SPIDER ROCKETS – ‘Scream’: Catch Onto This Music Video Of Ultra Rockin’ Potency

(Photo used by permission from Spider Rockets management)
(L to R: Dan Prestup (drums), Helena Cos (vocals), Johnny Nap (guitar))

SPIDER ROCKETS – Over the decades, New Jersey is a State that some heavy duty and downright legendary bands and musicians have called home. It’s an impressive list: Misfits, DANZIGOverkill, Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band along with Bon Jovi, have carved out their very own legendary status in Rock history.

Of course, other high profile bands of many Rock genres have formed out of this fabulous East Coast state, such as: Skid RowThe Smithereens, Blues Traveler, God Forbid, Symphony XMutiny Within, Trixter, StarzThe Gaslight Anthem, The Parlor MobSenses FailIll Niño, The Dillinger Escape Plan and My Chemical Romance. New Jersey ROCKS.

Then there’s The Garden State’s Spider Rockets. This band has created their own blueprint on how to ROCK. Will Spider Rockets one day be considered legends? Only time will tell… for now, I’ll just get my ears ROCKED OUT by Spider Rockets and it shall serve me right. This is a band that formed in the very late 90’s with four studio albums under their Rockin’ belt. Those Spider Rockets are seasoned.

There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to check out the back catalog of Spider Rockets and get smacked in the face by their expansive and heavy hittin’ sound and style. I extremely dig the attitude and Hard Rockin’ potency of Spider Rockets, this is a band that obviously disdains following the norm and they are all the better for it. Some sound Metal advice: Once you get bitten by what you hear from the Spider Rockets, it most often becomes an infectious craving to want more!

Scream is a song to be included on the forthcoming Spider Rockets studio album. Check out the music video below for Scream… witness and hear for yourself how Spider Rockets can deliver some hefty Rockin’ noize. Revved up noize that’s guaranteed to slap away any lame-ass mood you might be in at this moment. Metal be thy name.


Helena Cos – vocals

Johnny Nap – guitar

Dan Prestup – drums

* For more info on SPIDER ROCKETS, click on the links below:

SPIDER ROCKETS – Official Website






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