80244342“This is one great Rush concert dvd, “Rush In Rio” puts you in such a great mood you think you are actually there. Honestly, the camera angles are awesome, giving Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, and Alex Lifeson equal time with up close footage. The expressions on all three musicians tells the whole story, they were quite happy with the fans appreciaton for them and quite frankly Rush loves to play their incredible music live. Neil Peart’s playing and drum kit is breath taking, plus footage of the fans in Rio knowing each song word for word says volumes for the popularity of Rush worldwide. Geddy Lee sings his heart out, never letting the band or the crowd down for one second. Alex Lifeson does not need to perform any theatrics, he just makes his guitar do the talking and man can he play! The pure energy of so many thousands of fans going crazy for Rush gives this concert that added power boost of Rock adrenaline! There are 29 classic Rush tunes here, the opener, “Tom Sawyer” gets the crowd in a frenzy and sets the tone for the entire show. “Roll The Bones” is a fun tune, with the video backdrop above the stage of the talking skeleton. The production is of the upmost highest quality! The documentary “The Boys in Brazil” is on disc two, it is a worthwhile addition to this remarkable concert achievement. From “Working Man” to “Ghost Rider” you will see and hear Rush perform all the key songs that have made them the greatest Progressive Rock band in the world. All I can say is add this to your Rush collection and enjoy. If you never owned any Rush, well, “Rush In Rio” will have you buying into the Rush back catalog very quickly.”

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