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ARMORED SAINT “La Raza” – An Album That I Appreciate More With Every Listen

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ARMORED SAINT – Back on March 16th, 2010, La Raza, the sixth studio album from Armored Saint was released, via Metal Blade Records. Sometimes I just don’t realize how enormous an album truly is, until I’ve listened to it over the course of a few years. It happens. When La Raza was first released, I really, really liked it. Now, I flat-out love this album to pieces! For me, this is an album that just sounds better after each listen.

I did write about my favorite song from La Raza which is: Chilled. This post goes back to April 19th, 2010. Basically, as the title to that post states: Chilled Chills And Thrills My Metal Soul. Metal be thy name it sure does. Click on the link below and you can read this post if you like!


Do you have a Rock, Hard Rock or Metal album that you appreciate more today, compared to when you first started listening to it? Share your Metal thoughts!


Armored Saint:

John Bush – vocals

Joey Vera – bass

Jeff Duncan – guitar

Phil Sandoval – guitar

Gonzo Sandoval – drums


La Raza – Track Listing:

Loose Cannon

Head On

Left Hook From Right Field

Get Off The Fence


La Raza

Black Feet

Little Monkey


Bandit Country


For more info on ARMORED SAINT, click on the links below!

facebook: Armored Saint



VOLBEAT UPDATE: Win a Limited Edition Autographed Poster! U.S. Tour Dates Listed and 16 Dollars Video!

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Volbeat is in the middle of their first U.S. headlining tour, which is receiving rave reviews. In addition to giving away tickets to some of the U.S. shows via their Facebook, fans can now access the Volbeat Poster tab and enter to in an autographed limited edition tour poster!

Volbeat also has a new music video for 16 Dollars! Watch it here:

Volbeat’s video for “16 Dollars” is 1959 aesthetics wrapped up in smoke, fire and twisted love. The piece follows the adventures of the skullrider with beautiful images of metalbilly madness, created by Plastickid and featuring Jakob Øelund of Taggy Tones.

Part computer graphics, part blue  screen and part real life, the video for 16 dollars stays true to Volbeat’s fashion – undeniable rock n’ roll action.

Volbeat’s latest album, Beyond Hell/ Above Heaven debuted at #1 across Europe, reached #1 on CMJ’s Loud Rock chartdebuted in the top 10 on the iTunes Rock chart and was #5 on Revolver Magazine’s best albums of 2010 list.

Volbeat will also be performing at Revolver’s Golden God Awards, where they are nominated for Album of the Year.

Check out Volbeat on:

VOLBEAT – Official Website



Beyond Hell / Above Heaven is available on iTunesAmazon


4/09 – Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues

4/10 – San Diego, CA @ House of Blues

4/13 – Dallas, TX @ House of Blues

4/14 – Houston, TX @ Scout Bar

4/16 – Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage Theatre

4/17 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues Orlando

4/22 – Baltimore, MD @ Sonar

4/23 – Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights

4/25 – Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club

4/27 – NY, NY @ Irving Plaza

(Source: Universal Motown Republic Group)



VOLBEAT UPDATE! Plus Info On Ticket Giveaways and More VOLBEAT!

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Danish rockers Volbeat kicked off their first U.S. headlining tour Thursday night, March 23rd at Irving Plaza in NYC… with a BANG! The sold out crowd sang every word, while Volbeat rocked out with their signature blend of Hard Rock meets Metal meets Rockabilly. I think Metallica’s James Hatfield put it best, calling it “Some kind of Elvis Metal.”

Volbeat has clearly invaded the U.S. Metal scene. Don’t have tickets for your city? Be on the lookout: for each U.S. tour date, Volbeat will be posting a status update on their Facebook page where fans can enter to win tickets to that night’s show. While fans are on Volbeat’s Facebook page, they can also access the “Poll” tab to pick which song from Beyond Hell/ Above Heaven they want played that night.

Volbeat’s latest album, Beyond Hell/ Above Heaven debuted at #1 across Europe, reached #1 on CMJ’s Loud Rock chartdebuted in the top 10 on the iTunes Rock chart and was #5 on Revolver Magazine’s best albums of 2010 list.

Volbeat will also be performing at Revolver’s Golden God Awards, where they are nominated for Album of the Year.

Check out the video for “Fallen” here:

Check out Volbeat on:



Beyond Hell / Above Heaven is available on iTunesAmazon



The 53rd Grammy Awards – Some Hard Rock and Metal Thoughts…

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53rd GRAMMY AWARDS – On February 13, 2011, the 53rd Grammy Awards took place. Yippee. Planet Earth is saved once again. Generations of Metalheads are so honored to have a select few of our bands nominated by this red carpet billionaire’s club. Per usual, the “establishment” behind the Grammy Awards has not a remote clue in knowing the difference between Hard Rock and Metal. Here is Exhibit A in explaining my Metal point:

Ozzy Osbourne is NOT a Hard Rock artist. Um, no. So, why was Ozzy Osbourne nominated for “Best Hard Rock Performance” with Let Me Hear You Scream from his 2010 Scream album? I’ve listened to this song enough times to realize it’s NOT Hard Rock. Yes, Ozzy has been known for his ballads in the past, Goodbye To Romance, So Tired and Mama I’m Coming Home are a few examples. These Ozzy ballads can very well be considered Hard Rock. My argument is, Let Me Hear You Scream is NOT a ballad, it is Heavy Metal or Metal, whichever you prefer. Therefore, WTF am I missing here? Calling this Ozzy song Hard Rock is like calling Slayer’s Reign In Blood album… Modern Rock.

Any astute fan of Ozzy Osbourne and/or Heavy Metal will agree, that 95% of Ozzy Osbourne’s music catalog is… Metal or Heavy Metal, whichever you prefer once again. Plus, 95% is probably too low. It’s very sad, that  the “decision makers” behind the Grammy Awards cannot tell the difference between world known and historic Rock genres such as Hard Rock and Metal. It’s like not knowing the difference between a beer and an ale. There is a difference! Ozzy Osbourne is extremely deserved of a Grammy Award for Let Me Hear You Scream, make no mistake about it. Ozzy was also deserved of many, many, many, other missed nominations for a Grammy award in the past as well. Metal be thy name.

When it came down to “Best Metal Performance”, that so-called sacred institution called the Grammys got it right with all of their nominations being Metal. Big deal. Their supposed to get it right for Metal sakes. However, the Grammys are decades late in honoring the ultra-legendary Iron MaidenEl Dorado from their 2010 studio album, The Final Frontier, was nominated for this “coveted” award and won. In my Metal opinion, the first five Iron Maiden albums are superior to that of The Final Frontier. Self-titled (1980), Killers (1981), The Number Of The Beast (1982), Piece Of Mind (1983) and Powerslave (1984) are audio textbooks for Metal 101. I will even add the 1988 album, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, to this list of Iron Maiden excellence. These are the influential and legendary Iron Maiden albums, the albums that bulldozed the path for countless Metal bands to travel, spanning into a fourth decade now.

I realize that a “Best Metal Performance” never existed during the years when Iron Maiden’s first five albums were released. This Grammy category did exist back in 2007 and Iron Maiden’s 2006 studio album A Matter Of Life And Death was ignored, which is a superior album to that of The Final Frontier as well. Am I happy for Iron Maiden winning the “Best Metal Performance” Grammy? Of course I am. The mainstream Grammys acknowledging Iron Maiden for their Metal contribution(s) has been long overdue. Do you think Iron Maiden cares if I’m happy for them? I doubt it. I will close with this, Iron Maiden should know where their true glory reigns within their album of catalogs and The Final Frontier is not in the same class with their previous albums I mentioned. Some may disagree with me, only I do know that I’m not alone in my Metal thinking.




GET SCARED “EP” – 3 Songs of Rippin’, Electric and Hard Rockin’ Vitality!

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GET SCARED – This 3 song EP from Layton Utah’s Hard Rockin’ trio known as GET SCARED was originally released back on October 5th of 2010 (Universal Motown) as a Hot Topic only exclusive. Now, this EP is available anywhere there is cool music being sold: Hot Topic, iTunes and to name a few. Over the years I’ve always gravitated toward the “power” of an EP, it’s a dandy way for a band to introduce themselves to new fans and reintroduce their music to their already set-in-place fandom.

GET SCARED is no newcomer to the Rock block with this new EP, their critically applauded six song EP Cheap Tricks and Theatrics was self-released back on September 8th, 2009. This do-it-yourself band of Hard Rockin’ merriment has garnered a most impressive following on YouTube and just about anywhere else you can imagine. It’s their hard work, music and style of GET SCARED that is making them a household name and not due to some overpaid televised talent show judge who is force feeding us to adore them.

With stellar and young Rockin’ guns like Escape The Fate taking GET SCARED on tour with them, the respect amongst their peers is growing parallel with their fans. Sarcasm, Voodoo and Deepest Cut are the three songs you will hear on this EP… and the desire of wanting to hear more from GET SCARED is totally normal after your very first listen… so don’t panic if you find yourself feeling this way. As I take in the all encompassing energy that GET SCARED emanates from their songs on this EP, I’m in turn giving my brain the ten minute workout it needs for Rock ‘n’ Roll endurance.

What are the Hard Rockin’ forces that drives this GET SCARED machine? The answer is both the confident vocals and the dexterous musicianship. Warning: You just might find yourself bouncing up and down like an out of control human piston, if you are to wisely let these songs from GET SCARED gain Rockin’ access into your senses. While you are listening to this EP, the psyche-you-out moments may come a knockin’ and it’s best to let ’em all in. It’s the multi-combination of this band’s aggressive Hard Rock moments, moxie, unbridled relevance, harmonious vocals and the unfailing melodic nature of these three songs that makes this EP and GET SCARED notably memorable.

Metal Odyssey’s Stone gives this GET SCARED EP 4 Out of 5 Metal Fists!

* These songs are taken from the highly anticipated upcoming GET SCARED album Best Kind Of Mess – releasing in Spring 2011.

* For more info on GET SCARED, click here: GET SCARED – myspace music


Nicholas – Story Teller

Johnny B – Music Box

Bradley Lloyd – Conductor

(Get Scared photo by permission/Universal Motown)

For a complete list of GET SCARED tour dates with Escape The Fate on The Dead Masquerade Tour, just click on the cool & big header link below!

ESCAPE THE FATE – The Dead Masquerade 2011 North American Tour Dates!



DÅÅTH “Genocidal Maniac” – Atlanta Metal Delivers On The Extreme!

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DÅÅTH – Atlanta Georgia’s very own Extreme Metal ambassadors DÅÅTH released their fourth studio album back on October 25th, 2010, via Century Media Records. To say this self titled album from DÅÅTH is Metal at it’s Extreme finest is an understatement. This is a band that has gained more strength and Metal momentum as each studio album of theirs gets released. This cohesive Metal Band mixes up styles that range from Death to Progressive Metal, while never losing a firm grip on the Extreme.

Genocidal Maniac is the opening track from DÅÅTH and I just love the instrumental buildup of this song, every single note about it. I so enjoy listening to the guitars of Emil Werstler and Eyal Levi. Whoa. At around 2:08 into Genocidal Maniac, Sean Z. comes in with his Extreme vocals. Sean Z. makes this song catapult into a higher level of extremity. The feeling I get when I listen to DÅÅTH is one of being frozen into a state of Metal shock. All I can do is listen and let my senses get pummeled into a state of Metal awe.

Listen for yourself below and let some DÅÅTH invade your ear space with Genocidal Maniac. It may just serve you right!

* For more info on DÅÅTH, just click here: DÅÅTH – myspace music


Sean Z. – vocals

Emil Werstler – lead guitar

Eyal Levi – guitar

Kevin Talley – drums

Jeremy Creamer – bass

Track Listing For DÅÅTH:

Genocidal Maniac


Indestructible Overdose

Double Tap Suicide

The Decider

Exit Plan

Oxygen Burn


Arch {Enemy} Misanthrope

Manufactured Insomnia

A Cold Devotion


Terminal Now



Metal Odyssey’s Stone Picks His Top Ten Albums Of 2010!

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Metal Odyssey’s Stone – Picking the “top ten list” of anything in life is not that easy. Choosing my Top Ten Albums Of 2010 proved to be more daunting than I had initially expected, with there being multiple dozens of excellent albums released this past year, spanning across each sub-genre of Metal, not to mention Hard Rock and Rock as well. I decided this year, to pick out only those ten albums that I can honestly say moved meas a complete album of songs. I have never limited my ears, mind and soul to just Metal, anyone who knows me or any regular visitor to Metal Odyssey understands this. Therefore, finding an album in my “top ten” that is not full-throttle, pedal to the Metal, shouldn’t come across as scandalous.

An album that makes my “top ten” list will move me emotionally, sending signals to my senses that either A: psyches-me-out of my Metal mind or B: makes me feel as though I’ve found a long lost friend, a friend I’ll now have for the rest of my Metal life. Of course quality musicianship, songwriting and overall production comes into play… only those three attributes will fall into place when an album is truly special to me.

Maybe you’ll enjoy, become slightly amused and or confused by my Top Ten Albums Of 2010. Either way, my intent is to showcase and appluad these albums and the bands that created them. Hopefully I peak your interest to buy an album or two from this list. These are the albums that will stand the test of my Metal time on Earth.



KATAKLYSM epitomizes the marriage of melodic and heavy… and succeeds so brilliantly in a Death Metal genre, a genre that has profoundly matured into mandatory importance in my Metal history book, many full moons ago. I’ll say this time and again, when Maurizio Iacono sings, I listen. Jean-Francois Dagenais on guitar is not just impressive, his playing is beyond that. If Death Metal needed “that band” to bridge the gap between the meat & potatoes and the progressive, then KATAKLYSM is that band. “Heaven’s Venom” is more than just another excellent Melodic Death Metal album, it is a collective “sound” and “vibe” that makes me realize that maybe “extreme” should be replaced with “pristine” when describing these ten songs.

On December 2, 2010, I posted a review on Heaven’s Venom, giving more Metal details as to why KATAKLYSM is sitting atop my tier of Metal legendary bands. Clicking the big header below will take you there!

KATAKLYSM “Heaven’s Venom” – Death Metal Mastery To Devour



The “Classic” Krokus lineup returned in 2010 to bring their Hard Rockin’ brand back… to kick our asses! Metal be thy name, Krokus DID kick my ass with “Hoodoo” and all I can say is: “thank you sirs, may I have more?” A (gasp) fun album is “Hoodoo”, that gives a wink and a smile to the gloriously loud and colorful 80’s decade of Arena Rock and good times thrills. If the songs “Too Hot” and “Hoodoo Woman” doesn’t get your Hard Rock adrenaline flowing, then maybe you should consider living as a hermit in the forests of Maine.

On April 27, 2010, I reviewed Hoodoo and did not hold back my Hard Rockin’ affection for this timeless Hard Rockin’ band. Click on the large header below to see!




Jon Oliva is a man of music. He proves this on “Festival”, by connecting the Rock ‘N’ Roll dots, Jon Oliva has his Classic Rock influences of the Beatles and The Electric Light Orchestra coexisting with the Savatage blood that flows through his ultra-talented veins. Is “Festival” a Heavy Metal album? On the surface it is… only once you really listen to this album a few dozen times, you might very well agree with me that “Festival” is a celebration of Jon Oliva’s musical career. The dark themes and nightmarish lyrics behold a realism that I find stunning, making me hope and pray that Jon Oliva and his band will create a “Festival”… part 2.

On April 15, 2010, my review for “Festival” was posted on Hard Rock Hideout. Click on the large header below to read all about it!

Jon Oliva’s Pain – Festival (2010)



What Greg Hampton (founding member, lead guitarist & vocalist) created with his band The New Czars, is one of the finest blends of Rock Music styles my ears have heard in years. “Doomsday Revolution” takes a Modern Hard Rock lead, with Industrial and Funk experimentation weaved within it’s lustrous interior. Greg Hampton might very well be the “missing link” within a generation of Rock vocal legends such as Glenn Hughes, Ian Gillan, David Coverdale and yes… Robert Plant. If that sounds too good to be true, then get yourself a copy of “Doomsday Revolution” and thank Stone for serving you right.

Back on September 8, 2010, I posted a detailed album review for Doomsday Revolution. You can click that big header below if you want to read all about it!




“Nightmare” is the fifth studio album from A7X and very well should be anointed as their very best. Powerful, angry and raging is “God Hates Us”, while the album opener “Nightmare” speeds on with it’s relentless up-tempo that makes me feel like I belong in the pit, carrying on like a psyched-out Metalhead from 1989. Seriously, what A7X has accomplished with “Nightmare” is nothing short of a Metal miracle, with having to cope with the loss of Jimmy “The Reverend” Sullivan. I won’t hold back calling this “Nightmare” album the “Back In Black” or “Black Album” of A7X’s catalog.

On November 9, 2010, my review for “Nightmare” was posted on Hard Rock Hideout. Check it out by clicking the header below!

Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare (2010)



What’s this? A Hard Rock three piece? A Modern Hard Rock three piece? Can these guys play? Who invited them to the party? Stone will tell you right now… KOPEK is a three piece, they are a Hard Rock band and they bought the copyright for the word relevance. By the way, KOPEK will be invited to the party and they are bringing with them a case of Hard Rock whoop ass that will have you begging “them” for more. Guitarist and vocalist Daniel Jordan brings that “it” factor to the Hard Rock table, “it” being his charisma that resonates from each and every song I hear on “White Collar Lies”. Drummer Shane Cooney and bassist Brad Kinsella round out this Hard Rockin’ trio from Dublin, Ireland, making them a band I recommend to every breathing human being on Earth.

On June 28, 2010, I presented to the world, an album review for White Collar Lies. If you want to know more about this KOPEK album that you should really buy, then click that friendly header below… it will serve you right!




This new DANZIG album could have easily been titled: “How Glenn Danzig Got His Groove Back”. “Deth Red Sabaoth” is a return to dark form for Glenn, with each song carrying it’s worthy weight of thump and stump heaviness. Dare I say once again… Old School? These flashbacks to the Heavy Metal glory years never hurt any band and DANZIG churns out the songs that I want to hear on a long, lost, dark nights cruise through the remote countryside. “Black Candy”, Deth Red Moon” and “Ju Ju Bone” are the three songs that stand-out among, well, 11 stand-out songs. Each time I listen to “Deth Red Sabaoth” I realize wholly, that Glenn Danzig is back… and that makes Stone feel very Metal comfy.

On July 22, 2010, my review for “Deth Red Sabaoth” was posted on Hard Rock Hideout. Check it out for yourself by clicking the header below!




An Udo-less Accept is hard to “accept”… unless you listen to “Blood Of The Nations”. Mark Tornillo made me a believer from the first note he bellows on “Beat The Bastards”, while not being an Udo clone, Mark just accomplished what always came natural to him… that’s to sing like an Old School Metal warrior! With a near perfect version of the original Accept lineup grinding out 14 songs, at the culmination of my first listen to this album I wanted MORE! This is an Accept album that solidifies this band’s Heavy Metal importance and existence of both past and present. “Blood Of The Nations” also reminds all of us aging Metalheads, that Old School Heavy Metal dreams really do come true.

On September 14, 2010, I posted a very psyched-out review for this Blood Of The Nations album. Check it out if you like, by clicking the big ol’ header below!


#2 (Tie)


Why have I made it a “tie” between EXODUS – Exhibit B: The Human Condition and OVERKILL – Ironbound? The answer is simple… Thrash Metal albums, from these two ultra-legends, sounding this damn outstanding, has fortunately collided with an uncanny equality. Choosing between these two albums as which is best, is liking choosing between two iced mugs of Blue Moon Ale. Pick ’em. Founding members Gary Holt (guitar) and Tom Hunting (drums) are the Metal backbone to Exodus being not just pioneers of Thrash Metal, Exodus is one of this genre’s true leaders in 2010. This album is as brutal as any that Exodus has released… and these guys sound tighter than ever!

#2 (Tie)


As with Exodus, Overkill are pioneers of the Thrash Metal movement that has seen a resurgence of popularity that reminds me of the 80’s. “Ironbound” is full-blown and in-your-face Thrash Metal that glistens with Old School hunger and never relents with it’s crushing and force driven songs. Founding members Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth (vocals) and D.D. Verni (bass) are living proof that they can create and play Thrash Metal for 30 years and counting, with different lineups, while never losing a touch of relevance. After three decades of albums, Overkill quite possibly made their verybest with “Ironbound.”

On March 8, 2010, I reviewed “Ironbound” on Hard Rock Hideout. Click the header below to read the complete details!

Overkill – Ironbound (2010)



“Sting In The Tail” radiates every quality that I yearn for in choosing a #1 album: heaviness, hardness, melodic, memorable, emotional and Old School… all wrapped up into one celebratory goodbye after spanning nearly five decades of existence. This album dominated my Metal soul like none other in 2010, even the ballads “The Good Die Young” and “The Best Is Yet To Come” made an instant impact on me… and I never wave the flag for ballads that often. Klaus Meine sounds as incredible as ever on vocals, while this entire band plays with the fire of twenty year olds. “Sting In The Tail” was not a return to the glory days of 80’s Heavy Metal, instead, this album showcases just how electrifying the Scorpions still are after so many decades. The Scorpions go out proving to me, they never lost their edge. There will never be another band like the Scorpions.

Back on April 3, 2010, I posted a detailed album review on Sting In The Tail. Click the large header below, to read about how much I really dig this Scorpions album!






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