Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten Hard Rock Songs Of 2011

Top Ten Hard Rock Songs Of 2011 – Welcome to Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten Hard Rock Songs Of 2011! These ten Hard Rock songs are the ones that I turned to most often throughout 2011, to get psyched-out and inspired by. Yes, I listened to many Hard Rock albums during 2011, all containing such a wide assortment of excellent songs.

Narrowing down ten of my favorites was a nail-biting endeavor for me. I actually have a “tie” in this top ten list, an event that is not unprecedented in Rock music lists at all. Hopefully some of these Hard Rock songs you dig as well. Thank you for supporting the following bands and Metal Odyssey. Now, onward with the list!


URIAH HEEPNail On The Head

(Frontiers Records)

The Uriah Heep Rockin’ Train just seems to keep right on rollin’ in 2011, with the legendary Mick Box leading the way. Nail On The Head from their Into The Wild studio album nailed me from the very start, with its infectious thump and stump and less is more style of Hard Rockin’ bliss.



(Frontiers Records)

An inspiring Hard Rock song from Sweden’s The Poodles this is. I can’t get enough of the uplifting spirit that I Want It All supplies to my senses. Hard Rockin’ and so deliciously melodic, this song is the intense beacon from an album of star-studded songs. Don’t let their name fool you, this band plays Hard Rock like bad-ass backyard guard dogs.


Black Stone Cherry – Killing Floor


With Black Stone Cherry, the Classic Rock meets Modern Rock wall of sound is electrified on Killing Floor. Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea accentuates the maturation of Black Stone Cherry and this song seemed to reach out and grab me from the opening note. Truly a standout song from an album that is loaded with standout songs.



(J&R Adventures)

Glenn Hughes sounds so unreal legendary on this song it gives me the chills. The threads of old school are intertwined with a hefty dose of Hard Rock relevance, within the music of Black Country Communion. There is Deep Purple mystique about this song, which comes courtesy of the keyboards. Joe Bonamassa is an incredible listen on guitar and should be put upon any guitar aficionado’s pedestal.


CHICKENFOOT – Different Devil

(eOne Music)

Sammy Hagar never sounded better and Michael Anthony proves once again his backing vocals are a secret Hard Rock weapon. Different Devil from III is the direction that I prayed Chickenfoot would take on this album and my prayer was answered. A retrospective nod to the past and still boiling over with relevancy, Different Devil showcases the unique vibes of these Rock legends with ease.


JOURNEYAnything Is Possible


Journey blew me away with Eclipse in 2011. With that said, my favorite song from this wildly memorable album is: Anything Is Possible. Once again, an inspiring Hard Rock song carried me off into the Rockin’ sunset this past year. If music is supposed to touch you, then Anything Is Possible did just that, in more positive ways than I can count. Arnel Pineda is a grand vocalist and the musicianship is superior on this song (and the entire album for that matter). Neal Schon sounds perfect on guitar, what else could I expect from such an authentic legend?


KING KOBRA – Midnight Woman

(Frontiers Records)

What Midnight Woman bestows is a melodic trip down Hard Rock goodness lane. This song is heavy where it should be, with legendary drummer Carmine Appice’s beats and kick-to-the-teeth guitars ablaze. Paul Shortino gives this song (and entire album) the vocal coolness that King Kobra deserves. Yes, King Kobra returned in an impressive way in 2011 and it’s a song like Midnight Woman that reminds me that Hard Rock is one of life’s golden necessities.


SEETHER – Here And Now


Shaun Morgan knows how to tug at my sentimental side. His songwriting and lyrical messages are stuff of legend. Here And Now would probably be my #1 pick if it hadn’t made me cry so many damn times. An emotionally charged song, which realistically can be interpreted in many different ways. From the musicianship and song structure to Shaun’s vocals, this song is already a SEETHER classic in my Hard Rock world.

#2 (tie)

DAUGHTRY Outta My Head

(RCA / 19)

Okay. Alright. If Chris Daughtry wanted to impress Stone, well, he done did it with Outta My Head. Metal as my witness, this song psyches me out in ways words can’t describe. Daughtry tapped into some old school mojo while combining it with plenty of modern feel and vibe, that in turn has Outta My Head soaring with its unbridled and potent Hard Rock energy. Chris Daughtry sings lights-out on this song. So let it be Metal written, so let it be Metal told.

#2 (tie)

SEBASTIAN BACH – One Good Reason

(Frontiers Records)

Holy Hard Rock crap this is a damn great song. Sebastian Bach has become registered with Metal Odyssey as having a lethal set of vocal cords, all due to his lifetime contributions of making my eardrums the scorched flaps of flesh they really are. One Good Reason is dominated by Sebastian’s beyond amazing vocals. Hard, heavy, melodic and undisputedly powerful is this song, from start to F’n finish. Metal be thy F’n name.


9 CHAMBERS – Indeed The Sun

(Samson Records/eOne Music)

If I had to sum up in six words, the Hard Rock vision of Greg Hampton (guitarist, songwriter, producer of 9 Chambers) it would be: Keep It Real, Let It Rock. Alongside guitarist Ed Mundell, these two guitarists seem to feed off each other like long-lost guitar soul-mates. The guitar solo in Indeed The Sun gives me goose-bumps the size of tennis balls. This song comes across with the real and feel that Hard Rock was built upon so many decades ago, when creating a complete album of songs was practically a mandate.

Indeed The Sun never relents in its Hard Rockin’ momentum, it just takes off at the onset and never subsides with its contagious, melodic driven and hard-edged sound. When a Hard Rock song such as Indeed The Sun makes my face tingle out-of-control then that said song is #1 for me. I salute Greg, Ed, Jorgen and Vinny for keeping it real. Music is an art-form and a song like Indeed The Sun is indeed… a work of Hard Rock art.

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