8584409Not only is Glenn Danzig infamous as the former front man for the legendary Misfits, he is a Heavy Metal legend on his own as DANZIG. This EP – “thrall-demonsweatlive” is a formidable Heavy Metal release that exemplifies true characteristics of real deal Metal. Danzig’s bellowing and confident vocals are delivered with strong conviction, when he sings I listen. The riffs are abundant and lacquered with all the horror and spooky tendencies that they can possibly deliver. Every tune here is Metal gold. “the violet fire” is so great, it pushes forward like an earth moving machine, leaving behind a swath of Heavy Metal glory. “trouble” is without a doubt, one lean and mean Metal song that is uncoiling with every bolt of Danzig attitude and toughness. “mother” is probably the most famous Danzig song ever, the live version is just as great as the studio cut. All 4 live tunes are energy packed with Metal feistiness and heavy duty Danzig swagger. Treat yourself to some real Heavy Metal, buy “thrall-demonsweatlive”. Having Danzig in your Metal collection is a fundamental necessity.

Danzig is: Glenn Danzig on vocals, keyboards & guitar, Eerie Von on bass, John Christ on guitars and Chuck Biscuits on drums. The liner notes are 8 pages that unfold to full color photos of Danzig and his band mates, captured live in concert. Now that is what I call cool Metal liner notes.

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