THE BLAME – Turkish Metal Band: Offers Free Download Of Their AMAZING Debut Album ‘BORN’

THE BLAME calls Istanbul, Turkey home and they’re a Metal band that wants to be heard. This young and talented band of Metallers, have made it possible for you to download their debut 11 song album Born – entirely free! As an option, you may also donate any amount of money to buy this album. The choice is up to you and The Blame doesn’t mind which way you choose!

Click here to be directed for your free download of Born

Stone Says:

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you download this debut album from The Blame as fast as you can! With Thrash, Power Metal and Traditional Metal influencing this band, their final product is a rich and refined sound of high-adrenaline Metal. The high-octane speed and power of the album’s opener  Made of Stone is just an amazing prelude of what’s to come from The Blame on Born. Whoa.

Sacred Souls is an instrumental that speaks volumes about this band’s musical maturity. This is a Metal instrumental that is both melodic and hypnotic with its guitar laden presentation. Deserted Nation is another Metal highlight amongst 11 Metal highlights. If it’s a guitar driven album of the utmost impressiveness, then Bahadır Sarp (lead guitar) and Kaan Afacan (rhythm guitar) provide an outstanding Metal listening experience. The guitar solos I hear in Beyond The Wind are sensational!

The rhythm section of Onur Altınay (bass/fretless bass) and Berca B. Kantarcıoğlu (drums) are fantastically tight and hold the beats solid every micro-second. Whoa. The overall sound and production is so clean and vibrant that Rick Rubin would be jealous. As for the clean and melodic vocals of Aykut Ozen, this (former) frontman of The Blame falls somewhere between Michael Kiske (Helloween, Avantasia) and Michael Vescera (Obsession, Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen). Uh, huh… Aykut is that damn good.

Metal as my witness, The Blame cannot possibly be overlooked by any record label (major or independent). This band brings it all on their debut album Born. No fillers. No lousy moments to be heard. Memorable Metal songs of skillsubstance and structure are what awaits your ears and senses with Born. Originality with relevance aplenty, mixed with some old school Metal vibes are the Metal ingredients that makes this album dazzle. A record label talent scout who is looking for the next diamond in the Metal rough is being handed just that from Stone… they’re called THE BLAME.

BORN – Debut Album


Enver C. Yılmaz – vocalist (new)

Aykut Ozen – former vocalist (on entire Born album)

Bahadır Sarp – lead guitar

Kaan Afacan – rhythm guitar

Onur Altınay – bass / fretless bass

Berca B. Kantarcıoğlu – drums

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  2. […] THE BLAME – Turkish Metal Band: Offers Free Download Of Their AMAZING Debut Album ‘BORN’ […]

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