REZISTOR ‘Beware The Silent’ – FREE Album Download From Romanian Thrash Metal Battalion!

REZISTOR – I was recently contacted by a Metal/Thrash band from Romania (EU) known as: REZISTOR. This Thrash Metal Battalion wants YOU to hear their new album Beware The Silent and they are offering it for FREE! I you need to do is go here and you will find the necessary info for downloading this kick-to-the-teeth Thrash assault from REZISTOR! (I am very impressed by this band’s website… it is extremely well done).

I really dig what I hear from the Thrash Metal noize of REZISTOR. These guys haven’t taken a page from Old School Thrash and Metal… they’ve studied the F’n text-book on it. While blending their own stylings to a raw and aggressive Thrash Metal approach that’s relevant, REZISTOR should not go unheard or unspoken! REZISTOR shouldn’t remain as an unsigned band for long. Any Metal record label, with an ear for raw Metal talent, should be checking out what REZISTOR has created here. Metal be thy name.

Here is some background information on Beware The Silent, as provided by REZISTOR:

“Beware the Silent” is Rezistor’s response to the society we live in: one governed by corrupted laws that chain the individual and alienate him from the fundamental human values. Its lifeforce is feeding on the dark energy boiling deep down inside each individual forced to obey unjust rules and punished for not blindly conforming to a shallow and artificial grey society.

The album features 8 songs: 7 with English lyrics and one in Romanian, with powerful and introspective lyrics. The cover artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13Media) and it represents a very personal and unique representation of the album’s lyrical content and atmosphere.

“Beware the Silent” is selfproduced, with a set intention of obtaining a raw old school sound, as close as possible to an actual live rehearsal performance, without losing sound clarity: no modern processing, no fillers, no artificial tricks to wow the listener while masking the lack of inspiration and musical content, just pure unfiltered Metal riffing and throat shouting. The band doesn’t care about musical trends and prefers to remain loyal to the roots of old school aggressive Metal, and that is the foundation “Beware the Silent” was built upon”.

Beware The Silent was recorded: May – October of 2010. All music and lyrics by REZISTOR.


Eugen Ranga – vocals

Alexandru Voicu – guitar

Valentin Zechiu – bass

Cristian Barla – drums



3 Responses to “REZISTOR ‘Beware The Silent’ – FREE Album Download From Romanian Thrash Metal Battalion!”

  1. Thanks for sharing our music with the Metal Odyssey’s readers, Stone! We really appreciate it! All the best & stay metal!

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