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THEORY OF A DEADMAN – Watch Their Gig From The Knit Reno, via Livestream on August 11th!

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THEORY OF A DEADMAN – Watch their LIVE gig at The Knitting Factory in Reno, Nevada, August 11th (tonight) at 11pm EST! To view and hear the Hard Rockin’ good-times, click here:

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Theory Of A Deadman – The Truth Is… was released on July 12, 2011, via Roadrunner Records.


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Wanna See My Autographed NIGHT RANGER Photo? It’s Really Cool…

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NIGHT RANGER – That’s it at the top! That really cool (and authentic) autographed photo of Night Ranger came to me, courtesy of Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale. Back in 2010, he went to see Night Ranger perform at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Coverdale had a blast seeing Night Ranger live; he said they were pretty amazing that night. I believe him. I’ll also be thanking Coverdale for this really cool autographed photo, until I’m in my 90’s. Metal be thy name.

Night Ranger, from left to right in the above autographed photo: Christian Cullen, Kelly Keagy, Jack Blades, Joel Hoekstra and Brad Gillis.

Back on June 21st, 2011, Somewhere In California, the tenth studio album from Night Ranger was released via Frontiers Records. I can admit without hesitation, that this Night Ranger album is one of the best from their catalog; if not the very best. Somewhere In California is a Night Ranger album that pumps up my Rock ‘N Roll adrenaline; what more could I possibly ask for from any album that I listen to? Metal be thy name.


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LO-PAN: Ohio Fuzz Purveyors Kick Off Spring 2012 Tour

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Ohio’s primo fuzz purveyors, LO-PAN, are kicking off their Spring 2012 in top form. The heavy rocking four-piece will embark on a trek starting March 1 that will find them hitting the East Coast and the South sharing the stage with some of rock’s finest, including Freedom Hawk, Sistered, Truckfighters, and Small Stone Records labelmates, Wo Fat!

Touring in support of 2011’s epic Salvador, LO-PAN are said to already have new material in the works and will take part in Small Stone’s annual SXSW showcase, set for March 16 at Headhunter’s in Austin, Texas, where they’ll perform alongside Suplecs, Dixie Witch, Gozu, Dwellers and longtime tour comrades, Backwoods Payback, among others.



3/01/2012 Lava Lounge – Pittsburgh, PA w/ EYE, Sistered, October

3/02/2012 The Velvet Lounge – Washington, DC w/ EYE, Kohoutek, Ambition Burning

3/03/2012 Thumbs – Virginia Beach, VA w/ EYE, Freedom Hawk, Constrictor

3/04/2012 The Union – Athens, OH w/ EYE

3/08/2012 Springwater – Nashville, TN

3/09/2012 The Buccaneer – Memphis, TN

3/10/2012 The Roadmap – TexArkana, AR w/ Truckfighters

3/11/2012 Downtown Music – Little Rock, AR w/ Truckfighters

3/12/2012 Ridglea Bar – Ft. Worth, TX w/ Hands In The Honeypot

3/13/2012 Boiler Room – Dallas, TX w/ Wo Fat, Mothership

3/14/2012 Rudyard’s – Houston, TX

3/15/2012 The Ten Eleven – San Antonio, TX

3/16/2012 Headhunter’s – Austin, TX – Smallstone Records Showcase w/ Tia Carrera, Dixie Witch, Suplecs, Gozu, Backwoods Payback, Dwellers

3/17/2012 Happy Hippie – Lake Charles, LA w/ Backwoods Payback, Large Marge, Survive The Musical

3/18/2012 Tsunami Bar – Monroe, LA w/ Backwoods Payback, Electric Sermon, Large Marge


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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House Of Lords – ‘Someday When’ (Official Video): From 2011 Album ‘Big Money’

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HOUSE OF LORDS – Released back in September of 2011 on Frontiers Records, Big Money is the eighth studio album from House Of Lords. The Melodic Hard Rock and AOR flavor of Big Money boils over, reminding me once again, what a tremendous listen this album is. Someday When is a song from Big Money and is enriched with a symphonic sound from the keyboards, elevating the mood and feel of this song.

Hard Rock, as with any music genre, is presented in countless styles. House Of Lords is no exception. Someday When exemplifies House Of Lords capturing their unique musical creativity and style, while allowing it to soar. Take a look and listen to Someday When below. I hope you enjoy this song and video as much as I do!


James Christian – vocals

Jimi Bell – guitar

Chris McCarvill – bass

Bj Zampa – drums

HOUSE OF LORDS – BIG MONEY (Frontiers Records/2011)

* For more info on HOUSE OF LORDS, click on the links below:

HOUSE OF LORDS – Official Website




Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten Hard Rock Albums Of 2011

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Top Ten Hard Rock Albums Of 2011 – I have listened to many Hard Rock albums released during 2011. There seems to be quite a few Hard Rock albums that are of standout quality, this past year for me. With that said, my “Top Ten Hard Rock Albums Of 2011” simply cannot represent the totality of Hard Rockin’ thrills I’ve experienced with my ears these past 12 months.

What my Top Ten list does represent are the Hard Rock albums I turned to most often to play… LOUD! I lean towards the “complete” album of songs, an album that goes further than just 4 or 5 great tracks. I gravitate towards the Hard Rock albums that psyched-me-out and made me feel very damn good inside. These are the Hard Rock albums that made a difference to me. A personal list it is and hopefully there are a few here you may agree with. Thank you for visiting Metal Odyssey in 2011 and supporting Rock ‘N Roll! Happy Holidays, Rock Steady and Happy New Year to all!



(Ripple Music)






(Frontiers Records)



(Scarlet Records)



(J&R Adventures)



(Frontiers Records)



(Samson Records / eOne Music)




#2 (TIE)


(Frontiers Records)

#2 (TIE)





(Frontiers Records)

Yes, the return of MR. BIG left a big Hard Rockin’ impression on my ears. If ever there was an album that grew on me, over the course of time, then said album is What If… and it has served me right. Eric Martin’s vocals have never sounded better. Sound cliche? Not in my mind. On What If… Billy Sheehan (bass), Paul Gilbert (guitar) and Pat Torpey (drums) all sound as if there was never a recording break of ten years. Their seventh studio album may just be their best Hard Rock creation, in my honest opinion.

My favorite song from What If… is Undertow. Check out the music video of MR. BIG below, hopefully you’ll enjoy Undertow as much as I do!

THANK YOU to all of the bands above and Long Live Hard Rock!



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SLASH Featuring Myles Kennedy LIVE – Made In Stoke 24/7/11: 5 Reasons To Buy This CD

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SLASH Featuring Myles Kennedy LIVE – Back on November 15th, SLASH Featuring Myles Kennedy LIVE / Made In Stoke 24/7/11 was released via Armoury Records. SLASH has a storied career with Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver and his own SLASH’S Snakepit on his enviable Rock ‘N Roll resume.

This set of live songs from the certified Rockin’ career of SLASH is essentially listening to a mandatory chapter of Rock history. I purchased the double CD version, (a 2-CD with a DVD version is out there as well). Check out below my 5 reasons you should BUY this SLASH CD!

1. – This is SLASH, you know, the former and REAL Guns N’ Roses guitarist playing some classic Guns N’ Roses songs. The live versions of Paradise City and Mr. Brownstone (for example) are embellished with the trademark guitar tone and licks of the legendary SLASH. Truly one-of-a-kind is SLASH. Accept no substitutes for I sure as hell don’t.

2.- Myles Kennedy. Yeah, yeah, yeah… Myles Kennedy is no Axl Rose only Axl Rose is no Myles Kennedy either. Myles sounds amazing on this live album and he is a top ten Heavy Music vocalist for my ears any second of any day.

3. – The entire band ROCKS so fluently together on all 21 songs. Seriously, to think otherwise you must be constipated. Todd Kerns (bass, lead & backing vocals), Brent Fitz (drums) and Bobby Schneck (guitar, backing vocals) play tight and sound like they’ve been together with SLASH and Myles for decades.

4. – This live SLASH CD has put me in a good F’n mood each and every time I’ve listened to it. The Rockin’ energy that these live songs give off is contagious to my senses. It’s like I’m getting hit in the face with a psyche-you-out bat, every time I play this addicting CD.

5. FUN. Oh, oh… I just used the “F” word. If you’re not into FUN then this is not the CD for you. For the rest of us who like to jump around and go crazy while listening to our favorite bands and songs, SLASH has kept the F’n FUN in his R&FN’R!

Bonus Reason To Buy: It doesn’t sound like there was an over abundance of production tweaking going on for this live concert recording. Okay, so we live in a digital age, still, the overall RAW Rock ‘N Roll Thunder that SLASH and his band dishes out here is evidence to me, that less is more when it comes to producing a live album in 2011. When I play this live SLASH CD extremely loud, I swear I’m actually there that evening in Stoke… and I wish I really was.

Track Listing:

CD 1

Been There Lately



Mean Bone

Back From Cali

Rocket Queen

Civil War

Nothing To Say



CD 2

Doctor Alibi

Speed Parade

Watch This

Beggars & Hangers On


Godfather Solo

Sweet Child O’ Mine


By The Sword

Mr. Brownstone

Paradise City




IRON CLAW “A Different Game” – Metal Odyssey’s Comeback Band and Album Of 2011

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IRON CLAW – Many bands and solo musicians make comebacks in the world of Rock each year. Notable acts the likes of Alice Cooper (The Band) and KING KOBRA made their impressive comebacks for certain in 2011. Anthrax made an album comeback (Worship Music) with Joey Belladonna returning to the forefront. BIOHAZARD is back. Beggars & Thieves are back too. The list is impressive as it is long. No, Black Sabbath can’t really count until next years album and tour. However, the one comeback band that amazed me beyond belief with their story during 2011 was: IRON CLAW.

IRON CLAW are in my mind, Heavy Music pioneers. IRON CLAW was a band on the scene when Heavy Metal was growing roots from Hard Rock. This band calls Scotland home and released an album of Classic Hard Rock in 2011 that you should know about (if you don’t know already). A Different Game made IRON CLAW the topic of conversation in many Hard Rock circles this past year. Released on Ripple Music, A Different Game was the first taste of new music from this band in nearly 4 decades!

I never, ever heard of IRON CLAW until this past year. I’ll tell you this much, IRON CLAW has served me right. Congratulations IRON CLAW on being named: Metal Odyssey’s Comeback Band Of 2011! Plus having: Metal Odyssey’s Comeback Album Of 2011! Metal be thy name!

See below the timeline of IRON CLAW posts featured on Metal Odyssey during 2011. Everything you’ve ever needed to know about IRON CLAW is right there for you! Feel free to become informed on the series of events leading up to the release of A Different Game, along with the intriguing Hard Rockin’ history (both past and present) of IRON CLAW. Each large link in this timeline will take you directly to that respective post!

Posted on June 29th, 2011:

IRON CLAW – “What Love Left”: Free Download From Ripple Music! This Song Is On Hard Rockin’ Fire!

Posted on July 6th, 2011:

IRON CLAW “A Different Game” – Long Awaiting and New Studio Album From Heavy Rock Pioneers: Releases October 4th, 2011!

Posted on July 15th, 2011: (A Different Game album review)

IRON CLAW – “A Different Game”: Bluesy, Classic Hard Rock That Points To The Past And Leads Us To The Present

Posted on July 17th, 2011:

IRON CLAW – A Metal Odyssey Interview: Part One (The Early Days and The Comeback)

Posted on October 21, 2011:

Gordon Brown – Former IRON CLAW Vocalist Reflects On His Tenure For “A Different Game” Album, Discusses Departing The Band

Posted on October 24th, 2011:

IRON CLAW – Guitarist and Founding Member Jimmy Ronnie Comments On Band’s Lead Vocalist Transition


From L to R: Gordon (vocals), Ian (drums), Alex (bass) and Jimmy (guitar)

IRON CLAW – 2011

Jimmy Ronnie – Founding Member, Songwriter & Guitarist

Gordon Brown – IRON CLAW vocalist, lyricist on A Different Game

(All IRON CLAW photos are courtesy and by permission of Jimmy Ronnie)

(Gordon Brown photo courtesy of Gordon Brown)



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