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Hurricane Sandy – How Will This Storm Affect Metal Odyssey?

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HURRICANE SANDY – I live in Central/Eastern Pennsylvania, right near the border of New Jersey. Therefore, the impact of Hurricane Sandy is very real to me and my family. As was the case last year, with Hurricane Irene, taking safety precautions and hunkering down is my #1 concern. I’ve been trying to make sure no items are left in the yard that will become dangerous flying debris; while checking off our list of necessities: batteries, first-aid supplies, radio, non-perishable food, gas for the car and of course… bottled water.

It’s a very melancholy mood for us right now, while awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. I’m sure anyone living on the East/Northeast Coast knows what I mean. What’s so outrageous and creepy is just last year, we all endured the wrath of Hurricane Irene and a major ice storm (back-to-back); both storms left their mark, that’s for certain.

Apparently, Hurricane Sandy will make her presence known sometime around Sunday night, with her outer bands of wind and rain. The “main impact” of this hurricane will be felt here on Tuesday. I hope and pray that life and property are not impacted as heavily as the forecasters predict. Life is precious and my main concern is for family, friends and Metal Buddies.


I have drafted some posts in advance of this hurricane and have scheduled them to launch throughout this coming week of Halloween. In the event you see posts begin to cease come next weekend or I’m not leaving reply comments on the posts and emails go unanswered, then that means our power is out. I surely hope we don’t lose power. Predictions for power outages are being discussed in the news by length of “weeks” and not days!

That’s the update thus far, on what to expect from Metal Odyssey’s coverage of Rock N’ Metal this coming week. I wish everyone living on the East/Northeast Coast to stay safe and strong, through this awful ordeal that Mother Nature has once again dealt us. Meteorologists have been calling Hurricane Sandy the storm of the century, the perfect storm and even… Frankenstorm. Scary times indeed. Metal be thy name.


Surface wind image/map at top of post from:

For more up to the second info on Hurricane Sandy, click on the link below!





SINGLE BULLET THEORY – Releases New Track “Edge Of Broken”; Ready For North American Devastation Tour 2012

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SINGLE BULLET THEORY have made the recently recorded track “Edge of Broken” available for download via their Bandcamp page at: The song is a reworked piece of older material that will appear as a bonus track on the band’s forthcoming self-titled album, which the band is set to record this fall. Guitarist/vocalist Matt DiFabio had the following to say about “Edge of Broken”:

“This is the song that got the band moving again after an almost three-year hiatus. Written about the rise and fall of Single Bullet Theory and the “Never Say Die” approach that I (Matt DiFabio) has toward this band or my musical vision. I personally feel that this is one of the best SBT tracks ever recorded as it exemplifies exactly what this band is made of musically. This track really came to life by the help of Mr. John Ruszin III. Everyone reaches the “Edge of Broken” at one point in their life… It’s all about what you do once you get there!”

“Edge of Broken” is available for $1 at The band recently completed a video for the track which is set to debut on July 1st.

SINGLE BULLET THEORY is currently gearing up for the North American Devastation Tour with INTO ETERNITY and RIKISHA. The tour will kick off on August 9th in Cudahy, WI.  SINGLE BULLET THEORY will stay out on the road until August 21st and then hit the studio to record their fifth full-length album.

A promo video for Single Bullet Theory’s upcoming tour:


6/22/12 – Mojo 13, Caymont, DE. (with World Lost)

w/ Into Eternity and Riksha:

8/09/12   Blue Pig:  Cudahy, WI

8/10/12   The Reverb Rock Garden, Waterloo, IA

8/11/12   Another Hole in The Wall, Steger, IL

8/12/12   I-Rock: Detroit, MI.

8/13/12   The Foundry, Lakewood, OH

8/14/12   California Brew Haus: Rochester, NY

8/15/12   Hard Luck bar, Toronto, Ontario

8/16/12   Petit Campus, Montreal Qeubec

8/17/12 – Middle East, Boston MA.

8/18/12   The Loft, Poughkeepsie, NY

8/19/12   Saint Vitus, Brooklyn, NY

8/20/12 – Empire (Formerly Jaxx): Springfield, VA

8/21/12 – Mojo 13, Claymont, DE

8/22/12 – Duck Inn, Evansville, IN (no SBT)

8/23/12 – Planet Rock, Battle Creek, MI. (no SBT)

8/24/12 – Station 4, St Paul MN. (no SBT)

Check out Single Bullet Theory in action from April of this year, playing “Diabolical” at Tango in Philadelphia:


Matt Difabio – Guitar/Vocals

 Jeff Kalber – Bass

 Patrick Brose – Guitar/Vocals

 Joe Brannigan – Guitar

  Nick Bunczk – Drums


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on SINGLE BULLET THEORY, click on the links below!



THE KOSHER KONCERT SERIES – Is Coming To The Inland Empire This Summer; Free Kosher Koncert Series Comp Available

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Los Angeles, California-based online metal radio station Kosher Metal have crossed over into the realm of concert promotion. The first Kosher Koncert Series event will take place on Saturday, August 4th 2012 at The Vibe in Riverside, CA – located at 1805 University Ave. This event will be all ages with raffle prizes provided in part by Sam Ash Music, Nuclear Blast Records and RH Merch.

Tickets for the event go on sale Saturday, May 12th at 10am PST via TicketLeap at

An official trailer for the event can be seen at

There is also a compilation available for FREE download that contains one track from each band performing. Performers include: Ana Kefr, Sangre, Nekrogoblikon, Dyer, Awaiting the Apocalypse, Portrait of Gray, Xanthochroid & Head Transfer Process. The compilation can be downloaded via

Kosher Metal founder, and on-air personality, Max ‘ManJewky’ Wallis had this to say about the new venture: “It feels good to get back in the promoting game. I worked for a major promoter in the Hollywood area for a couple of years and they were some of the most fun years of my life. It’s all part of the all-encompassing passion that is helping local bands get to the next level, the more I can do the happier I am. Of course, it can be very stressful at times… but there’s nothing like seeing a bunch of people having a good time at an event that you created. ”

Kosher Metal is an online radio station that can be heard via the web and most smartphones. It started as a weekly radio program in June 2010 and became a 24 hour operation in April of 2011. Kosher Metal founder and on-air personality, ManJewky, is a graduate of the Music Business Program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.


(Source: Sundisc PR)

For more info on KOSHER METAL, click the links below!



IRON SAVIOR ‘The Landing’ – German Power Metal Force Returns, In A Mammoth Way!

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IRON SAVIOR – If there is one grand lesson learned after listening to Iron Savior’s new studio album The Landing, it is proclaimed quite clearly on track #5: Heavy Metal Never Dies. This juggernaut of a German Power Metal band have once again provided as potent a punch of exhilarating Heavy Metal as ever, with The Landing. This new Iron Savior palette of Power Metal bliss will be released in North America on January 17, 2012, on AFM Records. Trust me, this album is a gemstone to seek out. So damn fine is The Landing that it’s brought tears of Heavy Metal joy to my eyes.

My Metal advice for when you are ready to sink your ears and senses into The Landing, is best summed up from these lyrics of Heavy Metal Never Dies: “Turn on the music, let it purify your mind”. In a vast world of Power Metal bands, Iron Savior has reinstated they are to be reckoned with whether you like it or not and The Landing is their Heavy Metal arsenal of 2012… one that cannot be contained nor denied.

Iron Savior fans may have waited four years for this new powerful offering of Heavy Metal thunder, only it was well worth the wait. This is a band that sounds pumped-up and ready for Power Metal battle, from start to finish on The Landing. This album is a total package of Power Metal on high, which features more impressive guitar leads, riffs and solos than I can count. Piet Sielck without any doubt in my Metal mind, belongs with the very best of Power/Heavy Metal vocalists, at commanding a song and bringing it to greater heights.

If there ever was to be a song from 2012 that I will turn to consistently for immediate psyche-you-out Metal gratification, then that song is Hall Of The Heroes. Metal be thy name. Hall Of The Heroes can now enjoy its deserved place on my list of All-Time Favorite Metal Songs. Ring that Metal bell and declare all posers to hell, cause Iron Savior has cast one unbelievable Metal spell with Hall Of The Heroes. Oh, the vocals of Piet Sielck, oh, that guitar solo… oh, that riveting rhythm section, oh, that chorus… simply an amazing song. Simply an amazing album.

If you consider yourself a Metal martyr and Defender Of The Faith… buy The Landing and play IRON SAVIOR very, very, LOUD… while your uncontrollable Heavy Metal pride explodes from your Metal soul, spilling upon all those around you. Metal be thy name… forever.

“In crimson sand, the heroes still stand” – IRON SAVIOR


Piet Sielck – lead vocals, guitar

Yenz Leonhardt – backing vocals, bass

Joachim “Piesel” Küstner – backing vocals, guitar

Thomas Nack – drums and miscellaneous percussion

THE LANDING – Track Listing:


The Savior


March Of Doom

Heavy Metal Never Dies

Moment In Time

Hall Of The Heroes

R.U. Ready

Faster Than All

Before The Pain

No Guts No Glory


* For more info on IRON SAVIOR, click on the links below:



Happy Metal New Year From Metal Odyssey! 2012 Shall ROCK! \m/

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Metal Odyssey would like to THANK ALL OF YOU who come to visit all year, sharing the same passion for Rock, Hard Rock and… METAL! Throughout the past year, Metal Odyssey receives support in ways too numerous to mention. However, there are those “thank yous” that I need to mention, If I leave anyone out, believe me, you are included.

THANK YOU to all the super cool PR people and record companies that have made it possible for Metal Odyssey to deliver the METAL news and album reviews! Each and every one of you ROCK beyond belief! Without them, I am in the dark.

THANK YOU to all the bands and musicians that have been mentioned, featured and/or interviewed here on Metal Odyssey this past year. Without them, life would suck big time. Really.

THANK YOU to all my Metal Buddies around the world! You know who you are and I don’t take any of you for granted.

THANK YOU to Best Metal Buddy/Metal Researcher Scott Coverdale & staff photographer Tom Coderre.


THANK YOU to KINGER at Demolish Fanzine – 1980’s Heavy Metal Revival

THANK YOU to Metal Mark at Heavy Metal Time Machine

A very, very, very special THANK YOU to Metal Chick.

Now, here are some Metal thoughts, um, ramblings from Stone:

The world will NOT end in 2012. Sorry. If I’m wrong and the dreaded doomsday does come to pass this year, I will hopefully be with my family while any ORANGE GOBLIN album is blasting LOUD around me.


Cause… Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill are… BACK!

Cause… KISS is releasing a new studio album titled: MONSTER.

Cause… KING DIAMOND is better and… back in action! Just ask Metallica.



The New York Yankees will win the 2012 World Series.


There are so many that are too boring to list. Okay, here’s two:

I shall eat less potato chips and listen to MORE METAL \m/


I wish for an end to world hunger and human suffering of any kind. May there be world peace? On a smaller scale, I wish that Motörhead would receive a deserved “Lifetime Achievement Award” from The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

I wish CHEAP TRICK would follow Metal Odyssey on twitter. If this happens, I will write, without hesitation, a positive article on ABBA and feature it right here on Metal Odyssey for the world to read and see. I’m honestly not kidding. CHEAP TRICK F’n RULES.


Would you like more album reviews? Short or long album reviews? More/less Metal news? Classic Rock news? Are you demanding more band interviews? Are “lists” good or bad? More or less of Stone’s ramblings? Let your thoughts and feelings be heard by leaving a comment! Man, it would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you to my Metal Buddy down South, for that thoughtful package of CD’s and videos after the hurricane struck. You know who you are.


BATTLE BEAST – “Enter The Metal World” Video Online Now!

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Finnish Heavy Metal sextet BATTLE BEAST – the new star rising in the sky of every 80’s Metal fan and the latest addition to Nuclear Blast’s band roster – proudly presents the video clip for the song “Enter The Metal World” on the official Nuclear Blast YouTube channel! The track is taken from the band’s brilliant upcoming debut album “Steel”, out on the 27th of January 2012.

Dare to enter the Metal world? Click HERE!

Every fan whose anticipation goes through the roof after watching the clip can already pre-order “Steel” as a CD in slipcase, including the bonus track “Stay Black”, as well as on silver or limited red vinyl through the Nuclear Blast web shop:

(Source: Nuclear Blast News)


JIM FLORENTINE and DON JAMIESON – To Perform Intimate Stand Up Show On December 15th In Hollywood

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That Metal Show’s Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson will be performing stand up live and in person at On the Rox, the upstairs room at The Roxy, on Thursday, December 15th in Hollywood, CA. This is a small, intimate room and tickets WILL sell out. The guys will be performing live stand up as heard on their Metal Blade Records comedy albums, which were both released earlier this year, from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Official Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine merch, CDs and DVDs will be available for purchase at the show.

Tickets to the show can be purchased now at HERE.

(Source: Metal Blade Records News Update)

* For more info see the links below:



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MYSTIC PROPHECY has now announced the first batch of dates for their upcoming tour in spring 2012!

They will be part of the Wolfsnaechte tour with Powerwolf, STORMWARRIOR and Lonewolf!

30.03.12 DE Lindau – Club Vaudeville

31.03.12 AT Wörgl – Komma

01.04.12 DE Ludwigsburg – Rockfabrik

05.04.12 DE Hannover – Musikzentrum

07.04.12 CH Zizers – Eventstage

08.04.12 BE Mons – PPM Festival

09.04.12 DE Augsburg – Spectrum

13.04.12 DE Langen – Stadthalle

14.04.12 DE Berlin – C-Club

27.04.12 DE Speyer – Halle 101

28.04.12 DE Geiselwind – Musichall

29.04.12 DE Hamburg – Markthalle

30.04.12 DE Bochum – Matrix

(Source: Massacre Records)

* For more info on Mystic Prophecy & STORMWARRIOR:


Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten Hard Rock Songs Of 2011

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Top Ten Hard Rock Songs Of 2011 – Welcome to Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten Hard Rock Songs Of 2011! These ten Hard Rock songs are the ones that I turned to most often throughout 2011, to get psyched-out and inspired by. Yes, I listened to many Hard Rock albums during 2011, all containing such a wide assortment of excellent songs.

Narrowing down ten of my favorites was a nail-biting endeavor for me. I actually have a “tie” in this top ten list, an event that is not unprecedented in Rock music lists at all. Hopefully some of these Hard Rock songs you dig as well. Thank you for supporting the following bands and Metal Odyssey. Now, onward with the list!


URIAH HEEPNail On The Head

(Frontiers Records)

The Uriah Heep Rockin’ Train just seems to keep right on rollin’ in 2011, with the legendary Mick Box leading the way. Nail On The Head from their Into The Wild studio album nailed me from the very start, with its infectious thump and stump and less is more style of Hard Rockin’ bliss.



(Frontiers Records)

An inspiring Hard Rock song from Sweden’s The Poodles this is. I can’t get enough of the uplifting spirit that I Want It All supplies to my senses. Hard Rockin’ and so deliciously melodic, this song is the intense beacon from an album of star-studded songs. Don’t let their name fool you, this band plays Hard Rock like bad-ass backyard guard dogs.


Black Stone Cherry – Killing Floor


With Black Stone Cherry, the Classic Rock meets Modern Rock wall of sound is electrified on Killing Floor. Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea accentuates the maturation of Black Stone Cherry and this song seemed to reach out and grab me from the opening note. Truly a standout song from an album that is loaded with standout songs.



(J&R Adventures)

Glenn Hughes sounds so unreal legendary on this song it gives me the chills. The threads of old school are intertwined with a hefty dose of Hard Rock relevance, within the music of Black Country Communion. There is Deep Purple mystique about this song, which comes courtesy of the keyboards. Joe Bonamassa is an incredible listen on guitar and should be put upon any guitar aficionado’s pedestal.


CHICKENFOOT – Different Devil

(eOne Music)

Sammy Hagar never sounded better and Michael Anthony proves once again his backing vocals are a secret Hard Rock weapon. Different Devil from III is the direction that I prayed Chickenfoot would take on this album and my prayer was answered. A retrospective nod to the past and still boiling over with relevancy, Different Devil showcases the unique vibes of these Rock legends with ease.


JOURNEYAnything Is Possible


Journey blew me away with Eclipse in 2011. With that said, my favorite song from this wildly memorable album is: Anything Is Possible. Once again, an inspiring Hard Rock song carried me off into the Rockin’ sunset this past year. If music is supposed to touch you, then Anything Is Possible did just that, in more positive ways than I can count. Arnel Pineda is a grand vocalist and the musicianship is superior on this song (and the entire album for that matter). Neal Schon sounds perfect on guitar, what else could I expect from such an authentic legend?


KING KOBRA – Midnight Woman

(Frontiers Records)

What Midnight Woman bestows is a melodic trip down Hard Rock goodness lane. This song is heavy where it should be, with legendary drummer Carmine Appice’s beats and kick-to-the-teeth guitars ablaze. Paul Shortino gives this song (and entire album) the vocal coolness that King Kobra deserves. Yes, King Kobra returned in an impressive way in 2011 and it’s a song like Midnight Woman that reminds me that Hard Rock is one of life’s golden necessities.


SEETHER – Here And Now


Shaun Morgan knows how to tug at my sentimental side. His songwriting and lyrical messages are stuff of legend. Here And Now would probably be my #1 pick if it hadn’t made me cry so many damn times. An emotionally charged song, which realistically can be interpreted in many different ways. From the musicianship and song structure to Shaun’s vocals, this song is already a SEETHER classic in my Hard Rock world.

#2 (tie)

DAUGHTRY Outta My Head

(RCA / 19)

Okay. Alright. If Chris Daughtry wanted to impress Stone, well, he done did it with Outta My Head. Metal as my witness, this song psyches me out in ways words can’t describe. Daughtry tapped into some old school mojo while combining it with plenty of modern feel and vibe, that in turn has Outta My Head soaring with its unbridled and potent Hard Rock energy. Chris Daughtry sings lights-out on this song. So let it be Metal written, so let it be Metal told.

#2 (tie)

SEBASTIAN BACH – One Good Reason

(Frontiers Records)

Holy Hard Rock crap this is a damn great song. Sebastian Bach has become registered with Metal Odyssey as having a lethal set of vocal cords, all due to his lifetime contributions of making my eardrums the scorched flaps of flesh they really are. One Good Reason is dominated by Sebastian’s beyond amazing vocals. Hard, heavy, melodic and undisputedly powerful is this song, from start to F’n finish. Metal be thy F’n name.


9 CHAMBERS – Indeed The Sun

(Samson Records/eOne Music)

If I had to sum up in six words, the Hard Rock vision of Greg Hampton (guitarist, songwriter, producer of 9 Chambers) it would be: Keep It Real, Let It Rock. Alongside guitarist Ed Mundell, these two guitarists seem to feed off each other like long-lost guitar soul-mates. The guitar solo in Indeed The Sun gives me goose-bumps the size of tennis balls. This song comes across with the real and feel that Hard Rock was built upon so many decades ago, when creating a complete album of songs was practically a mandate.

Indeed The Sun never relents in its Hard Rockin’ momentum, it just takes off at the onset and never subsides with its contagious, melodic driven and hard-edged sound. When a Hard Rock song such as Indeed The Sun makes my face tingle out-of-control then that said song is #1 for me. I salute Greg, Ed, Jorgen and Vinny for keeping it real. Music is an art-form and a song like Indeed The Sun is indeed… a work of Hard Rock art.

* Check out Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten Metal Songs Of 2011 (posted on December 1st) by clicking on the large link below!

Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten METAL Songs Of 2011



EPICA – First Details On New Album!

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Title of new Epica album released: Epica’s 5th full-length album which will be released on the 9th of March 2012 by Nuclear Blast will be called:


This title refers to the end of an era. Mankind can no longer stick their head in the sand for the things that are happening around us. We are facing many challenges. There is an enormous tension between different religions and cultures, wars, natural disasters and a huge financial crisis, which is getting out of control. More than ever we will need each other to overcome these problems. As we are all connected; the universe, earth, nature, animals and human beings, this period in time will be the prelude to the end for those who still don’t want to, or simply won’t see it. A REQUIEM FOR THE INDIFFERENT but also a possibility for a new beginning with great new chances!

Epica will present this album to the public on the 16th of March 2012, in 013, Tilburg (NL) tickets are still available but are going out fast!

Keep an eye on the official Epica website and social media for regular updates on REQUIEM FOR THE INDIFFERENT!

(Source: Nuclear Blast News)


Bastardized Recordings signs PURIFICATION

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The Bastardized Recordings-Team is happy to announce the signing of Italians Vegan Straight Edge-Powerhouse Purification. The band has just signed a deal with us and will release a new full-length in 2012. We are really happy to work with a band we know and support since the days of our youth.

Here is what the band has to say:
“We are very excited to finally have signed a deal with Bastardized records, we were looking for a solid German label and we are stoked to be able to work with Marco. Expect our new record A Torch To Pierce The Night to be released in the next months, it took a few months for us to officialise this after we recorded the songs before our South American Tour but we’ll be finally able to have it on CD!”

(Source: Massacre Records)

* For more info on PURIFICATION, click on the links below:


Christmas Album Covers – Let’s Have Some Fun Looking At ‘Em!

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Christmas Album Covers – I love the Christmas holiday. I dig giving more than receiving too. Really, I do. That is why I am giving you this list of Christmas album covers to laugh at, talk about and at times… gaze at. Maybe this list will encourage you to buy one of these Christmas albums? I dunno. The main Metal objective I have here is to have fun. So, without any further ado, let’s get the Christmas album cover party started!

Rockin’ Little Christmas

Since when is pile-driving your wife or girlfriend a “thing to do” at Christmas? Whoa.


Maybe what? Maybe the power goes out on Christmas day? Maybe Bigfoot finally gets his beef jerky? At least this is a funny Christmas album cover. Okay, semi-funny.

Michael Buble’ – Christmas

I find this cover for Michael Buble’ Christmas to be rather, well, uncomfortable. You see, if I saw a dude in my neighborhood acting like this, I’d call the cops. A “stalking vibe” just screams out at me here. It looks like Michael is trying to squeeze out a last second fart, before he enters wherever he is going.


What was She & Him thinking here? They didn’t need to over-cool a cool look like that, to the point where it is not even cool at all. At least I think this cover is funny, in a non-cool way.

Classic Rockin’ Christmas

Whoa. I don’t trust that face on this Santa. A mean looking Santa. To me, it looks like this Santa had a bad day with the elves and now he’s looking for revenge. I’m just glad I don’t have anyone living nearing me who looks like this dude. By the way, I wouldn’t trust any egg nog he may be offering either.

Classic Rockin’ Christmas

Now this is the Classic Rockin’ Christmas I’m talkin’ about.


Ha, ha, ha, ha! That’s so righteous man! Ahem. Whatever.


Um, We Wish You A Hairy Christmas. Metal Odyssey is NOT supposed to be XXX here. I’m just the messenger, so please excuse me as I bust out in laughter from this Christmas album title. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. This is a compilation album of Christmas songs from a bunch of famous Hair Metal bands. Still, give me a Metal break.


Now, this is a much more classier “look” than the previous We Wish You A Hairy Christmas album cover. The weird, plastic reindeer and huge candy cane are what makes this cover so damn memorable.


Yes! This Christmas album cover is my favorite! Why? Cause it has “Heavy Metal” in it’s title and those Iron Maiden “like” fonts are the best! Plus, I can’t tell a Metal lie here… I’ve always been a HUGE admirer of Christmas decorative bows. Metal be thy name.



RAGE – Artwork, Track List and Details On The New Album – 21!

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It’s heavy, fast, extreme – but at the same time virtuosic and melodic: the new RAGE album “21” (OUT: 24th of February 2012). Once again the CD was produced in the “Twilight Hall Studios” in Krefeld, Germany by Victor Smolski and Charlie Bauerfeind.

Peavy, vocalist and founder of the band, explains: “It may have already got about that our new album will come off pretty heavy. We’ve been bubbling over with creativity and it was huge fun to work on the songs – as always, it was real teamwork. Working with such fantastic musicians like Victor and André is great”.

At the past weekend, the CD was presented to an international group of journalists which were gobsmacked and delighted at the same time.

21 sounds harsher and more virtuosic. The waiting time will be darn hard”, states Tobias Blum of Rock Hard Germany. Andrea Vignati of Italian Metal Hammer is even more enthusiastic: “This is a milestone for Rage’s future”.

The artwork of “21” was created by Felipe Machado (BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE u.a.) and represents the power RAGE are radiating in the year 2012.

The following tracks can be found on the CD:

House Wins

Twenty One

Forever Dead

Feel My Pain

Serial Killer

Psycho Terror


Death Romantic

Black And White

Concrete Wall


From March on, RAGE will be on tour under the slogan “Metal Firestorm“ together with their label mates COMMUNIC as well as TYR.

23.03. D Speyer – Halle 101
24.03. D Andernach – JUZ
25.03. D Braunschweig – Meier Music Hall
27.03. D Hamburg – Markthalle
28.03. D Nürnberg – Hirsch
29.03. D Bochum – Zeche
30.03. D Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
31.03. D Mauerstetten – Sonnenhof
01.04. CH Pratteln – Z7

More dates will follow…

(Source: Nuclear Blast News)



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On December 9, 2011 the Queen of Metal, DORO Pesch, will release THE X-Mas Metal anthem, “Merry Metal X-Mas” (featuring Onkel Tom Angelripper)!

Check out the official video trailer for “Merry Metal X-Mas” in which DORO talks the song and Christmas itself:

“Merry Metal X-Mas” will be released as digital download (available via iTunes) and limited coloured 7″ vinyl (christmas tree green – exclusively available at the Nuclear Blast Mailorder:

(Source: Nuclear Blast News)

* For more info on DORO, click on the link below:

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KISS – As announced today on, there will be a KISS KRUISE – Halloween 2012. More information coming in the next few weeks.

My Metal advice is to stay tuned for any and all information about this KISS KRUISE – Halloween 2012 by clicking the two links below:



HULL Issue Tour Wrap-Up, Band To Open For EYEHATEGOD In Brooklyn This Sunday!

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Brooklyn Sludge Rock sensations HULL recently returned from a pillaging month-long tour crumbling stages throughout the U.S. with their sonic wall of triple-guitar led, conceptual enormity. Bassist Sean Bryant Dunn recently posted an extensive tour wrap-up. An excerpt reads:

“First and foremost, The Fucking Wrath are amazing dudes! Wise are they in entering and sustaining the ‘Nite Zoo’ mentality. Ripping through the states with these boys was truly an honor and meeting them again could come no sooner. Sorry that merch dog Shimer had to deal with that crazy shooting in NOLA on Halloween. If only he had worn the Duke that road dog Hollis had donned for his warrior outfit, there would not have been any random violence. The situation would have been resolved quickly and with less innocent casualties.”

Read the full tour report HERE.

In related news, HULL will be playing with Eyehategod this Sunday at Club Europe in Brooklyn, NY. Show starts at 8:00pm. Don’t miss it! Further info available at THIS LOCATION.

HULL recently unleashed their Beyond The Lightless Sky opus, which continues to earn critical praise from fans and media alike. Released via The End Records, Beyond The Lightless Sky, was co-produced by Brett Romnes, mixed by Billy Anderson (Sleep, Neurosis, Melvins, et al).and features guest appearances by vocalist Jarboe, keys/ambiance by Fade Kainer(Batillus/Jarboe/Inswarm ) and cello by Joe Merolla with artwork by Tamara Waite-Santibanez.

(Source: Earsplit PR)


David Coverdale “The Last Note Of Freedom” – A Long Lost Song From The “Days Of Thunder” Soundtrack (1990)

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DAVID COVERDALE – As I was rummaging through some used CD’s at a thrift store this past week, I came across the Days Of Thunder soundtrack. At first glance, I was totally disinterested. I believe I saw bits and pieces of this Tom Cruise movie over the years, nonetheless I wasn’t banking on this soundtrack to impress me enough to buy it for the 97 cent asking price. (I know, 97 cents is dirt cheap). Once I took a gander at the artists and track list, (which is on the front cover), I changed my mind and decided 97 cents is worth paying for this 22-year-old soundtrack CD.

Hello, Hard Rockin’ legend David Coverdale and The Last Note Of Freedom. In all Metal honesty, I never knew David Coverdale sang a song for the Days Of Thunder soundtrack. Seriously, I find this to be an obscure song from him. Unless you’ve owned this soundtrack anytime since 1990 or are a David Coverdale expert, who would really know off the top of their head that this song even existed? Besides, Stone doesn’t know all either. I obligingly paid for this used and near vintage CD. Then, I headed straight to my car to give The Last Note Of Freedom a listen for my five-minute drive home.

David Coverdale sounds like, well, himself on this song. In other words, David’s vocals are excellent. There is a bounty of keyboards happening throughout the song, which was written by the legendary composer Hans Zimmer. Ready for this? The lyrics were written by… Billy Idol. How cool is that? There  is a valid music connection between David Coverdale, Hans Zimmer and Billy Idol, always and forever. Metal be thy name. The liner notes do not state any songwriting credits to David Coverdale.

Overall, is The Last Note Of Freedom a good song? Yes, it’s a good melodic song. This song definitely overflows with that late 80’s movie soundtrack vibe. Towards the end of the song is when David Coverdale starts singing with increased passion and intensity, you know, Whitesnake style. Despite some notable guitar parts and David’s vocals, I couldn’t see this song fitting on a Whitesnake album then or now. I feel confident calling The Last Note Of Freedom a mid-paced ballad, there are a few tempo shifts happening and it keeps this song interesting. At the end of my Metal day, I dig this remote David Coverdale song.

Days Of Thunder was released on Geffen and my used copy of this CD appears to be an original issue and not a re-release. After researching this song, I’ve found it to be only available on the Days Of Thunder soundtrack. Check out the other artists and songs heard on this soundtrack below. I found this soundtrack to be quite diverse and rather cool to finally discover. Not too shabby for 97 cents after all.

Days Of Thunder Track Listing:

The Last Note Of Freedom – David Coverdale

Deal For Life – John Waite

Break Through The Barrier – Tina Turner

Hearts In Trouble – Chicago

Trail Of Broken Hearts – Cher

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – Guns N’ Roses

You Gotta Love Someone – Elton John

Show Me Heaven – Maria McKee

Thunderbox – Apollo Smile

Long Live The Night – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Gimme Some Lovin’ – Terry Reid



ICED EARTH – Announce First Ever Tour Dates In Australia!

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2012 Australia Tour Dates:

Wednesday, April 4th at Billboards The Venue, Melbourne

Thursday April 5th at The HiFi Sydney, Sydney

Regular and VIP tickets are available via the Iced Earth web site Tour page.

* Support acts will be announced at a later date.



Kosher Metal Teams Up With Relapse Records For Roku Channel Release!

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Los Angeles, California-based online Metal radio station Kosher Metal have teamed up with Relapse Records for the release of the official Kosher Metal Roku Channel. On the channel, Roku users can watch various music videos from artists in the Relapse Records catalog along with music videos from Independent artists and more. Additional information on how users can add the channel can be found at

Kosher Metal founder and on-air personality, ManJewky, commented on the pairing by saying: “We are very pleased to have developed this relationship with Relapse Records for our Roku channel and hope to bring even more labels on board in the near future. Of course, we definitely encourage independent bands to submit content as well.”

Relapse Records was founded in 1990 by Matthew F. Jacobson in his parents’ basement and has continued to grow and sign influential artists from a broad range of genres. Relapse Records specializes in various types of Heavy Metal ranging from Stoner Rock and Hardcore, through Grindcore and Death Metal all the way to retro Thrash, and Doom Metal. Kosher Metal is an online radio station that can be heard via the web along with most mobile devices, the term “kosher” is used in its informal/slang form to mean “genuine, authentic & legitimate”.

What began as a weekly radio program in June 2010 became a 24 hour operation in April of 2011 and Kosher Metal continues to evolve with growth. The station recently sponsored the national Zephyr US Tour 2011 featuring the band Ana KefrKosher Metal founder and on-air personality, ManJewky, is also a graduate of the Music Business Program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.

(Source: Sundisc PR)





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MASS – For all of you fans who can’t get enough of Christmas songs that Rock, the 2 song EP A Very Merry X-Mass from MASS is out now!

Track List:

Grown Up Christmas List

Jingle Bell Rock

A Very Merry X-Mass is available at: MASS – MASS ROCKS.COM and iTunes

* Portion of sales will be donated to the “Toys For Tots” organization!




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