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DEF LEPPARD “No Matter What” – #1 In A Series Of Celebrating Peace And Hope On Metal Odyssey

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Keep Calm And Spread Some Hope - promo pic - Metal Odyssey

Within this week marking the anniversary of the horrific events that occurred in the U.S.A. on September 11th, 2001, I will be featuring songs of hope, love, inspiration, positive vibes and goodwill towards man. These songs will be pulled from the Hard Rock and Metal genres too. Hopefully, an attack like that will never happen again upon any country.

There currently is way too much conflict and suffering happening in the world today; our life on Earth is too short for such carnage and despair. War is not the answer and I cherish life, family, music and of course… Metal Buddies. Metal be thy name.


Def Leppard - Classic Band Logo - 2013

Visit DefLeppardRules86 on YouTube for more grand Def Leppard songs & videos!

I dedicate this song in the memory of my late sister, Christine.

* For More Info On DEF LEPPARD:

Facebook: Def Leppard

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REVOLUTION HARMONY – “We Are” Lyric Video Streaming Now; Single Releases On Mandela Day, July 18th

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Revolution Harmony - We Are - promo cover pic - #2

Revolution Harmony, the brainchild of British music lecturer/journalist Ray Holroyd, has announced the July 18th release of its debut All-Star charity single, We Are. The song features vocals from Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) and Ihsahn (Emperor), as well as guitar solos by Devin Townsend.

Composed, arranged, programmed and produced by Ray Holroyd in Vancouver, the complex international studio project was recorded in North America, England, Norway and New Zealand, then mixed by Rohan Onraet (Slipknot, Machine Head) in London, and mastered by Ted Jensen (Green Day, Muse) in New York. The single also features Stefan Loh (We Claimed Sentience Once – signed to Revolution Harmony) on guitars, and additional vocals from the young up-and-coming UK singer Abbie Johnson.

Stone Says: Below, Listen to the song We Are and read it’s inspiring and mystical lyrics. A brilliant song from top to bottom, an epic song that gives me the chills… in a grand way. A powerful song is We Are; thanks to the powerful musicians and vocalists that have made it soar so prolifically. We Are is: ten stars out of ten stars… and 5 Metal fists out of 5 Metal fists! Metal be thy name.

Metal Odyssey is proud to support Ray Holroyd, Revolution Harmony and the charities that benefit from the sale of We Are.

Vancouver-based non-profit record label Revolution Harmony was launched in 2011 by Holroyd. After founding the non-profit Grade 9 Records in 2008 and growing the label over three successful years, Holroyd decided to expand upon what he had originally established as a means for his students to sell their music and donate the profits to charity, and Revolution Harmony was born. Revolution Harmony acts as a two-way channel, providing an outlet for artists to release their music worldwide and earn money from it, and providing an inlet for the label profits from that music to be redirected to charities that restore harmony between all people, animals and the environment.Revolution Harmony - We Are - Charity Single - flyer promo - July 2013

The lyrical theme in ‘We Are’ is based on the concept behind Revolution Harmony, which is essentially the belief that musical harmony has the power to inspire a revolution towards societal harmony. The single is dedicated to Nelson Mandela and the memory of Lucky Dube, regarded as South Africa’s Bob Marley, and will be released worldwide on Mandela Day (18 July), with all proceeds donated to Buskaid, a charity that provides free music lessons and instruments to children in the townships of South Africa.

For more information on Buskaid, please visit:

Revolution Harmony - Large Logo - B&W

(Source: ClawHammer PR)

* For more info on REVOLUTION HARMONY:


‘We Are’ has also become an official event for Mandela day:


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IRON CLAW – “Final Hour” (New Song / Music Video): Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

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Jimmy Ronnie – guitarist, founding member of IRON CLAW

IRON CLAW – With new vocalist Gary Hair, IRON CLAW are busy recording new material and playing live. One new song that has been made public recently is Final Hour and it’s a Hard Rockin’ stomper! Gary Hair sings the daylights out of Final Hour and whoa! I am absolutely looking forward to IRON CLAW’s follow-up to 2011’s A Different Game (released on Ripple Music).

Guitarist Jimmy Ronnie shreds and his guitar playing on Final Hour is a showstopper! This song must be played at high volume, there is no other option. Gee, do I dig this new IRON CLAW song? My answer is simple: Metal be thy name, I do.

IRON CLAW – Recording Final Hour at Lovers Lane Studios in Dumfries:


Jimmy Ronnie – guitar

Gary Hair – vocals

Alex Wilson – bass

Ian McDougall – drums


For more info on IRON CLAW:



STONECOLLAR – Releases New Single: ‘Swallowed By The Sun’ – Listen To It Streaming Here!

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STONECOLLAR – Cape Town, South Africa has a do-it-yourself Hard Rock band to boast about. They’re called STONECOLLAR. This band has already delivered a fantastic debut album back in 2011: Trial By Fire. Now, STONECOLLAR has released a new single, Swallowed By The Sun, which has ready for radio oozing from its every Rockin’ note. This song is from their latest project: Online Overlord.

States (rhythm guitarist) Clinton Jurgens: “The song is a large-scale Rock ballad telling the epic tale of a loved one’s self demise. Fans of Alter Bridge, Shinedown and fellow countrymen, Seether (and a host of similar Hard Rock bands) will be sure to love this song”.

Clinton Jurgens adds: “To assist the release, we launched our official fan club, Airheads (hosted on the platform) and it basically works that a fan pays $1 a month to us and they get any content that we release for free. And we intend to release stuff on a weekly basis so that there is a real value to being part of the club”.

Artist page is here:

I really dig Swallowed By The Sun, it’s a Hard Rockin’ ballad that showcases the quality of songwriting and musicianship that STONECOLLAR bestows. Vocally, Leshem Petersen sounds as passionate for the song as Chris Daughtry… and you can take that to the Metal bank and tell ’em Stone from Metal Odyssey sent you. Metal be thy name.

I was won over by the debut album from STONECOLLAR, now I’m convinced this Hard Rock band MUST be taken seriously by “both” indie and major record labels. STONECOLLAR is happening… is Modern with their Hard Rock sound… they’ve created some serious Hard Rock and they’re a MUST band to catch onto NOW.

Listen to Swallowed By The Sun below! This is one damn good Hard Rock song!


Leshem Petersen – Bass and Vocals

Sean Tait – Lead Guitar

Clinton Jurgens – Rhythm Guitar

Bryan Nicol – Drums

* For more info on STONECOLLAR, click on the links below:

STONECOLLAR – Official facebook

STONECOLLAR – myspace music

* To read my review for Trial By Fire, (posted on June 10th, 2011), click below!

STONECOLLAR – “Trial By Fire” Debut Album Is Ablaze! Two Tracks To Hear Right Now!



SIX HOUR SUNDOWN – Debut Single Out Now! Debut Album To Follow!

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As is posted on the Official IRON MAIDEN Website, (December, 2011):

Lauren Harris’s new band SIX HOUR SUNDOWN are releasing their first track.

Joining Lauren on this new venture as a complete band unit are Tom Gentry (guitar), James Bennett (guitar) Mitch Witham (bass) and Olly Smith (drums).

‘JEKYLL & HYDE’ is SIX HOUR SUNDOWN’s foot-to-the-floor debut release.

As a taster from the forthcoming album, Jekyll & Hyde demonstrates SIX HOUR SUNDOWN’s ability to blur the boundaries of musical genres with edgy modern Rock riffs, driven by a solid rhythm section and topped off by contemporary melody lines.

Their first performance video was recorded at Millennium Studios in Bedfordshire with lighting by Ronan Willson and directed by John McMurtrie.

Check out Lauren and the guys on their Facebook page:




9 CHAMBERS “Swept Away” – Exclusive Listen To Non-Album Track Streaming On Metal Odyssey Now!

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(Photo Credit: Rockframe Photography)

(L to R: Ed Mundell, Greg Hampton)

9 CHAMBERSGreg Hampton (producer, vocalist & guitarist) of the Hard Rock supergroup 9 Chambers has recently given Metal Odyssey an exclusive opportunity to stream a brand new, non-album track: Swept Away. Take a listen (below) to the dual guitars of Greg Hampton and Ed Mundell, with Jorgen Carlsson (bass) and Vinny Appice (drums) supplying the rhythmic thunder. Go ahead and treat yourself to the Hard Rockin’ ear candy of 9 Chambers! Greg delivers a standout vocal performance once again on this song. Swept Away is a scorchin’ example of the Hard Rock crunch that 9 Chambers unleashes.

Swept Away can be heard on the 9 Chambers EP: Stashed Gems. This EP was an limited giveaway for pre-ordering the debut and S/T 9 Chambers album. Stay tuned for another opportunity to land Swept Away for yourself, the 9 Chambers web-store will be selling EP’s and other very cool stuff starting around October of 2011! Make certain to check in quite often at: 9 Chambers – Official Website

CLICK on the audio player below and get ROCKED OUT from Swept Away by 9 Chambers!

(Photo Credit: Rockframe Photography)

* 9 CHAMBERS will be seeing their debut and S/T album released on September 27th, 2011, on Samson Records/E1 Entertainment.


Greg Hampton – vocals & guitar

Ed Mundell – guitar

Jorgen Carlsson – bass

Vinny Appice – drums

* For more info on 9 CHAMBERS, click on the links below:

9 Chambers – Official Website

9 CHAMBERS – Official facebook

9 Chambers – Reverbnation



SPIDER ROCKETS – ‘Scream’: Catch Onto This Music Video Of Ultra Rockin’ Potency

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(Photo used by permission from Spider Rockets management)
(L to R: Dan Prestup (drums), Helena Cos (vocals), Johnny Nap (guitar))

SPIDER ROCKETS – Over the decades, New Jersey is a State that some heavy duty and downright legendary bands and musicians have called home. It’s an impressive list: Misfits, DANZIGOverkill, Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band along with Bon Jovi, have carved out their very own legendary status in Rock history.

Of course, other high profile bands of many Rock genres have formed out of this fabulous East Coast state, such as: Skid RowThe Smithereens, Blues Traveler, God Forbid, Symphony XMutiny Within, Trixter, StarzThe Gaslight Anthem, The Parlor MobSenses FailIll Niño, The Dillinger Escape Plan and My Chemical Romance. New Jersey ROCKS.

Then there’s The Garden State’s Spider Rockets. This band has created their own blueprint on how to ROCK. Will Spider Rockets one day be considered legends? Only time will tell… for now, I’ll just get my ears ROCKED OUT by Spider Rockets and it shall serve me right. This is a band that formed in the very late 90’s with four studio albums under their Rockin’ belt. Those Spider Rockets are seasoned.

There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to check out the back catalog of Spider Rockets and get smacked in the face by their expansive and heavy hittin’ sound and style. I extremely dig the attitude and Hard Rockin’ potency of Spider Rockets, this is a band that obviously disdains following the norm and they are all the better for it. Some sound Metal advice: Once you get bitten by what you hear from the Spider Rockets, it most often becomes an infectious craving to want more!

Scream is a song to be included on the forthcoming Spider Rockets studio album. Check out the music video below for Scream… witness and hear for yourself how Spider Rockets can deliver some hefty Rockin’ noize. Revved up noize that’s guaranteed to slap away any lame-ass mood you might be in at this moment. Metal be thy name.


Helena Cos – vocals

Johnny Nap – guitar

Dan Prestup – drums

* For more info on SPIDER ROCKETS, click on the links below:

SPIDER ROCKETS – Official Website






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