Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten Metal Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012! (Part Three)

Here is Part Three of Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten Metal Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012! Each Metal album below I’ve reviewed; just click the large link below each respective Metal album to read all about it! Each Metal album on this list I’ve obviously enjoyed and continue to listen to. My Metal goal is to pass this valuable Metal information onto my fellow Metal brethren.

As the halfway point of 2012 nears, these are ten recently released Metal albums that have left their scorching mark upon my Metal lovin’ eardrums. Wether it’s an EP or full-length, I look upon any release as an album.

There are very cool links at the bottom of this post, which will direct you to Parts One and Two of this series of 2012 Metal albums you NEED. Agree or disagree with this list, please feel free to comment. Metal be thy name.


These are two underground bands that you NEED to know about. After you listen to this Split LP from ALARIC / ATRIARCH, you will once again be reminded that underground heavy music rules.

ALARIC / ATRIARCH Split LP – A Double Dose Of Spine-Chilling Heaviness You Can’t Overlook


I absolutely cannot imagine any Iron Maiden fan without EN VIVO! in their collection. For that matter, I couldn’t vision any Metal fan not wanting to check out this live 2-CD set of both vintage and current (The Final Frontier) songs. Metal as my witness, EN VIVO! is one of the best live Metal albums I’ve listened to in years.

IRON MAIDEN – EN VIVO! Is Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day


These Christian heavy-hitters are Extreme; plus they are very capable at scorching the hell out of your eardrums.

IMPENDING DOOM – ‘Baptized In Filth’ Is A Heightened Listen Into Some Absolute Extreme Metal


Metallica is either teasing the living shit out of us with this return to old school, raw and stripped down sound; or they actually did realize that their output the last couple of decades has been lame to average and this is a taste of what’s yet to come. I do revere Metallica though… no matter how many smelly records they’ve released. I guess you can blame my reverence for ’em on that F’n fabulous 80’s decade.

METALLICA ‘Beyond Magnetic’ – Thrashing Raw, Rough & Tough, As This Legendary Band Was Supposed To Be In The First Place


As I wandered about the northern terrain of Pennsylvania this past Spring, an eccentric 200-year-old troll crossed my path. I was startled. He wasn’t startled. All I can recount, is this messed up troll exclaimed to my face: “you b-b-best have g-g-gotten that new SOULFLY album, Stone… otherwise you’re an F’n poser!” Needless to say, I did get the new SOULFLY and that crazed troll can kiss my Metal lovin’ ass.

SOULFLY ‘ENSLAVED’ – Soulfly Has Raised Their Own Bar Of Metal Excellence


Dragonforce is back! Plus, their new vocalist Marc Hudson is an UNREAL listen! Whoa! I became an instant fan of Marc Hudson 30 seconds after I heard him sing the first time. Yes, he’s that good. Oh… the rest of the band does kick superior Metal ass on The Power Within.

DRAGONFORCE “The Power Within” – Rises To New Melodic Power Metal Heights; Features New Vocalist Marc Hudson


Sanguine is an Alternative Metal band that MUST be signed by a record label that gives a crap about quality songs. Tarin Kerrey and guitarist Nick Magee deliver some impressive vocals. This entire debut album delivers intense promise for this blue-collar band.

SANGUINE – Debut / ST: Alternative Metal That Leaps Over Cutting Edge


This is Metal that feeds the Metal senses with all of its exquisite Metal nutrients. A Deep album and… aw, hell, UFOMAMMUT just blows my F’n mind.

UFOMAMMUT ‘Oro: Opus Primum’ – A Multi-Sound, Metal Mind Quest


REZISTOR are our Thrash ambassadors from Romania and are just one (gulp) fun band to listen to. Old school is the rule with REZISTOR, while they still maintain a relevant Thrashing pulse.

REZISTOR ‘Beware The Silent’ – FREE Album Download From Romanian Thrash Metal Battalion!


THE BLAME are from Turkey and they play some very memorable Metal that comes across so refined. Don’t blame me if you don’t get  into THE BLAME when I told you to.

THE BLAME – Turkish Metal Band: Offers Free Download Of Their AMAZING Debut Album ‘BORN’


Since you were cool enough to look over this entire list of ten Metal albums you NEED, here are 2 bonus Metal album suggestions for you!


LACUNA COIL “Dark Adrenaline” – 9 Quick & Easy Reasons Why You Should Buy This Album


One word: FASTKILL. They’re Thrash, they’re fast, they’re brutally fast, they’re obviously pissed-off and will leave severe scorch marks upon your inner ear. What more can any Thrash lovin’ maniac want?


I strongly encourage you to check out Parts One and Two of Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten Metal Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012! Just click on those cool links below! Whoa!

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Thank you for stopping by and checking out this list of Metal albums you NEED for this Summer of 2012! Wether you NEED all the Metal albums mentioned above or just one, I hope my album reviews serve to assist your Metal hunger. Have a safe Summer, Rock Steady and… watch out for dog poop when your walking on the beach.

Metal Be Thy Name.




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