GET SCARED “EP” – 3 Songs of Rippin’, Electric and Hard Rockin’ Vitality!

GET SCARED – This 3 song EP from Layton Utah’s Hard Rockin’ trio known as GET SCARED was originally released back on October 5th of 2010 (Universal Motown) as a Hot Topic only exclusive. Now, this EP is available anywhere there is cool music being sold: Hot Topic, iTunes and to name a few. Over the years I’ve always gravitated toward the “power” of an EP, it’s a dandy way for a band to introduce themselves to new fans and reintroduce their music to their already set-in-place fandom.

GET SCARED is no newcomer to the Rock block with this new EP, their critically applauded six song EP Cheap Tricks and Theatrics was self-released back on September 8th, 2009. This do-it-yourself band of Hard Rockin’ merriment has garnered a most impressive following on YouTube and just about anywhere else you can imagine. It’s their hard work, music and style of GET SCARED that is making them a household name and not due to some overpaid televised talent show judge who is force feeding us to adore them.

With stellar and young Rockin’ guns like Escape The Fate taking GET SCARED on tour with them, the respect amongst their peers is growing parallel with their fans. Sarcasm, Voodoo and Deepest Cut are the three songs you will hear on this EP… and the desire of wanting to hear more from GET SCARED is totally normal after your very first listen… so don’t panic if you find yourself feeling this way. As I take in the all encompassing energy that GET SCARED emanates from their songs on this EP, I’m in turn giving my brain the ten minute workout it needs for Rock ‘n’ Roll endurance.

What are the Hard Rockin’ forces that drives this GET SCARED machine? The answer is both the confident vocals and the dexterous musicianship. Warning: You just might find yourself bouncing up and down like an out of control human piston, if you are to wisely let these songs from GET SCARED gain Rockin’ access into your senses. While you are listening to this EP, the psyche-you-out moments may come a knockin’ and it’s best to let ’em all in. It’s the multi-combination of this band’s aggressive Hard Rock moments, moxie, unbridled relevance, harmonious vocals and the unfailing melodic nature of these three songs that makes this EP and GET SCARED notably memorable.

Metal Odyssey’s Stone gives this GET SCARED EP 4 Out of 5 Metal Fists!

* These songs are taken from the highly anticipated upcoming GET SCARED album Best Kind Of Mess – releasing in Spring 2011.

* For more info on GET SCARED, click here: GET SCARED – myspace music


Nicholas – Story Teller

Johnny B – Music Box

Bradley Lloyd – Conductor

(Get Scared photo by permission/Universal Motown)

For a complete list of GET SCARED tour dates with Escape The Fate on The Dead Masquerade Tour, just click on the cool & big header link below!

ESCAPE THE FATE – The Dead Masquerade 2011 North American Tour Dates!



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