ANTHRAX – Fight’em ’til You Can’t: New Song As A Free Download! It Shreds and It Generates Thrash Metal Euphoria!

ANTHRAX – Yes, I like so many other countless Anthrax, Metal and Thrash Metal fans am extremely psyched-out from hearing the NEW Anthrax song: Fight’em ’til You Can’t. Plus… in case you haven’t heard yet and you live in a remote cave in the Maine woods… this new Anthrax song is available as a FREE download! That’s what I wrote: FREE! You can click here ANTHRAX – Official Website to get your free download of this blazingly Thrashin’ mad song now!

I will readily admit, that once I learned about this new Anthrax song being available for a free download (on twitter yesterday), I was happier than a Metal pig in mud. (Fight’em till’ You Can’t was made available on Friday, June 24th). I’ll say this, it was all the Metal buzz on twitter yesterday, once the press and all of us fellow Metalheads had this new Thrash dosage of Anthrax fueling our brains! Metal be thy name and ring that Thrash Metal bell… cause Anthrax has some new material!

This free download was made available by Anthrax as a “thank you” to all of their loyal fans. The new Anthrax album (tenth overall) Worship Music is slated for a September 13th, 2011 release! This release date is the day before Anthrax takes the stage at Yankee Stadium as members of The Big 4: Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth. Hallelujah, Thrash Metal reigns supreme!

With legendary vocalist Joey Belladonna back at the mic on Fight’em till You Can’t, the Thrashin’ situation couldn’t get any better than this! Hard to believe, it’s been over twenty years since the last Joey Belladonna fronted Anthrax album (1990’s Persistence Of Time) and the time is now that Anthrax has delivered! Worship Music will be the first studio album from Anthrax since 2003’s (John Bush fronted) We’ve Come For You All. Um, Stone is quite elated.

In all Metal honesty, Fight’em till You Can’t is a tremendous Thrash Metal song. From the lyrics and insanely memorable guitar riffs and solo, this is vintage Anthrax at their Thrashin’ finest. Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano tear it up. Charlie Benante on drums sounds terrific as usual, along with Frank Bello on bass. Old School.

Joey sounds excellent on vocals and he brings back that real Old School vibe that this legendary band is so known for and glistens with. I’m guilty of whining for any new material from Anthrax for a long, long time now. My Metal whining is over. Thank you Anthrax for getting it all together and making it real for the fans… both young and Old School!


Joey Belladonna – vocals

Scott Ian – guitar

Rob Caggiano – guitar

Frank Bello – bass

Charlie Benante – drums

* For more info on ANTRHAX and the free download, click the link below:

ANTHRAX – Official Website




6 Responses to “ANTHRAX – Fight’em ’til You Can’t: New Song As A Free Download! It Shreds and It Generates Thrash Metal Euphoria!”

  1. I’ll have to have a listen. Just wondering, how does Rob Caggiano compare to Dan Spitz on guitar?

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Good question. Without sounding too simplistic here, Rob Caggiano is a formidable lead guitarist… he absolutely is a solid “replacement” for Dan Spitz. With that said, I will always revere the original Anthrax lineup and look upon Dan Spitz as a “pioneer” of Thrash Metal guitar.

      Yes, you can hear the difference in both guitarists tones, therefore both are “unique” and Caggiano plays a very thick style on the studio material he’s been involved with.

      So, it’s really a representation of Anthrax era’s happening when you listen to the albums with Dan Spitz and then listen to Caggiano on “We’ve Come For You All” and this new song. What I admire though, about Caggiano, is that he is legitimate Old School when it comes to guitar and I’ll always accept him as a real deal member of Anthrax.

      Did you download this song? I really feel you will DIG IT! Honestly, it has made me feel… METAL THRASHING MAD! 😮

  2. Thanks for telling about this!
    I just downloaded it! Great!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Okay Tokyo5… now that you downloaded “Fight’em till You Can’t”, you now have to make absolutely certain… that you… PLAY THIS SONG LOUD MUTHA!!!

      Um, uh, I guess I like this song a great deal and cannot wait for the entire album to be released! 🙂

  3. “Fight´ Em Til´ You Can´t” made my day I´m stunned. Fantastic!

    If you want to read about the biggest metal festival in scandiavia Sweden Rock Festival visit my blog.

    There are a google translator at the top so you can read it in a language of your choice.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks for the heads up regarding your writing about the Swedish Rock Festival… I’ll take a visit to read it. No problem, when I visit your blog, the translator works fine all the time.

      Isn’t it cool to be “stunned” like this? This new Anthrax song has some crazy vibe happening… where it’s making us all feel really stoked! \m/

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