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NUCLEAR “Apátrida” EP – Thrash Metal Defenders From The Republic Of Chile = Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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NUCLEAR-Band - promo pic_2012

NUCLEAR Are: Sebastian Puente (Guitars), Matias Leonicio (Vocals), Eugenio Sudy (Drums), Roberto Soto (Bass) and Francisco Haussmann (Guitars).


NUCLEAR Apátrida – If you’re a loyal old school Thrasher or just addicted to Thrash Metal that’s potent enough to set off the Richter Magnitude Scale, then NUCLEAR is a Thrash Metal band that you need to have your ears, brain and entire nervous system acquainted with.

NUCLEAR are from the grand Republic Of Chile and formed their Thrash Metal pack back in 2003. With 4 studio and 2 live albums to their Metal credit, NUCLEAR has the Thrashing credentials in their songwriting, musicianship, vocals and old school attitude; just a couple of listens to Apátrida and any Thrash Metal aficionado shall agree!

Originality can sometimes be difficult to achieve within the Thrash Metal genre; with so many legendary bands having already “done that”, only NUCLEAR brings a unique style to the Thrash masses and I’m very, very impressed. Not as extreme as the iconic Slayer and not as over produced as the legendary Metallica’s post Master Of Puppets catalog, NUCLEAR follows more in line with an old school Anthrax meets old school Exodus (with Megadeth in-between).

Not afraid to approach politics as a lyrical theme, NUCLEAR gets their point across with blazing sonic beats and a dual guitar attack that has my neck begging for mercy after each listen to Apátrida. Wether NUCLEAR’s vocalist Matias Leonicio sings in English or Spanish, the Metal point is made very clear: there is credible passion in his voice and Thrash Metal is a universal language all its own.

Get into NUCLEAR and allow this rising giant of a Thrash band to kick your ass. NUCLEAR has arrived my fellow Metal brethren! Metal be thy name.

NUCLEAR-Apatrida-Promo - Front-Cover

Apátrida – Track Listing:

My Own Anarcy

Breathing Despair

Architects Of War

Chaos Is My Life



Click here and listen to the NEW song from NUCLEAR: INNER HATE


NUCLEAR has shared the stage with the following Thrash Metal legends: Testament, Destruction, Voivod, Joey Belladonna, Forbidden, Hirax, Toxic Holocaust and with Black Metal warriors such as 1349.


Check out this current tour flyer below! NUCLEAR will be supporting the also legendary Annihilator during their South American Annihilation Tour 2013! Whoa!

Nuclear - Annilihator - South American Tour - flyer - 2013

For more info on NUCLEAR, click on the links below!

facebook: NUCLEAR

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HAVOK – Sepultura Cover Song Streaming At MetalSucks

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Today the Metal-loving web moguls at MetalSucks premiere HAVOK’s rendition of “Arise” by Sepultura. The tune comes off the band’s forthcoming new EP titled Point Of No Return. Set for release on May 22 in North America, the EP was recorded by the band with final touches by James Murphy (Death, Testament) and contains two new Thrash hymns and two cover tracks: the aforementioned Sepultura cover and a HAVOKed version of Slayer’s “Postmortem/Raining Blood.”

Check out “Arise” at THIS LOCATION.

Point Of No Return will precede the band’s first European adventure beginning early May with Goatwhore, Angelus Apatrida and headliners 3 Inches of Blood. The Denver Thrash legion are currently on tour with Sepultura, Death Angel, and Krisiun. The North American Kairos Tour 2012 kicked off April 10 and will make its way through nearly three weeks worth of shows before coming to a close in New York City on April 30.

HAVOK w/ Sepultura, Death Angel, Krisiun [remaining dates]
4/25/2012 Club Soda – Montreal, QC
4/26/2012 Bogie’s – Albany, NY
4/27/2012 Sonar – Baltimore, MD
4/29/2012 Higher Ground – South Burlington, VT
4/30/2012 Irving Plaza – New York, NY


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on HAVOK, click on the links below:




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Just this morning, I received an email from Metal Buddy KINGER over at Demolish Fanzine – 1980’s Heavy Metal Revival informing me of some terrific Metal news. FREE Metal album downloads from EARACHE RECORDS! Metal be thy name. During a horse shit economy, like this one the world is reeling in at the moment, FREE album downloads for Metal fans, from a record company, is Metal righteous. There are three FREE Metal albums to download over at EARACHE and they’re all complete albums in their entirety (just in case you were skeptical).

All you need to do, to get these FREE album downloads, is click the link below! Whoa!

A Metal kudos to EARACHE for the FREE album downloads of SAVAGE MESSIAH, WORMROT & GAMA BOMB. Here is what the album covers look like:

SAVAGE MESSIAH – Plague Of Conscience

This new SAVAGE MESSIAH Thrash Metal album releases on February 28th, 2012 on EARACHE.


This Grindcore assault from WORMROT was released on May 3rd, 2011, via EARACHE.

GAMA BOMB – Tales From The Grave In Space

Way back in March of 2010, I downloaded this GAMA BOMB album from EARACHE for FREE… courtesy of the heads up I received from Metal Buddy KINGER.  This GAMA BOMB album was released back on February 9th, 2010, via EARACHE. Yes, GAMA BOMB does kick some Thrashin’ ass.

For more info on EARACHE RECORDS, click the link below:






METALLICA ‘Beyond Magnetic’ – Thrashing Raw, Rough & Tough, As This Legendary Band Was Supposed To Be In The First Place

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METALLICA – This Beyond Magnetic four song EP (Warner Bros.) is Thrashing raw, rough, tough and minus Lou Reed. This is the way a Metallica album of any amount of songs should be like. The songs are a reminder that releasing demos or anything rough or close to, is not such a bad idea after all… especially if you are of the legendary status of Metallica. During those golden years of early 80’s Thrash Metal, when tape trading and 8-tracks were commonplace, hearing those subtle and not so subtle mistakes in vocals along with distortion was never the sign of the apocalypse.

Any old school fan of Motörhead and/or Venom realizes the true essence and magic of the unpolished sound versus the unnecessary polished and (gulp) over polished product. The same Metal school of thought holds 100% true for old school fans of Metallica as well. Or, should I dare say, pre-Black album fans of Metallica. What Metallica has given the fans of both yesterday and today, is an EP that re-establishes the truth that they can write and play Thrash Metal with the same enthusiasm and bad-to-the-bone attitude as they once did for Kill ‘Em All, Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets.

I’m not the first to think or state this, yet, can Beyond Magnetic be the olive branch that Metallica is holding out towards us fans who made them world-famous and rich in the first place? I’ve yet to meet or know personally, anyone who has actually rocked-out to Lulu and anyone out there who has, undoubtedly has an extensive ABBA library of vintage vinyl that psyches them out too. If Beyond Magnetic is the Thrashin’ olive branch that Metallica is handing out, then I’m taking such olive branch and saying to this iconic band: THANK YOU.

Has Metallica been forgiven by me for such an avant-garde move with Lulu? Frankly, any artist of any artform can create what they wish. However, when you are of the magnificent influence and fame that Metallica is, this band should realize by now that us old school fans who were with them from the onset have feelings too. We don’t appreciate having our Metal vibes messed with. Beyond Magnetic makes me feel like everything is okay again between me and Metallica. Sound strange? Not to me. Music of any genre can touch the soul in ways that is unexplainable to even overpaid lab scientists. Lulu is the equivalent of McDonalds serving french fries without salt and their hamburgers without buns. Lulu is equal to the beer industry only producing non-alcoholic product.

Beyond Magnetic is Metallica being, well, Metallica once again. I only chuckle when I see that Rick Rubin is credited as being the producer for Beyond Magnetic. What in the world was there for Rick Rubin to produce? Let’s be real. Sorry Rick Rubin, I wasn’t born in 1999. Once Metallica can shed the billion dollar club from getting their claws and names associated with their work, then Metallica will be giving us fans their best work yet. Death Magnetic was a fine Thrash Metal release, only the smooth and polished production that coated that album took away from the mystique of Metallica keeping it real.

If Beyond Magnetic is a “test” that Metallica has launched, then said test is a success to my ears and Metal soul. These guys know fully what the majority of their “loyal” fans want from them, when it comes to their brand of Thrash Metal. Please Metallica, shed away those “fair weather” fans of yours and realize that you can release your next two or three studio albums being this raw, rough and F’n tough.

I am one of those fans of Metallica that can’t afford million dollar works of fine art. Oh, Metallica, let your billion dollar Hollywood fan club and disloyal post-Black album fanbase come to grips that you are truly the kick-ass and defiant band of Metalhead musicians you once were when it all first started. Beyond Magnetic is your stepping stone, Metallica, to waving goodbye to the kowtowing to that elitist establishment that we true Metalheads are not welcomed by. Thank you again, Metallica, for remembering that old school Thrash Metal will never say die. Metal be thy name.

BEYOND MAGNETIC – Track Listing:

Hate Train

Just A Bullet Away

Hell And Back

Rebel Of Babylon

* For more info on METALLICA, click on the link below:




SKELETONWITCH ‘Forever Abomination’ – 5 Reasons Why You MUST Own This Extreme Metal Album

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SKELETONWITCHForever Abomination is the fourth studio album from Ohio’s SKELETONWITCH and was released back on October 11th, 2011, on Prosthetic Records. I bought this release on CD and it has served me right. Forever Abomination has kicked my Metal ass, many times over. I’m not bullshitting either. Below are 5 reasons why you MUST buy Forever Abomination.

Reason #1: SKELETONWITCH seamlessly unites Thrash and Death Metal grooves resulting in a Metal sound that is Skeletelextreme.

Reason #2: Chance Garnette. His vocals are drenched with Black Metal tones and he sings on this album at his most venomous best yet. Chance has to have steel reinforced vocal cords. How else could he sing at such an optimum level of aggression?

Reason #3: If you’re looking to have your ears and senses galvanized, then rest assured, Forever Abomination will have you staring into space as you wonder what just happened to you. Yes, you will yearn for more.

Reason #4: Musicianship. Extreme Metal musicianship at that. This band plays so heavy and fast that it’s staggering. All the while, not once do the songs embody any muddled parts. The intricacies are all there and SKELETONWITCH keeps evolving as a band.

Reason #5: The dark lyrics throughout Forever Abomination are a powerhouse unto this album. Combine these lyrics, with the scathingly fierce atmosphere from the Extreme wall of sound that you’ll experience and it’s Metal mind-boggling.


Chance Garnette – vocals

Nate “N8 Feet Under” Garnette – guitar

Scott “Scunty D” Hedrick – guitar

Evan “Loosh” Linger – bass

Dustin Boltjes – drums

Forever Abomination – back cover


This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill)

Reduced To The Failure Of Prayer

Of Ash And Torment

Choke Upon Betrayal

Erased And Forgotten

The Infernal Resurrection

Rejoice In Misery

Cleaver Of Souls

Shredding Sacred Flesh

Sink Beneath Insanity

My Skin Of Deceit

* For more info on SKELETONWITCH, click on the link below:




REZISTOR ‘Beware The Silent’ – FREE Album Download From Romanian Thrash Metal Battalion!

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REZISTOR – I was recently contacted by a Metal/Thrash band from Romania (EU) known as: REZISTOR. This Thrash Metal Battalion wants YOU to hear their new album Beware The Silent and they are offering it for FREE! I you need to do is go here and you will find the necessary info for downloading this kick-to-the-teeth Thrash assault from REZISTOR! (I am very impressed by this band’s website… it is extremely well done).

I really dig what I hear from the Thrash Metal noize of REZISTOR. These guys haven’t taken a page from Old School Thrash and Metal… they’ve studied the F’n text-book on it. While blending their own stylings to a raw and aggressive Thrash Metal approach that’s relevant, REZISTOR should not go unheard or unspoken! REZISTOR shouldn’t remain as an unsigned band for long. Any Metal record label, with an ear for raw Metal talent, should be checking out what REZISTOR has created here. Metal be thy name.

Here is some background information on Beware The Silent, as provided by REZISTOR:

“Beware the Silent” is Rezistor’s response to the society we live in: one governed by corrupted laws that chain the individual and alienate him from the fundamental human values. Its lifeforce is feeding on the dark energy boiling deep down inside each individual forced to obey unjust rules and punished for not blindly conforming to a shallow and artificial grey society.

The album features 8 songs: 7 with English lyrics and one in Romanian, with powerful and introspective lyrics. The cover artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13Media) and it represents a very personal and unique representation of the album’s lyrical content and atmosphere.

“Beware the Silent” is selfproduced, with a set intention of obtaining a raw old school sound, as close as possible to an actual live rehearsal performance, without losing sound clarity: no modern processing, no fillers, no artificial tricks to wow the listener while masking the lack of inspiration and musical content, just pure unfiltered Metal riffing and throat shouting. The band doesn’t care about musical trends and prefers to remain loyal to the roots of old school aggressive Metal, and that is the foundation “Beware the Silent” was built upon”.

Beware The Silent was recorded: May – October of 2010. All music and lyrics by REZISTOR.


Eugen Ranga – vocals

Alexandru Voicu – guitar

Valentin Zechiu – bass

Cristian Barla – drums



MASTERY – Featuring Billy Milano Are Set To Unleash New Record

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This past June, Toronto Metal troupe MASTERY entered Studio 57 at Music Lab in Austin, Texas with producer Tim Gerron and recorded their as-yet-untitled full-length. The album was mixed by Tim Gerron and Dan Korneff at House of Loud Studios in Elmwood Park, New Jersey last month. MASTERY fuses the blazing aggression of Hardcore Thrash with the technical prowess of Progressive Metal, leaving fans with a balls-out assault that relives the majesty of old school Metal with a sense of originality.

MASTERY was founded by guitarist Markus Armellini in Toronto. With no luck finding a vocalist that could compliment the intensity and aggression of the music, the band’s debut, Lethal Legacy, was unleashed as an instrumental in North America in 2006 and in Europe one year later. Following the release, MASTERY toured the States extensively. It was at a show in Austin where the band met legendary vocalist Billy Milano of M.O.D./S.O.D. Combined with Armellini, drummer Mike Harshaw, bassist Tim “Tank” Casterline, and lead guitarist Kelly Fitzsimmons, MASTERY is finally ready to scorch the ears of unsuspecting Metallers globally.

(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on MASTERY, click on the links below:

MASTERY on Facebook



UNTIMELY DEMISE: Full Album Streaming At Metal Underground, Band Confirms Ontario & Quebec Shows

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Just in time for your weekend, today the headbangers at Metal Underground are hosting a stream of City Of Steel, the debut full-length from Saskatoon Thrash Metal trio, UNTIMELY DEMISE, recently released worldwide via Sonic Unyon Metal. Grab a cold one and crank up the face-melting thirty-two minute scorcher HERE.

In support of the release of City of Steel, UNTIMELY DEMISE have confirmed a string of tour dates through Ontario and Quebec commencing late this month.

UNTIMELY DEMISE Canadian Assault:

10/27/2011 This Ain’t Hollywood – Hamilton, ON w/ Fatality

10/29/2011 Bloodbucket Metalfest VIII – Toronto, ON w/ Piledriver, Spewgore

10/30/2011 Hard Luck Bar – Toronto, ON w/ Fatality

11/03/2011 Bar Le Trash – Ste-Hyacinthe, QC

11/04/2011 Scanner Bistro – Quebec City, QC

11/05/2011 Cafe Chaos – Montreal, QC

11/06/2011 Bar Le Magog – Sherbrooke, QC

Stay tuned for plenty more Canadian and American live appearances from the band to be announced throughout 2012.

(Source: Earsplit PR)



ELIMINATOR – Entire New Album “The One They Were Waiting For” Streaming On Metal Underground

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The next step in the ELIMINATOR evolution coming in the form of their latest full length album The One They Were Waiting For can be heard in its entirety for free at The album is sure to challenge listeners as to what Heavy Metal really is as these pioneers enter untouched waters.

The entire album can be heard via HERE!

The One They Were Waiting For is available through Obskure Sombre Records HERE!

(Source: Team All About The Music – Publicity)



ELIMINATOR – Release Two Brand New SLAYER Covers!

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After releasing a cover of SLAYER‘s “Angel of Death” to high praises, New Jersey’s very own ELIMINATOR has upped the ante with a double SLAYER cover of “Altar of Sacrifice” and “Jesus Saves”. These Thrash masters do one hell of a job covering such legendary songs, that even the most hardcore of SLAYER fans will be impressed.

Check out the video/song: ELIMINATOR – Altar of Sacrifice/Jesus Saves (Slayer)

This little goodie comes as the band prepares to release their follow-up to the highly acclaimed debut album Breaking the Wheel.  The new album, The One They Were Waiting For, is set to be released next week. Prepare to expect the unexpected with this next release of ground breaking Metal by ELIMINATOR.

* For more info on ELIMINATOR, click on the links below:

ELIMINATOR – Angel of Death (Slayer)

(Source: Team All About The Music – Publicity)



ELIMINATOR – Re-Releases “Breaking The Wheel” Album

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NJ’s ELIMINATOR have re-released the sold out Breaking the Wheel album.  After a successful release, these Metal maniacs have reissued their debut album leaving many battered ear canals in their wake!  Cover artwork was done by legendary Metal artist Ed Repka (Megadeth, Venom, Death).

The band has also just released a cover of “Angel of Death” by SLAYER which can be viewed HERE

(Souce: Team All About The Music – Publicity)

* For more info on ELIMINATOR, click on the link below:




ANTHRAX – Fight’em ’til You Can’t: New Song As A Free Download! It Shreds and It Generates Thrash Metal Euphoria!

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ANTHRAX – Yes, I like so many other countless Anthrax, Metal and Thrash Metal fans am extremely psyched-out from hearing the NEW Anthrax song: Fight’em ’til You Can’t. Plus… in case you haven’t heard yet and you live in a remote cave in the Maine woods… this new Anthrax song is available as a FREE download! That’s what I wrote: FREE! You can click here ANTHRAX – Official Website to get your free download of this blazingly Thrashin’ mad song now!

I will readily admit, that once I learned about this new Anthrax song being available for a free download (on twitter yesterday), I was happier than a Metal pig in mud. (Fight’em till’ You Can’t was made available on Friday, June 24th). I’ll say this, it was all the Metal buzz on twitter yesterday, once the press and all of us fellow Metalheads had this new Thrash dosage of Anthrax fueling our brains! Metal be thy name and ring that Thrash Metal bell… cause Anthrax has some new material!

This free download was made available by Anthrax as a “thank you” to all of their loyal fans. The new Anthrax album (tenth overall) Worship Music is slated for a September 13th, 2011 release! This release date is the day before Anthrax takes the stage at Yankee Stadium as members of The Big 4: Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth. Hallelujah, Thrash Metal reigns supreme!

With legendary vocalist Joey Belladonna back at the mic on Fight’em till You Can’t, the Thrashin’ situation couldn’t get any better than this! Hard to believe, it’s been over twenty years since the last Joey Belladonna fronted Anthrax album (1990’s Persistence Of Time) and the time is now that Anthrax has delivered! Worship Music will be the first studio album from Anthrax since 2003’s (John Bush fronted) We’ve Come For You All. Um, Stone is quite elated.

In all Metal honesty, Fight’em till You Can’t is a tremendous Thrash Metal song. From the lyrics and insanely memorable guitar riffs and solo, this is vintage Anthrax at their Thrashin’ finest. Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano tear it up. Charlie Benante on drums sounds terrific as usual, along with Frank Bello on bass. Old School.

Joey sounds excellent on vocals and he brings back that real Old School vibe that this legendary band is so known for and glistens with. I’m guilty of whining for any new material from Anthrax for a long, long time now. My Metal whining is over. Thank you Anthrax for getting it all together and making it real for the fans… both young and Old School!


Joey Belladonna – vocals

Scott Ian – guitar

Rob Caggiano – guitar

Frank Bello – bass

Charlie Benante – drums

* For more info on ANTRHAX and the free download, click the link below:

ANTHRAX – Official Website




DESTRUCTION – Covers A DIO Classic ‘Stand Up And Shout’ With Legendary, Unyielding Thrash Intensity!

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DESTRUCTION – The German Thrash Metal band Destruction released their eleventh studio album on March 8th, 2011, via Nuclear Blast America. On this immensely Thrash fortified album is the cover song of the DIO classic: Stand Up And Shout. Covering a legendary classic such as this song takes Metal balls… and Destruction are legends that can deliver the Thrashin’ goods. Destruction accomplished quite the Metal feat with their cover of Stand Up And Shout, creating an all-out Thrashtastic tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio, in my Metal opinion.

With their very own legendary Thrash style on Stand Up And Shout, Destruction tears it up and kicks some legitimate Metal ass. A Metal song that will be the battle cry of Metalheads for ions to come, Stand Up And Shout!!


Schmier – bass & vocals

Mike – guitars

Vaaver – drums

* Stand Up And Shout is a bonus track on Day Of Reckoning.

* For more info on DESTRUCTION, click on the link below:

DESTRUCTION – Official Website



Speed\Kill/Hate Guitarist Dave Linsk To Chat On Metalhead Radio.Com: Friday, May 20th!

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SPEED\KILL/HATE guitarist Dave Linsk [who also plays with the legendary OVERKILL] will be chatting live on the air with’s DJ Rob tomorrow [May 20th] at 6:30PST.

Head over to METALHEADRADIO.COM tomorrow during DJ Rob’s Metal Asylum show to hear the thrash titan give the scoop on the new SPEED\KILL/HATE album, Out For Blood.

“Speed/Kill/Hate is a fine example of what NY thrash can be today. There’s the gritty, street-wise feel to it. Not too polished. Not too complacent. And with the right amount of edge to make it interesting. Out For Blood is just that. It wants your hard earned blood and sweat and it takes no prisoner in getting it.” – Battle Helm

“The band doesn’t sound as if they’ve missed a beat here on Out For Blood, so locked-in and turned-on is the aggro ‘n blitzkrieg level. – Metal Army America [Rating: B]

“One of this year’s most amazing, brutalizing and spine snapping Thrash Metal albums.”Metal Odyssey

“An admirable thrash metal record that manages to sound vital and modern in the current metal scene, without ever betraying the most defining and essential traits of the style.”  – Scratch the Surface Webzine

(Source: ClawHammer PR)

* For more info on Speed\Kill/Hate, click on the links below:

SPEED\KILL/HATE – facebook



SPEED\KILL/HATE – Out for Blood: Brutally Intense Thrash Metal… A MUST HAVE Album For 2011!

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SPEED\KILL/HATE – Stop right there. Before you read on any further, please understand that this album review is about an East Coast Thrash band that plays REAL Thrash Metal… bludgeoning bass and deathly fast on all points with pissed off vocals… just like Thrash was meant to sound like. Death Thrash. Hardcore Thrash. Thrash. Thrash up your ass. Whatever you want to call it… this is the stuff your momma cursed about and warned you not to go near.

Alas, your safe here at Metal Odyssey… so sit back, put on your Metal seat belts and read on about one of this years most amazing, brutalizing and spine snapping Thrash Metal albums: Out for Blood created by SPEED\KILL/HATE. This band is a force, founded by guitarist Dave Linsk of Thrash Metal Legends: OVERKILL. Not to be confused as a “side project”, Dave Linsk and his band of Thrash brothers are playing for keeps… and Out for Blood is audio proof. This new album is the follow up to their 2006 debut: Acts of Insanity.

Metal be thy name does this Thrash band devastate with their crushingly heavy and mind blasting speed. I put this CD of SPEED\KILL/HATE atop a stack of other CD’s and the entire stack below Out for Blood disintegrated into dust. Seriously, Out for Blood is a Thrash Metal album that you MUST BUY, whether your a casual fan or the most Hardcore follower of Thrash and Extreme Metal. The Thrash hurtin’ is for F’n certain throughout this entire album of 10 songs. After my very first listen, I was wishing this band was around for the last 25+ years with a vast catalog of albums.

Dave Linsk’s violent guitar riffs, leads and solos are unmistakably dominant, his Overkill signature and tone inevitably will follow him wherever he goes… and that’s something he should be proud of. With that said, SPEED\KILL/HATE is no carbon copy of the iconic Overkill machine. This is a Thrash Metal band that carries their uniqueness to the highest of Thrash Extreme.

Bob Barnak is an Extreme Thrash force to reckon with. Bob’s vocals are a lethal weapon and can easily tear your Metal soul apart. Evil Thrash. Darkened Thrash. Metal be thy name, I’m using every Thrash Metal adjective that can possibly exist about SPEED\KILL/HATE. This band kick’s undisputed Thrash Metal ass.

Album opener No Remorse is the knockout Thrashing punch… and if you think this song is heavy and fast, Written in Blood and Behind the Mask are superiorly intense, superiorly Hardcore Thrash, overloaded with maniacally fast double bass and searing guitar. Mark of Judas is the face melter on this album, undeniably a Thrash Metal song that thrives on it’s all encompassing Extreme force and total domination of all that exists around it. Brotherhood of Arms is yet another blistering Thrash attack of profound strength, a strength in this band’s jaw dropping Extreme musicianship.

The consistence of Thrash brutality that SPEED\KILL/HATE dish out on Out for Blood is incredibly impressive and bizarrely astounding to my ears. Once the album closer of The Cleansing finishes, I’m realizing I’ve been Metal schooled again. Bob Barnak has ripped apart my eardrums with his unearthly vocals and I’ve fallen down to one knee… with my hands raised in the air begging for Metal mercy… I cry out to you all: SPEED\KILL/HATE has kicked my Metal ass into oblivion! Please, pl, pl, please… can I have more sirs?

* SPEED\KILL/HATE – Out for Blood was released worldwide on January 25th, 2011 on  Dave Linsk’s very own: HAMMERFIST RECORDS.

* Out for Blood was recorded and mixed by Dave Linsk at his very own: SKH Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Stuart, Florida.


Dave Linsk – guitar

Bob Barnak – vocals

Dave Bizzigotti – bass

Tony Ochoa – drums

Out for Blood Track Listing: 

No Remorse

Breeding Hate

Written in Blood

Behind the Mask



Mark of Judas

Brotherhood of Arms

Stains of Callous

The Cleansing

* For more info on SPEED\KILL/HATE, click on the links below:

SPEED\KILL/HATE – facebook




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DEATH ANGEL – In support of their new and incredible sixth studio album, Relentless Retribution, DEATH ANGEL will be touring the United States with one stop in Canada, beginning on January 30, 2011. Beginning in Raleigh, North Carolina and commencing on February 26, 2011, in the city that these Bay Area Thrash Metal Legends know very well… San Francisco California! EARLY MAN, LAZARUS A.D., BONDED BY BLOOD and HeXeN will be on tour with DEATH ANGEL as well! This looks to be a kick-ass tour of Old School joining forces with New School Thrash Metal!

* DEATH ANGEL – Relentless Retribution was released on September 14, 2010, on Nuclear Blast USA.


January 30 @ Volume 11, Raleigh, NC

January 31 @ The Casbah, NC

February 1 @ Jaxx, W. Springfield, VA

February 2 @ Crazy Donkey, Farmingdale, NY

February 3 @ Rocko’s, Manchester, NH

February 4 @ Club Hell, Providence, RI

February 5 @ Montage Music Hall, Rochester, NY

February 6 @ Mod Club, Toronto, ON, Canada

February 7 @ Peabody’s, Cleveland, OH

February 8 @ Blondie’s, Detroit, MI

February 9 @ Reggie’s Rock Club, Chicago, IL

February 10 @ Phoenix Hill Tavern, Louisville, KY

February 11 @ Riot Room, Kansas City, MO

February 12 @ Conservatory, Oklahoma City, OK

February 13 @ Numbers, Houston, TX

February 14 @ Emo’s, Austin, TX

February 15 @ White Rabbit, San Antonio, TX

February 16 @ Rail Club, Ft. Worth, TX

February 18 @ Club DV8, Tucson, AZ

February 19 @ Clubhouse, Tempe, AZ

February 20 @ Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA

February 21 @ Cheyenne Saloon, Las Vegas, NV

February 22 @ The Key Club, Hollywood, CA

February 23 @ Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA

February 24 @ The Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA

February 25 @ Lost On Main, Chico, CA

February 26 @ Slim’s, San Francisco, CA

(Source: DEATH ANGEL – Official Website)

* For more info on DEATH ANGEL, just click on the links below:

DEATH ANGEL – MySpace Music Page

DEATH ANGEL – Official Website

* For more info on EARLY MAN, just click on the links below:

EARLY MAN – myspace music page

EARLY MAN – Official Website of EARLY MAN

* For more info on LAZARUS A.D., just click on the link below:

LAZARUS A.D. – myspace music

* For more info on HeXeN, just click on the link below:

HeXeN – myspace music

EARLY MAN will be touring to support their new studio album, DEATH POTION, released on July 20, 2010, on The End Records.

BONDED BY BLOOD will be touring to support their new studio album, EXILED TO EARTH, released on August 10, 2010, on Earache Records.

LAZARUS A.D. will be touring to support their 2009 studio album, THE ONSLAUGHT, released on March 3, 2009, on Metal Blade Records.

LAZARUS A.D. will also be supporting their sophomore release – Black River Flows, which is slated for a February 1st, 2011 release on Metal Blade Records!

HeXeN will be touring to support their 2008 studio album, STATE OF INSURGENCY, released on August 5, 2008, on OSM Records.





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MEGADETHDave Mustaine and his Thrash Metal legacy continues, with his band MEGADETH. Rust In Peace Live will be Released on September 7th, 2010, on Shout Factory! The entire MEGADETH studio album Rust In Peace is a known Thrash Metal Classic and this gem is performed live in it’s entirety on Rust In Peace Live. Rust In Peace was the fourth studio album from MEGADETH, released back in 1990, on Capitol Records. There are several other MEGADETH songs on this forthcoming live album as well… classics all.

You bet your Metal ass I’m gonna be buying Rust In Peace Live! Once a MEGADETH fan… always a MEGADETH fan and there is no copping out. The front cover album artwork is vintage MEGADETH, with the unmistakable logo and the image of Vic Rattlehead in the foreground. MEGADETH can keep on releasing the Thrash Metal goods… and I’ll keep on buyin’ em up. Metal be thy name.

* Rust In Peace Live was recorded at The Hollywood Palladium, March 31, 2010.

* For more info on MEGADETH, just click here: MEGADETH – Official Website


Dave Mustaine – vocals, guitar

Chris Broderick – guitar

David Ellefson – bass

Shawn Drover – drums, percussion

Here is the front cover album artwork for the 1990 studio album – Rust In Peace:

Track Listing For – RUST IN PEACE *LIVE*:

Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

Hangar 18

Take No Prisoners

Five Magics

Poison Was The Cure


Tornado Of Souls

Dawn Patrol

Rust In Peace… Polaris

Holy Wars Reprise

Skin O’ My Teeth

In My Darkest Hour



Symphony Of Destruction

Peace Sells




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EXODUS – Are back with a brand new studio album! Releasing on May 18, 2010, Exhibit B: The Human Condition, proving once again, Exodus and Thrash Metal lives! I can’t wait to sink my Metal ears into this one! 2010 will have Old School Thrash Metal once again!

Track Listing For Exhibit B: The Human Condition:

The Ballad of Leonard and Charles

Beyond the Pale

Hammer and Life

Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)


March of the Sycophants


Burn, Hollywood, Burn


The Sun is My Destroyer

A Perpetual State of Indifference

Good Riddance



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POWERMAD – This Speed Metal meets Thrash Metal band formed back in 1984, hailing out of the great state of Minnesota. In 1986, Powermad released their self titled and debut EP on Combat Records. In 1988, Reprise Records picked up Powermad, releasing their EP – The Madness Begins… and this is the very EP that I found hiding in an antique co-op mall just yesterday!! (See pics of it below). Whoa. Whoa again, is how I first felt upon gazing my eyes upon this Heavy Metal super find! It’s Powemad… I thought to myself, thinking, can this be really happening? I am looking at and holding the vinyl EP copy of The Madness Begins…!?!


In Metal summary, as you can tell, I was extremely psyched out of my mind about this Heavy Metal find… and I still am. I paid a meager – $6 for this Powermad gem! Six dollars! The total condition of this Powermad EP is in excellent to near mint too! The top right and bottom corners of the album jacket are the only areas that show a tad of wear. Otherwise, the original gloss on both sides of the album jacket still literally shines on it!

The original circular sticker is on the front side as well. The text printed on the circumference of the circle sticker reads: “Powermad Specially – Priced Mini – LP”. Specially priced alright, only six dollars, after more than two decades after it’s initial release… and it’s super, super, rare!! The inside text on the circle sticker reads: “Warning: Due to the intense nature of this music, neck braces may be required”. That’s vintage stuff… Old School.

There are four songs on this EP, all four are Thrash Metal and Old School too. Upon my first handling of the actual vinyl record itself, I could not believe there were no visible signs of it ever being handled! (Unless someone really, really took great care of it in the past). Once I dropped the turntable needle down on this POWERMAD EP to play, the sweet sound of analog filled the air, with not a crackle or pop. Take my word for it, these songs are incredibly worthy of multi-multiple listens on a regular basis.

Terminator is the opening track, it begins with thunderous drum beats in unison with vintage, heavy riffs that tell me immediately I’m in for a Metal treat. This song sizzles and then explodes into Thrash Metal glory. Joel Dubay on lead vocals has a coherent delivery, only watch out for his screach… he can hit the high note without any trouble and it’s superb. Hunter Seeker is faster than Terminator, it kicks right in where Terminator left off. This song is a rifftastic display of Old School Thrash Metal – period. I find this song rips, tears and burns each and every second… give me more POWERMAD please.

Gimmee Gimmee Shock Treatment is the shortest song on this EP and it offers up some heavy grooves to go along with the Thrash. This is a Ramones cover song, a Thrashtastic version at that. It blisters along with all the fury one could wish for from a quality, late 1980’s Thrash Metal Band. Credible stuff. Blind Leading The Blind opens up with a spoken word, to the best of my Metal ears, it goes like this: “Your gonna do some praying for me now boy”. The voice of this spoken word sounds like an eerie backwoods hermit that you might bump into at a remote, country keg party. The backing, (gang), vocals on this song just screams Old School. Blind Leading The Blind is by far and large, the fastest song on this EP. Unreal great.

POWERMAD, as they appeared on their 1988 EP – The Madness Begins…

Joel Dubay – lead & backing vocals, rhythm & lead guitars

Todd Haug – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Jeff Litke – bass guitar, backing vocals

Adrian Liberty – drums & backing vocals

Track listing & running times for the Powermad EP – The Madness Begins…

Side One:

Terminator (4:20)

Hunter Seeker (2:52)

Side Two:

Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment (1:45)

Blind Leading The Blind (4:23)

Here is what the front cover of my POWERMAD Vinyl EP looks like:

Man, I couldn’t have asked for this POWERMAD EP to be in any better condition than this! You can see how it still bestows the original gloss on these front and back covers.

Here is what the back cover of my POWERMAD vinyl EP looks like:

POWERMAD, from left to right on this back cover:

Todd Haug, Joel Dubay, Jeff Litke, Adrian Liberty

* POWERMAD – The Madness Begins… was released in 1988 on Reprise Records.

* POWERMAD released their only full length album in 1989 – Absolute Power, on Reprise Records.

This is what the album cover looks like for Absolute Power:

I don’t own a copy of Absolute Power… yet. I will find one though, preferably on vinyl… you betcha.

* The 1986 self titled POWERMAD EP on Combat Records was released as part of the Combat Boot Camp Series, showcasing a heavy band’s demo.


DEATH ANGEL – “Sonic German Beatdown/Live In Germany” Rages With Raw Thrash Metal!

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DEATH ANGEL – released Sonic German Beatdown – Live In Germany on July 28, 2009, on Nuclear Blast Records. This marks the first “official” live Death Angel album, due to the input and certification from the band. One other live Death Angel album does exist, it it titled – Fall From Grace, released back in 1990 on Enigma Records. From what I have read in print over the years: due to no input from the band, coupled with Death Angel changing labels and no trademark logo of Death Angel on the album artwork, Fall From Grace doesn’t get recognized as “official”. The tiny sticker on this CD’s outer plastic packaging even states: “The first official live release from Bay Area’s masters of Thrash!”

This live concert was recorded on the 26th of May, 2007, at Rock Hard Festival in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The intro has some dude introducing Death Angel to the Thrash rabid fans… I don’t understand German, the only words I do make out from this introduction is “Bay Area” and “F’n Death Angel”. A pretty cool introduction nonetheless, I can hear the fans just getting ultra psyched for a night of Thrash Metal anarchy. Nothing in the world beats hearing some old school, live, Thrash Metal… especially from a band that, in their own right, helped define this sound. Sonic German Beatdown is raw, this recording never went to a studio to become a polished and shiny perfect product. RAW IS THE LAW!!

I always like the live albums that keep the live rhetoric intact, between the lead vocalist and the fans. That’s what F’n live Metal is all about… the excitement that a lead vocalist can incite amongst the masses, just by asking the fans – “are you ready motherfu**ers!” and stating “you guys are F’n beautiful man” is Metal proof Mark Osegueda doesn’t disappoint with his comments to the throng of Death Angel fans, on this live album.

Voracious Souls and Mistress Of Pain are just two songs that empty out all of their live Thrash potency into my ears… making me plead – please give me more Death Angel!! There’s not one sub-par moment to be heard on Sonic German Beatdown… this is Death Angel we are talking about here and it’s live. 3rd Floor is as punishing and unreal great as any song Death Angel has written, the live version only drives home the ferociousness of this song all the more. Thrown To The Wolves is yet another example, out of this amazing set of 14 live songs, that fortifies and enriches the Thrash Metal meal that I eat up with my ears, on Sonic German Beatdown.

The vocals of Mark Osegueda are right on, his pronounced style of singing Thrash Metal is undeniably great for me. Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar on guitars are intense as they trade licks with speed and fury, with numerous and fiery solo’s throughout this live set that simply tear up this Rock Hard Festival. The overall sound quality on this live album is fabulous, top notch without any embellishments. This Death Angel lineup certainly has left their live mark on Germany, (from what my ears tell me), a live album of Thrash Metal I behold and recommend with certainty.

DEATH ANGEL – As They Appear On Sonic German Beatdown – Live In Germany:

Mark Osegueda – Vocals

Rob Cavestany – Guitars

Ted Aguilar – Guitars

Dennis Pepa – Bass

Andy Galeon – Drums

Track Listing For Sonic German Beatdown – Live In Germany:


Seemingly Endless Time

Voracious Souls

Mistress Of Pain


3rd Floor

Thrown To The Wolves

Steps Of Freedom

Thicker Than Blood

The Devil Incarnate

Disturbing The Peace


The Ultra Violence (Introducing: Carnival Justice)


Kill As One

Check out DEATH ANGEL’S official website by clicking here: DEATH ANGEL – Official Website

Check out DEATH ANGEL’S MySpace Music Page by clicking here: DEATH ANGEL – MySpace Music Page


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