8998061Black Sabbath “Dehumanizer” was released in 1992 with Ronnie James Dio making a return for another run alongside guitarist Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler on bass and Vinny Appice on drums. Make no mistake about it, this is a really decent Black Sabbath album, with all of the trademark heavy riffs and mysterious and dark lyrics. Ronnie James Dio sounds like he never left Black Sabbath on “Dehumanizer”. I feel the band sounds just as powerful as they left off from “The Mob Rules” album. “After All (The Dead)” is a melancholy & dark, mid-paced song, that allows Dio the freedom to sing with sincere emotion. “Computer God” and “Master of Insanity” are two heavy driven tunes that showcases why Tony Iommi (on guitar) and Geezer Butler (on bass) are so immortal in the Heavy Metal music world. These songs have underlying intelligent themes about them that I find interesting. “Time Machine” is a catchy and heavy song with a more commercial approach to Metal; yet for a Black Sabbath song it is more on the heavy.

Vinny Appice is so distinguishable on drums, he is excellent throughout this entire album. Overall, “Dehumanizer” made for an interesting and likable compliment to all the other Dio fronted Black Sabbath albums. You are not getting “The Mob Rules” album here, yet you are not getting a rehashed filler album either. This is in my opinion, an excellent album from Black Sabbath, that should finally get the credit and recognition it so justly deserves. Any Heavy Metal fan will get a Metal kick out of “Dehumanizer”.


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  1. What is your favorite Sabbath line-up?
    I like “original” Sabbath best.

    I was lucky enough to see Black Sabbath with OzzY at OzzFest Japan!

    • My favorite Black Sabbath line-up is Ronnie James Dio with Vinny Appice on drums. I just feel this Sabbath line-up engineered a major change in how Heavy Metal was to sound like, going into the 1980’s… I firmly believe that this line-up of Sabbath was close to (or was actually) mystical!

      This is my personal opinion, of course. I do love the original Sabbath line-up… Ozzy and Bill Ward are nothing short of amazing with their stellar contributions to the history of… Metal. I also LOVE ’13’ and wish Bill Ward was a part of it.

      BTW… YOU LUCKY to have seen this Black Sabbath reunion!! I am very happy for you… cause you are one LEGIT fan of Metal and it’s unparalleled history. 🙂 \m/\m/

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