traditional Metal or Old School Metal fan, DarkBlack is a band that may inspire your going out to buy that 1983 Chevy Nova you’ve been holding out on… complete with fuzzy, black dice hanging from the windshield mirror with hood stripes too. As with their Traditional Metal peers, the likes of Enforcer, Ravage and White Wizzard, (to name a few), DarkBlack takes me down Metal memory lane to a time when bootleg and demo cassette trading was the norm.

Stop right there. Is there any Metal relevance you ask? Hell yeah there is! DarkBlack is a Metal band that doesn’t seem to care about contemporary fads… Old School Metal never says die! With that said, this Midnight Wraith EP does sound raw and absent of any multi-million dollar producer… and that is what makes this new release from DarkBlack all the more appealing to my Metal ears.

If any Metalhead out there needs to be swayed into listening to Midnight Wraith, just revisit the first two Iron Maiden albums from the Metal yesteryear. They were not the muscular produced gems of Iron Maiden’s The Number Of The Beast or A Matter Of Life And Death albums. In a perfect Metal world, Metal is best when it stays underground… and DarkBlack seems to have tapped into those underground Metal vibes quite naturally.

DarkBlack may not have their own Boeing 757-200 jet, complete with a band mascot painted on it, yet what they do have is a Metal hunger in their playing and it comes right out at me through their songs. Yes, there is plenty of room for DarkBlack to expand on their Metal palette, however, if one is to look at the legacies of Motorhead and Venom, who gives a crap about how raw a band does sound anyways, especially when the seeds of Metal legitimacy have been planted.

All five songs on Midnight Wraith seem to lure me in, they are like Metal bait on a hook. The riffs, guitar leads and solos are memorable throughout all five songs, admittedly they are kinda hard to ignore. A streamlined speed and heaviness combined with a melodic approach is what DarkBlack has embarked upon. I can’t help rooting for a band like DarkBlack, these guys would be voted off that bubble gum Fox network talent show in a heartbeat and would make the cast of Glee run for cover. What’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing, is the correct answer.

Timothy on vocals could justifiably use some more oomph in letting his pipes be heard, he is a very decent singer… a production tweak is really all it takes there. As for the overall musicianship you can expect to hear on Midnight Wraith, it is all about the foundation. DarkBlack has it and will no doubt continue to build upon it. Sometimes you have to reach back into your Metal archives and realize that some of today’s biggest Metal bands never sounded super polished on their first two or three albums either. DarkBlack is worth checking out and keeping a Metal eye on… give ’em an Old School try, it might just serve you right.

* For more info on DARKBLACK, just click on the link below:

DARKBLACK – myspace music

Midnight Wraith EP Track Listing:

Doom Herald

Power Monger

Golden Idol

Midnight Wraith

Broken Oath



MANOWAR “The Dawn Of Battle” – EP From 2002 Revisited

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MANOWAR – Over the decades, when it comes to my favorite bands, the collector “bug” will always kick in whenever I come across CD singles, EP’s, picture discs, 7″ vinyl, etc. that have been released with their music. Manowar released The Dawn Of Battle EP or as it is also called, enhanced CD single, back in 2002 on Nuclear Blast. Magic Circle Music, (founded by Manowar’s co-founding member and bass guitarist, Joey DeMaio), is also the co-label.

There are three songs, (The Dawn Of Battle, I Believe and Call To Arms) and CD-ROM bonus material on The Dawn Of Battle. My favorite out of the three songs is Call To Arms, it just thunders along with classic Manowar Heavy Metal power. There is nothing better than a heavy duty, psyche-out, Heavy Metal anthem to invigorate my Metal senses. Call To Arms supplies an ample dose of psyche-out splendor for me, with Eric Adams pronouncing each syllable of this song’s lyrics with a victorious Metal cockiness that he is so damn great at.

I Believe is a song straight from the Manowar text book of personal power, strength and victory. The tempo is dictated by the rhythm section of Joey DeMaio on bass and Scott Columbus on drums. The sheer power that the Heavy Metal stomp of Manowar provides on I Believe, is enough to make my home stereo speakers shudder at their mountings. Hail Manowar Heavy Metal!

The Dawn Of Battle is without a doubt, the fastest and Heaviest of the three songs heard on this EP. Eric Adams comes across with more vindictiveness on this song vocally, than on the other two songs. He does the near-spoken word at the mid-point of The Dawn Of Battle, which is characteristic. Manowar has a fabulous way of making their breakdowns feel awe inspiring. Guitarist Karl Logan is his excellent self on all three songs, providing plenty of melodic leads and ground shifting riffs.

Oh yeah… how about this cover artwork for The Dawn Of Battle… damn, it’s brutally intense stuff! It’s MANOWAR. I make no apologies for digging it myself… Metal be thy name.

* Call To Arms is also found on the 2002 studio album from Manowar – Warriors Of The World. I Believe and The Dawn Of Battle are found on Warriors Of The World “Gold Edition” as bonus tracks.

This CD/EP also includes some very cool bonus material. There is a documentary, that lasts about 6 minutes or so, that features some behind the scenes footage of Manowar’s “Ringfest” performance from August of 2002. It has the sound engineer for Manowar, Jeff Hair, talking about how his responsibility to take care of the “live” sound details. The stage/equipment/instrument tech for Manowar who goes by the name of Dawk, also talks about how everything you see on a Manowar stage is “real” and put together by him. Dawk also states that Manowar plays at “7000 rms watts of power”… whoa, that’s power! It is mentioned that Dawk has been with Manowar since the early 80’s… since the beginning of Manowar. Jan Freitag, Manowar’s production manager, speaks on this documentary as well… only he speaks in a different language that sounds European to me, maybe German?

There are snippets of “live” footage showing Manowar performing at this 2002 “Ringfest”, showing Joey DeMaio (bass guitarist) taunting the police that supposedly were called to shut down Manowar from performing… due to the “live” music being played too loud. It’s funny stuff to watch, as Joey DeMaio drops a bucket load of “F” bombs on the evening’s developments. Needless to say, this “Ringfest” performance by Manowar was not shut down by anybody.

* A promotional trailer for the Manowar “Fire & Blood” DVD is also on this EP. It goes by rather quickly, lasting just over a minute or so. Still, it’s fun to have this stuff added to this EP… in my Metal opinion.

* The “live production lighting animation” segment of the bonus material lasts no more than 30 seconds. It shows still photos of the different stage lighting and setups that Manowar used during their tours. It’s nothing to jump up and down about due to it being “still” photos changing over, nonetheless it is interesting to look at.

It was fun to dig this Manowar CD/EP out and slap it into the computer to watch these bonus material segments, even if the running time on them was short. I definitely recommend this Dawn Of Battle EP to all Manowar fans… and Heavy Metal fans worldwide.


Track Listing For Dawn Of Battle:

The Dawn Of Battle

I Believe

Call To Arms

* For more info on MANOWAR, click here: MANOWAR – Official Website



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