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STAHLMANN – Will Release Their 4th Album “CO2” On August 28th (EU) And September 18th (US), via AFM Records

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Stahlmann - CO2 - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #33MOSLMSMN

Germany’s Stahlmann will release their new album “CO2” via AFM Records, on August 28th!

Stahlmann - video shoot - Plasma - #0002 - 2015 - MOLHG

Check out some hot pics (above & below) from the video shoot for the first single “Plasma” (out on July 24th).

You can pre order the single on Itunes:

Stahlmann - video shoot - Plasma - 2015 - #001MOSLG



AFM Records - logo - white background - 2015 - #MOGNALS




CORONATUS – “Cantus Lucidus” Available For Pre-Order On iTunes; Releasing On December 5th, Via Massacre Records

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Coronatus - Cantus Lucidus - promo album cover flyer - itunes - #201411

Pre-order Coronatus’ new album “Cantus Lucidus” on iTunes and download the instant grat track “Schnee & Rosen” right away! Click here:



Carmen Lorch – Vocals,

Anny Maleyes – Vocals,

Olivér – Guitars,

Pinu’u Remus – Keys & Orchestra,

Mats Kurth – Drums


Coronatus are an amazingly gifted band from Germany, featuring duo female vocalists and play Symphonic and Gothic Metal.

For more info on Coronatus:

Massacre Records - M Logo - 2014






HORTUS ANIMAE Return With “Secular Music” – Releasing On March 24th, Via Flicknife Records

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Hortus Animae - Secular Music - promo cover pic - 2014

Important news from the Hortus Animae front: The band has inked a deal with the historic British label Flicknife Records for the worldwide release of their comeback album “Secular Music” that will start hitting the roads on March 24, 2014. The band also now reveals the frontcover of the album and a teaser video can be seen below:

Hortus Animae - Secular Music - promo banner pic - 2014

* For more info on HORTUS ANIMAE:

Facebook: Hortus Animae



Flicknife Records - Large Logo - 2014


Facebook: Flicknife Records: a music label

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RAVEN X – “Angel Of The Night” Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Raven X - band promo pic - 2012 - #3

RAVEN X – Cleveland Ohio’s RAVEN X is a Metal band that is so loaded with (multi) Extreme and Melodic Metal potency that it’s downright dizzying to my Metal senses!

I’ve chosen the killer cut Angel Of The Night, from RAVEN X as:

Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

Angel Of The Night is from the RAVEN X debut album Essence Without Light which was released on March 13th, 2013.

Listen to this ear scalding track below… allow the Gothic Death Metal of RAVEN X to flow through your veins… crank it up… and… Metal be thy name.



all Vocals & Lyrics

all Instruments & Music


Raven X - Essence Without Light - promo cover

For more info on how to purchase Essence Without Light, click on the link below!

RAVEN X – Debut Album “Essence Without Light” Is Available Now!

The above link is for a post featured on Metal Odyssey, on April 21, 2013.


For more info on RAVEN X, click on the links below! Whoa!

facebook: Raven X

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OUTSHINE – Gothic Metal from Sweden – Releasing New Album “Prelude To Descent” On June 7th & Announce New Tour Dates

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Outshine - Prelude To Descent - promo cover pic!

OUTSHINE – After 6 appreciated US Tours and the last one in April 2013, with +100 gigs in Scandinavia and the US, airtime in Swedish Radio and various endorsements deals OUTSHINE now release their new album Prelude To Descent with new singer Micke Holm. The album will be out June 7th through Outshine’s own label Dead Tree Music and Soundpollution Distribution in Sweden, Europe and USA.

The addition of a new singer, that has a darker and heavier approach to the OUTSHINE songs and vibe, has taken the band to the next level and the essence of the band and album is really finally coming out. A video for the song “I Was Nothing” can be viewed here:

The new album was recorded by Svein Jensen at Grand Recordings (M.A.N, Transport League, Hide The Knives, Sister Sin, Troublemakers, Outshine), produced by Jimmy Norberg and Svein Jensen and mastered by Göran Finnberg (Meshuggah, The Haunted, Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames).

Outshine - band pic - promo banner - 2013 - new album

“OUTSHINE, with a melancholic and dark approach to their music, is heading in a heavier direction, more straight up and with bulldozer-heavy sound. The band has influences from the gothic metal to melodic rock always with a twist. OUTSHINE´s sound has been recognized as unique and with a “live” feeling. Beautiful and honest, dark and evil, tough and hard…OUTSHINE “Prelude To Descent”.

To support the album release the band will go on their 6th US tour and also hit the road for a number of concerts in Sweden.

Outshine - promo band pic - small block

Tour dates:

March 8th – Anchor, Stockholm, Sweden

March 9th – Anchor, Stockholm, Sweden

March 21st – Holy Mountain, Austin, Tx w/ Carbellion

March 22nd – The Rail Club, Ft Worth, Tx w/ Carbellion

March 23rd – The Deadhorse, San Angelo, Tx w/ Carbellion

March 24th – The Trail Bar, Monroe, La w/ Carbellion

March 25th – The Nick, Birmingham, Al w/ Carbellion

March 26th – Melody Inn, Indianapolis, In w/ Carbellion

March 27th – Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, Ia w/ Carbellion

March 28th – Mcauliffe’s Pub, Racine, Wi w/ Carbellion

March 29th – Jd´s. Green Bay, Wi w/ Carbellion

March 30th – Speakeasy, Sheboygan, Wi w/ Carbellion

March 31st – Champs, Sheboygan, Wi w/ Carbellion

April 6th – Backstage Rock Bar, Trollhättan, Sweden

May 3rd –  Strike Rock Bar, Falköping

May 4th – La Bohemia, Lidköping, Sweden

May 4th – Italia, Lidkoping

May 11th – Sticky Fingers, Göteborg, Sweden

May 31st – Anchor, Stockholm, Sweden

June 1st – Anchor, Stockholm, Sweden

June 28th O´Learys, Skövde, Sweden

OUTSHINE - band promo pic - 2013 - large - B&W


Jimmy Norberg – guitars, bass, electronica

Fredrik Kretz – drums

Micke Holm – vocals


(Source: OUTSHINE)

For more info on OUTSHINE, click on the links below!

facebook: Outshine Sweden

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RAVEN X – Debut Album “Essence Without Light” Is Available Now!

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Raven X - Essence Without Light - promo cover

RAVEN X – The Raven X album Essence Without Light is now available!! Essence Without Light was released back on March 13th, 2013. This debut album from Ohio’s Gothic Death Metal duo will no doubt impress Metal fans from both the Melodic and Extreme sides of the Metal aisle! Metal be thy name.

To Purchase via Download:



Buy CD:

The CD contains an 8-page booklet with all lyrics included!

CD artwork was created by artist Maira Pedroni.


Listen to and watch the album trailer for Essence Without Light:

Raven X - Band Pic - 2013 - #1


NŸX – all Vocals & Lyrics

KHÂOS – all Instruments & Music


* RAVEN X was formed in 2006 by guitarist Khâos and vocalist Nÿx.

For more info on RAVEN X, click on the links below!

facebook: Raven X

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CORONATUS – Writing New Album; Carmen R. Lorch Returns As Soprano Voice

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CORONATUS - band logo - large!

CORONATUS are currently writing new material for their upcoming album!

They plan to enter the studio in May/June 2013.

Carmen R. Lorch will join the band on the upcoming album!

Carmen was the soprano voice of CORONATUS from 2004 until 2010.

Carmen R. Lorch - Coronatus - publicity pic - 2013

Carmen R. Lorch

The band has released the video clip for the song “Vor Der Schlacht” a couple of months ago. You can watch it on the Massacre Records YouTube channel:

You can get CORONATUS’ releases here:



Massacre Records - large logo! Red:black:white

For more info on CORONATUS, click on the links below!

facebook: Coronatus

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WEDNESDAY 13 – “THE DIXIE DEAD” – Releases In U.S. February 19th!

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Wednesday 13 - The Dixie Dead - promo cover pic - 2013!

The Dixie Dead – Available Feb 19 (Feb 18 in the UK)

As reported on the facebook of Wednesday 13:

Wednesday 13 – The Dixie Dead (limited edition packing with expanded artwork) available only in the US or thru a US source for initial orders. Retail limited edition will have a pull out poster and expanded artwork – comes in DVD packaging. The version ordered during the website pre-orders comes with the above and an exclusive patch and an exclusive sticker.

So far this site has it the cheapest:

regular version –

retail limited version –


For more info on WEDNESDAY 13, click on the links below!

facebook: Wednesday 13

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CORONATUS – Announce Digital Compilation “Best Of 2007 – 2011”

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CORONATUS – Germany’s Gothic/Symphonic Metal treasure known as CORONATUS are going to release a digital compilation just in time for Christmas!

Best Of 2007-2011 will feature the best 16 songs out of all of their albums!


The track list looks like this:

01. Fernes Land

02. Dead Man’s Tale

03. Saint Slayer

04. Traumzeit

05. Wolfstanz

06. Tantalos

07. Kristallklares Wasser

08. Blind

09. Exitus

10. Cast My Spell

11. Mein Herz

12. Beauty In Black

13. Silberlicht

14. Scream Of The Butterfly

15. Ich Atme Zeit

16. Hot & Cold

The compilation will be available for a special price on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Musicload and other digital music stores only!

You can already listen to snippets from CORONATUS’ “Best Of 2007-2011” here:

The compilation is going to be released on December 21, 2012 via Massacre Records.



For more info on CORONATUS, click on the links below!



EnChanTya – Reveal Debut Album Artwork and Track List

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EnChanTya’s debut album Dark Rising is going to be released on September 28th! The album was mixed and mastered by Fernando Matias at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers. Dark Rising, which will be available for a special newcomer price, will feature the following songs:

01. Unwavering Faith

02. No Stars In The Sky (Pre-listening:

03. Night In Whisper

04. Clad In Black

05. Longing For You

06. Your Tattoo

7. She Devil

08. Ocean Drops

09. Dark Rising

10. Winter Dreams

11. Fear Me When You Fall

12. Interlude / Become Of Me

13. Moonlighting The Dreamer

Don’t miss them live at Portugal’s Cameraman Metal Fest next month!(


Rute Fevereiro – Vocals

Nuno Seven – Guitar

MP – Bass

João Paulo Monteiro – Drums

Bruno Prates – Guitar


(Source: Massacre Records)

For more info on EnChanTya, click on the links below!

Long Live EnChanTya.


WEDNESDAY 13 ‘Spook And Destroy’ EP Releases October 9th; Spook And Destroy World Tour Begins October 25th!

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WEDNESDAY 13 – Horror Punk, Metal and Hard Rock fans rejoice! The NEW Wednesday 13 EP, Spook And Destroy, will be released on October 9th! Take a horrifying look below at the 8-song track listing! While you’re at it, take a terrifying look at the dates listed below for the Spook And Destroy World Tour Metal be thy name!


SPOOK AND DESTROY – Track Listing:


Halloween 13-13

Bad Things (2012)

Rambo (2012)

Mr. Motherfucker (2012)

Curse Of Me (acoustic)

Bad Things (Suffocation Celebration Remix)

Rambo (Bullets and Bloodshed Remix)



Oct 25, 2012  Brisbane, AUS  The Zoo  BUY TICKETS

Oct 26, 2012  Sydney, AUS  Manning Bar  BUY TICKETS

Oct 27, 2012  Melbourne, AUS  The Espy  BUY TICKETS

Oct 31, 2012  London, UK  Club Koko

Nov 01, 2012  Utrechtm Holland  Tivoli de Helling

Nov 02, 2012  Bochum, Germany  Matrix

Nov 03, 2012  Hamburg, Germany  Logo

Nov 04, 2012  Prague, Czech Rep.  Hoodoo

Nov 06, 2012  Bratislava, Slovakia  Randal

Nov 07, 2012  Vienna, Austria  Szene

Nov 08, 2012  Munich, Germany  Backstage Halle

Nov 09, 2012  Roncade, Italy  New Age Club

Nov 10, 2012  Romagnano Sesia, Italy  R’N’R Arena

Nov 11, 2012  Stuttgart, Germany  Universum

Nov 13, 2012  Wiesbaden, Germany  Schlechthof

Nov 14, 2012  Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg  Kulturfabrik

Nov 15, 2012  Paris, France  Boule Noire

Nov 17, 2012  Moscow, Russia  Milk Club

Nov 18, 2012  St. Petersburg, Russia  Glavclub


For more info on WEDNESDAY 13, click on the links below!



LACUNA COIL “Dark Adrenaline” – 9 Quick & Easy Reasons Why You Should Buy This Album

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LACUNA COIL – Back on January 24th, the sixth studio album, Dark Adrenaline, from Italy’s Lacuna Coil was released, via Century Media. This album was also released two days before my birthday, therefore, I did buy it that week as a gift to myself. I’ve enjoyed Dark Adrenaline a great Metal deal; below are 9 Quick & Easy Reasons as to why you should buy this new Lacuna Coil release for yourself. Or… buy it for a friend. A cool friend.

Quick & Easy Reason #1 – This album lyrically is dark, like its title states. The mood is dark. The vibes are dark. LACUNA COIL is at their best when they are… DARK. Plus, dark is… Metal.

Quick & Easy Reason #2 – Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro are once again, as complete a singing duo as there has ever been, in the history of Rock. Period. What would you rather listen to? Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand singing You Don’t Bring Me Flowers? That song would have been cool if not for Streisand, by the way.

Quick & Easy Reason #3 – Back to Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro: Their trading off vocal harmonies and their occasional aggression makes for the straw that stirs this Lacuna Coil drink.

Quick & Easy Reason #4 – Totality of musicianship. Hey, look! Quality musicianship! I couldn’t expect anything less from this band.

Quick & Easy Reason #5 – For an accessibly heavy album, Dark Adrenaline has shown the Metal world, that once again, Lacuna Coil can be both a mainstream and back alley darling of a Metal band; appealing to a cross-section of Heavy Rock genres. Yes, Lacuna Coil is a Metal band with subtle and not so subtle Gothic stylings; they surely can’t be taking Air Supply out on tour with them anytime soon.

Quick & Easy Reason #6 – Dark Adrenaline flows with its melodic ride of hard and heavy songs. It’s a flow that comes across so natural, that once this album ends, it’s practically a let-down that there was no warning it would end. Lacuna Coil didn’t have to go over the edge with being any heavier… if they did, then some weirdo would write they were trying to copy KITTIE. Or… something like that. KITTIE Rocks my brains out and I’m grateful for it, by the way.

Quick & Easy Reason #7 – Lacuna Coil’s cover of Losing My Religion from the legendary R.E.M., for all Metal intents and purposes… steals the whole dark show. Really. Lacuna Coil took this 1991 Alternative Rock classic and made it their Metal own in 2012. I honestly love this cover version so much, the original won’t have the same impact on me that it once did. A double dose of Metal be thy name.

Quick & Easy Reason #8My Spirit. Lacuna Coil wrote and dedicated this song for the late and great Peter Steele. Partially sung in Italian, this song is emotionally moving and simply superb. A rightfully selective way to finish off Dark Adrenaline, it is.

Quick & Easy Reason #9 – Sample if you will, then buy Dark Adrenaline. After you listen to this new Lacuna Coil album from beginning to end, you can come back here and thank Stone for recommending it. If you don’t like this album, well… then, there’s always an Air Supply Greatest Hits for sale somewhere for you.


Cristina Scabbia – Vocals

Andrea Ferro – Vocals

Marco “Maki” Coti-Zelati – Bass

Cristiano “Pizza” Migliore – Guitars

Marco ‘Maus’ Biazzi – Guitars

Cristiano ‘CriZ’ Mozzati – Drums


Dark Adrenaline – Track Listing:

Trip The Darkness

Against You

Kill The Light

Give Me Something More


End Of Time

I Don’t Believe In Tomorrow


The Army Inside

Losing My Religion


My Spirit


For more info on LACUNA COIL, click on the links below!



SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA – To Release Exclusive Digital EP; The Corruption UK Tour – May Tour Dates

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Sarah Jezebel Deva will be releasing a digital-only EP entitled Malediction, which features special appearances by Dani Filth from CRADLE OF FILTH and SOILWORK frontman Björn Strid singing a duet with Sarah on the song “Lies Define Us.”

“Working with Sarah Jezebel Deva was a trip. We definitely found common ground humor wise and musically. The song we did together is still ringing in my head. The atmosphere is fantastic and the melody is haunting. Drop the gothic top hats and get ready for the real deal!” commented Björn.

After spending 14 years in CRADLE OF FILTH as a backing singer, Sarah and Dani join forces once again. The Cradle Of Filth front man shares his enthusiasm for the collaboration, “It was great fun duetting with Sarah Jezebel Deva again, being a new thing for me to try and compliment her voice, rather than the other way round (which generally happened on the Cradle Of Filth material), so being involved in this song was definitely a challenge for me (and not a curse) seeing as I only had a few days to leave my stain on it. Fortunately the tune was strong enough to carry away my first fumbling forays. I think the track itself is really powerful and definitely rings as emotive as the subject matter of the lyrics, (which I attempted to embellish rather than change) honestly thinking to myself that the finished song has come out better than midnight in a Playboy graveyard”

Malediction will be released worldwide on May 28th.

Sarah Jezebel Deva is set to head out on The Corruption UK Tour in May with special guests Apparition. Dates are as follows:

May 16 – Birmingham @ The End

May 17 – Manchester @ Dry Bar

May 18 – Liverpool @ The Lomax

May 19 – Leeds @ The Cockpit

May 20 – Grimsby @ Yardbirds

May 23 – Cardiff @ Bogiez

May 24 – Bristol @ Tunnels

May 25 – Andover @ George

May 26 – Swindon @ The Furnace

May 27 – London @ Nambucca


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info, click on the links below:

SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA – Official Website




WEDNESDAY 13 – 2012 U.S. and Europe Tour Dates

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WEDNESDAY 13 – The Hard and Heavy Rockin’ Wednesday 13 will be taking his band to the road starting this June! Both U.S. and European tour dates/venues are listed below. In my humble Metal opinion, the combined Punk, Horror, Gothic and Metal appeal of Wednesday 13 is contagious! Maybe you’ll get a chance to check out one of these shows? Let it be known and leave a comment! Metal be thy name.


06/08/12 – Seattle, WA at Studio Seven

06/09/12 – Portland, OR at Branx

06/13/12 – Hollywood, CA at Whisky A Go-Go

07/06/12 – Indianapolis, IN at Wyndham Indianapolis West – DAYS OF THE DEAD

07/07/12 – Indianapolis, IN at Wyndham Indianapolis West – DAYS OF THE DEAD

07/08/12 – Indianapolis, IN at Wyndham Indianapolis West – DAYS OF THE DEAD

10/31/12 – London, UK at Club Koko

11/01/12 – Utrecht, Holland at Tivoli de Helling

11/02/12 – Bochum, Germany at Matrix

11/03/12 – Hamburg, Germany at Logo

11/04/12 – Prague, Czech Rep. at Hoodoo

11/06/12 – Bratislava, Slovakia at Randal



For more info on WEDNESDAY 13, click on the links below:



DARKSEED – Digital ‘Best Of’ DARKSEED Out In May

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DARKSEED – A best of DARKSEED has been added to our digital-only series.

The best of, entitled “Astral Darkness Awaits”, will feature 14 tracks including 2 bonus tracks that were only available on the limited edition of the physical version of “Poison Awaits”.

“Astral Darkness Awaits” is going feature songs from the following DARKSEED releases: “Astral Adventures”, “Ultimate Darkness” and “Poison Awaits”.

The complete track listing will be revealed soon.

“Astral Darkness Awaits” will be available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Musicload other
digital music stores only on May 4, 2012!


(Source: Massacre Records)

For more info on DARKSEED, click on the links below:



TO/DIE/FOR – Signs With Massacre Records; New Album ‘Samsara’ Due Out Summer 2012

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(Photo Credit: Karen Fader McBride)

It seems like Gothic Metal became the national music for Finland – and among the leading acts you’ll find TO/DIE/FOR.

TO/DIE/FOR was founded in the middle of the 90’s. They soon released some mini-albums on their own and their first album “All Eternity” followed in 1999, released through Spinefarm Records (Finland)/Nuclear Blast (Europe). Soon the band became well-known within the gothic scene, not at last because of the excellent cover version of the 80’s classic “In The Heat Of The Night” (originally by Sandra). A tour with in Flames and Sentenced followed and proved that TO/DIE/FOR is more than an overnight sensation.

When their second album “Epilogue” was released in 2001, the single “Hollow Heart” reached a top position at the Finnish single charts in advance. A tour with Lacrimosa followed, another successful step in the history of this outstanding Gothic Metal act.

After the band focused on the songwriting and took a small break, their third record “Jaded” was released in 2003. Once again a rocking Gothic Metal album, featuring those typical, melancholic and dark vocals of Jape Parätalo, which is one of the trademarks of the band. The fourth studio album “IV” (2005) followed and “Wounds Wide Open”, the fifth studio album, was released in October 2006. In autumn 2007 the band decided to take a break.

After many years of absence one of the pioneering Gothic Rock/Metal bands is back with their new album “Samsara”, which will be released in summer 2012!



Jape TDF – Vocals

Juppe Sutela – Guitar

Antza Talala – Guitar

Eza Viren – Bass

Matti Huopainen – Drums

Juska Salminen – Keyboards


(Source: Massacre Records)

For more info on TO/DIE/FOR, click on the links below:



MY BLACK LIGHT – Releases New Music Video “Inner World” From Debut Album “Human Maze”

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MY BLACK LIGHT – Italy’s My Black Light saw their debut album, Human Maze, released back on October 28th, 2011, via Massacre Records. One of many fantastic songs from this album, Inner World, is now a music video! Check out below for yourself, the engaging vocals of Monica Primo and the solid as steel musicianship of My Black Light. If you haven’t yet picked up Human Maze and fed it to your Metal starved ears, you’re missing out!


Monica Primo – vocals

Rodolfo Coda Bertetto – keyboards & vocals

Marco Peraldo – bass guitar

Emanuele Rossi – lead guitar

Edoardo Giordani – drums

Monica Primo – Vocals


For more info on MY BLACK LIGHT, click on the links below:

My Black Light – facebook



LISTENABLE RECORDS – Offering FREE 22 Track Sampler!

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Listenable Records is offering fans a FREE 22-track sampler, which is now available for streaming and download at Listenable Records Free Sampler. The album, which features tracks from many of Listenable’s dynamic and diverse roster of artists – past and present – includes Gojira, Svart Crown, Sarah Jezebel Deva, 77, Hate, KATANA, TORNADOTormentedSerpent Cult and many more.

(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on Listenable Records, click on the link below:




CORONATUS ‘Terra Incognita’ – 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Into This Gothic Metal Album

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CORONATUS – One of the best albums I’ve listened to from 2011 is Terra Incognita from Germany’s Gothic Metal Band: Coronatus. This is a band and album that can’t be overlooked by any diverse Metal fan. I would love to see Coronatus become a huge favorite among the Metal masses in North America, their entire sound and attention to detail with their music is impressive and lures me in song after song. Below are five reasons why you should consider adding Terra Incognita to your list of must have albums.

Reason #1: Coronatus is a band that obviously loves music, period. This is a Metal band, only Coronatus knows how to create music. They cross over many Metal genres with Terra Incognita. Yes, this band and album will appeal highly to Gothic Metal fans, yet Melodic, Symphonic and Traditional Metal fans can easily hear many elements on Terra Incognita that they can surely embrace.

Reason #2: On Terra Incognita, everything comes together so fine. The keyboard arrangements and orchestration belongs with and compliments so well the melodic guitar parts and heavy riffs. The union of melodic and heavy just sounds and feels incredibly genuine throughout this entire album.

Reason #3: Mareike Makosch (Alto Voice) and Lady Ada Flechtner (Rock Soprano) could easily steal the show on Terra Incognita, if not for the masterful totality of musicianship that this band excels with. However, I find my ears absorbing the vocals of these two beautiful voices and being left nearly spellbound. This is an album that I listen to time and again and still hear something new consistently.

Reason #4: The European sound and vibe from Coronatus is infectious. Regardless if the song is sung in German (Fernes Land) or English (Dead Man’s Tale), the end result is a definitive listen into just how passionate these two female vocalists are about the song. This passion for song that I hear is a universal language all its own.

Reason #5: There is never a moment where I want to skip over a song on Terra Incognita. The cumulative listen brings about a mood that is epic and a vibe that is celebratory. The cool aspect of listening to a band such as Coronatus and their newest gem Terra Incognita, is that I know I will hear a presentation that is all importantly memorable. Standing out and being original are qualities that this band easily bestows and conveys musically on Terra Incognita.

Yes, I highly recommend Terra Incognita. Coronatus receives a well deserved Metal bravo from me and I stand by this Metal sentiment.

* Terra Incognita is the fourth studio album from Coronatus, released via Massacre Records on November 18th, 2011.

Watch and listen to Fernes Land below! 

TERRA INCOGNITA – Track Listing:

01. Saint Slayer

02. Fernes Land

03. A Dead Man‘s Tale

04. Sie Steh’n Am Weg

05. Vor der Schlacht

06. Hateful Affection

07. In Signo Crucis Trilogy I: Der Kleriker

08. In Signo Crucis Trilogy II: Das Zweite Gesicht

09. In Signo Crucis Trilogy III: In Signo Crucis

10. Der Letzte Freund

11. Traumzeit

12. Terra Incognita

* Digipak Bonus Tracks:

13. Mein Herz (Live At Roehre Stuttgart 2011)

14. Kristallklares Wasser (Live Version) [* Japanese Edition]

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AUTUMN – Stream “Truth Be Told (Exhale)” On, “Cold Comfort” Available Worldwide Now!

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Today, online music destination will be hosting the premiere of Truth Be Told (Exhale) from AUTUMN’s new album, Cold Comfort. The song is the 8th track on the record and contains some of the albums most poignant and moving melodies. The track can be heard now HERE.

Terrorizer Magazine describes Cold Comfort as “Haunting, lush gothic metal the Netherlands that drips with melody.” This is one that fans of Katatonia, The Gathering, etc. will not want to miss!

The title track, as well as the video for The Scarecrow, can be seen now at

Cold Comfort is the band’s fifth full-length effort and their third for Metal Blade Records. It offers a collection of striking songs blended into a diverse and yet surprisingly compact album, one that AUTUMN considers to be their most personal and meaningful to date.

AUTUMN needed not look far for a man to put at the helm with the right pioneering philosophy for the band to begin taking leaps: Erik-Jan Dodd, AUTUMN’s live sound engineer since the My New Time era, envisioned a more vintage approach for Cold Comfort. An experiment the band was all too eager to embrace, explains guitarist Mats van der Valk. “If there’s anyone who knows what we’re all about and more importantly: what we could potentially be all about, it’s E-J.”

AUTUMN guitarist Mats van der Valk comments on the band’s upcoming shows in Germany: “We’re well pleased that we’ll be setting foot on German soil again this February, bringing Cold Comfort to Berlin, Köln and Hamburg. We’ve grown fond of these cities during previous tours, have always been welcomed with heartfelt smiles by awesome audiences. We’re very much looking forward to meeting up with fans and friends, old and new, as we hit the stage for the first German shows of the Cold Comfort campaign!”

AUTUMN – European Tour Dates 2012

01/27 Groningen, NL Vera

02/07 Berlin, DE K17

02/08 Koln, DE Luxor

02/09 Hamburg, DE Headcrash

02/10 Tilburg, NL 013

03/03 Aalten, NL Rock of Ages Festival

05/12 Emmen, NL Emmen Metal Festival

06/16 Oss, NL Groene Engel

(Source: Metal Blade Records News Update)

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